World Premiere Of Treasury Taikoo Lipo In Treasure Of The Treasure, Blancpain Launches The World Premiere Of “Beijing” Micro-painted Enamel Watch

Recently, taking advantage of the grand opening of the Chengdu Ocean Pacific Taikoo Li boutique, the brand’s first direct-operated boutique in the southwest of China, Blancpain has launched five new “Beijing” micro-painted enamel watches. These five micro-painted enamel watches are all orphan pieces, produced by Blancpain’s ‘Métier d’art’ studio. Each watch depicts a key scene in Liang Zhu’s story. Combined, this Chinese classic of love passed on will be complete and jump on the surface. As a Swiss watchmaker who is passionate about Chinese civilization and Chinese culture and deeply researched, Blancpain is demonstrating superb enamel skills and carefully creating the ‘Liang Zhu’ micro-painted enamel watch. It is bound to become Another milestone in the history of brand watchmaking, once again confirms the brand’s deep friendship with China.
Blancpain “Liang Zhu” micro-painted enamel watch
Master of Enamel Craft, Challenge Chinese Legend
   ‘Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai’, one of China’s most romantic and greatest classical love stories. The story of ‘Liang Zhu’, a household name in China, has been around for more than 1,700 years since the Western Jin Dynasty. Its strong romanticism, praise and pursuit of free love, has aroused profound emotional resonance with people all over the world. It can be called the Oriental version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Caoqiao worship
   When the extensive and profound Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship meets Eastern love, Blancpain uses five micro-painted enamel watches to fully describe the poetic legend of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai from the acquaintance and love, to the inability to guard, and finally transform the butterfly wings. . Elegant colors, delicate figures, and harmonious scene composition make it difficult to imagine. These vivid Chinese-themed enamel paintings on the square-shaped disk surface were actually produced by distant Swiss masters.


   These five Blancpain “Liang Zhu” micro-painted enamel haute couture watches describe the five key scenes in Liang Zhu’s story, namely “Cao Qiao worship”, “Reading with the same window”, “Eighteen Phases”, “ ‘Meeting the Towers’ and ‘Hua Di Bi Wing’.

Eighteen Phases
   In the ‘Crossbow of the Grass Bridge’, Liang Zhu and the two met for the first time in private, fell in love with each other, and bowed down on their knees. The masters of Blancpain Blancpain cleverly caught a glimpse of Zhu Yingtai’s hidden affection. Three lives. For ‘Reading with the Same Window’, I chose to read and play together. The scene of three years in the same window, the two of them became more and more deeply surrounded by green branches. In the scene of the ‘Eighteen Phases’, Liang Shanbo bowed his head slightly, wishing Yingying Tai Yiyi’s gaze, the two’s clothes fluttered, the grass swayed, and the heart was broken in the wind.

Meeting at the Platform
   At the ‘Meeting on the Terrace’, the dishes were left untouched, and the English and Taiwanese speechlessness of the daughter’s costume, which was difficult to violate the parents’ marriage order, was restored. Shanbo was sad. With the space and depth of the picture, it seems that the memory of the two has also been extended, and the past is a gentle contrast to the harsh reality in the picture. In the final scene, in the scene of ‘Butterfly Wings’, Liang Shanbo seemed to have all the freedom and dared to look directly at his lover. Two butterflies flew to one side, the flowers bloomed brilliantly, and the story reached the climax of romanticism.

Butterfly wing

Blancpain loves China, sharpens masterpieces
   This time, the world’s first release of the ‘Liang Zhu’ micro-painted enamel haute couture watch is not the first time that Blancpain watchmakers have inspired Chinese culture to create. The brand has always paid tribute to the long-standing Chinese tradition, and has expressed its supreme tribute with many timepiece masterpieces. From totems, calendars, freehand aesthetics, to this legendary story, every timepiece shows the brand’s tireless study of oriental culture.
Chinese calendar

Blancpain Villeret Chinese Calendar Watch-Red Gold

   Blancpain’s Le Brassus large complex watchmaking workshop took five and a half years of research and development, and in 2012 officially launched the Villeret series of Chinese calendar watches. Blancpain combines the dual-track lunar calendar with the single-track legislative Gregorian calendar to overcome the many challenges to watchmaking skills caused by the irregular yin and yang calendar cycle of the Chinese calendar. The Gregorian calendar and moon phase display are perfectly presented on the dial, presenting the Villeret series of Chinese calendar watches to the world. Today, tourbillon watches usually have more than 200 parts. This Chinese calendar watch with 464 parts, which is equipped with the Cal. 3638 movement, is an extraordinary timepiece with practical value and far-reaching significance.
Xianglong Totem

Blancpain Villeret Damascus Gold Dragon Watch
   The combination of Damascus gold-inlaid craftsmanship, which came out in the 16th century BC, and the dragon symbolizing the spirit of the Chinese nation, brought together this time-honored watchmaking brand, Blancpain, to form this Damascus gold-encrusted gold dragon watch. The exquisite dragon-shaped gold carving is hand-engraved in 18K yellow gold, and then the small holes are embedded in the dial of secondary titanium. The auspicious cloud pattern uses Damascus gold inlaying process to sculpt 0.2 to 0.4 mm pattern grooves on the modified 1 to 2 mm metal surface, then inject 24K gold into the groove, and finally polish and polish the surface so that Its smooth and flat. The entire dial is exquisite and thick, with a shiny metallic luster that no other decorative craft can match. For Blancpain, presenting the Dragon of the East with the brand’s best technology is a great tribute to the long and great Chinese cultural tradition.
Freehand aesthetics

“The Unique” micro-painted enamel haute couture watch

   Drawing inspiration from traditional oriental scrolls, Blancpain relied on its sophisticated creative techniques and extraordinary artistic comprehension to vividly restore the classic pictures in traditional Chinese ink painting onto a 45-inch-diameter dial. The master watchmaker uses extraordinary micro-painting enamel technology to outline a bay of lotus ponds on the dial-green leaves and branches of varying shades are layered, and white and ochre lotus flowers shake in the wind as if dancing gently. The butterfly leaps on the beautiful lotus, and the back of the dial is uniquely crafted with gold carving to outline the butterfly shape. The entire watch combines superb watchmaking craftsmanship with extraordinary aesthetic accomplishments, and it can be regarded as the masterpiece of the brand’s high-end customized timepieces. At the same time, as a practitioner who has been deeply involved in social welfare, Blancpain also generously donated this unique watch as a charitable lot, and all the proceeds were donated to the China Disabled Persons Art Troupe to express this classic The creators of timepieces pay high respects to the self-improvement of the disabled.