Who Do You Like Best Among Brand Endorsers?

For some brands, in addition to the value of the product itself to attract the audience, other forms of publicity need to be done to enhance the brand’s popularity. Asking a celebrity endorsement is a good publicity strategy. Improving corporate image can also attract consumers’ attention, so why not do it?
  In various watchmaking brands, spokespersons or brand friends, ambassadors, etc. have also played a good role in publicity. For example, this year’s Audemars Piguet brand ambassador-Luhan, as a popular popular niche, the traffic should not be underestimated. What kind of views are maintained, whether to criticize the trial or understand the identity, have added a lot of exposure to the Audemars Piguet brand.
  It is very difficult to find a suitable celebrity endorsement brand. It is important to consider whether the brand’s style is in line with the star’s image and whether the brand’s audience can accept him. element. Combining these subjective and objective factors, it is very difficult to achieve perfection, so sometimes it is understandable that some brands will give up one of these elements.

Eason Chan and Zenith Brand Executives

  When I think of this topic, I think of him first. Zenith announced this year that Eason Chan, the soul of the Chinese music scene, has become his brand spokesperson. With the declaration of ‘INTO THE SECOND’, Eason Chan is indeed a top character in the Hong Kong music scene. He is not a fan, and there will be one or two on his mobile For his songs, I still remember that when I shared songs with my friends, he always hated that I listened to music without content. I asked what was content, and he showed me Eason’s song list. Listening to his song in the earphones, thinking that he didn’t pay much attention to him, he said the word ‘True Fragrant’.


  Throughout the comments of netizens, there are very few objections appearing, presumably his image has been entrenched.
  In 2010, Eason Chan’s album ‘Time Flies’ included a song that tells the time story with a watch-‘Tourbillon’, which incorporated the watch into music creation. Now, the cooperation with Zenith brand hopes to He provides more creative inspiration.

Hu Ge

  In addition to the Zenith brand, there are many other brand ambassadors of watchmaking brands, etc., which have received a lot of praise. Hu Ge, Earl of PIAGET’s brand promotion ambassador, also appeared at the event. Hu Ge, as a talented young actor, won the audience cheers. Hu Ge’s impression on the public has always been a perfect example of courage and perseverance. His superb acting skills on the screen are also particularly convincing, and strength is the last word.


  The promotional video performed by Piaget and Hu Ge is also wonderful. In the film, Hu Ge leans on the fence casually, and the sun outlines his confident and charming figure. The thin Altiplano Ultimate Automatic 910P wrist watch writes Piaget’s simple temperament. And the essence of elegance. Contains praise to the art of living, praise to the unique charm.

Jay Chou

  Jay Chou, who is ‘born to dare to act’, is the endorsement for Tudor, and has also been recognized by a wide audience. He is a musician, an actor, a director, and an idol in the minds of many people. Jay Chou, the ‘King of Pop in Asia’, has been in the performing arts for nearly two decades, constantly challenging the limits, breaking through himself, and taking responsibility for his own life.


  He has shown extraordinary musical talents and talents since he was a child. In his heart, Chopin has always been his most beloved composer, combining artistic connotation and professionalism. This is also the core idea of ​​Tudor watchmaking, which is the traditional concept of watchmaking. Aesthetics blends perfectly with today’s outstanding watchmaking skills.

Chen Kun

  Everyone must be no stranger to the actor Chen Kun. Whether it is the flamboyant boy in ‘The Family of Gold Powder’ or the tender general in ‘Painted Skin’, he perfectly interprets the character on the screen with his own elegance and the unique temperament of a gentleman.


  In the watch brand, the same is true of Baume & Mercier watches, which are specially made for contemporary noble men. With his noble personal charm, Mr. Chen Kun always shows the noble charm of noble men: sincerity, heritage, self-confidence, affinity, excellence.
  Choosing a suitable spokesperson is a very important promotional image for a brand. There are many brand ambassadors and image ambassadors who have not been mentioned. They are also widely praised. If you have any celebrities you want to add, please leave a message in the comment area below and share your praises with you!