What Are The Best Men’s Watches For Women? The Most Eye-catching Neutral Watch

In recent years, there has been a neutral wind in the fashion industry. Women’s fashion is no longer limited to expressing the femininity and tenderness of women, and women in the new era must show independence and courage. In the world of watches, neutral fashion has developed into the realm of men’s watches and women’s wear. So, what style of men’s watch is suitable for women? Which watches are neutral? Next, the editor will take stock of four watches for men and women.
Fortitude and neutrality-Bulgari OCTC

 Angled and angular can be described as the best representative of rigidity, smoothness is no longer the secret of customs clearance, personality is the ultimate goal that women now pursue. The Bulgari OCTO watch has sharp edges and corners, but boldly transforms the traditional design proportions in its shape, creating a unique harmony and balance. The new look is pure and powerful, and the unique octagonal shape contains many cultural implications. The OCTO series is named after the number 8 in Latin. The graphic design of the octagon of the watch is translated into numbers and has a profound meaning. 8. In Christianity, the union of infinite (god) and finite (human) represents the infinite in horizontal and vertical directions, or the basis of cosmic power, in some mysterious theories. In addition, 8 is equivalent to the infinite theory of mathematicians, the eternal immutability, and the total view of the universe symbolizing China (I Ching). In Asian culture, it is the embodiment of prosperity and strength.
 More Bulgari information: neutral wind does not mean that there can be no hue to join, the addition of some bright tones has added some fashion, Roger Dubuis launched the ‘Excalibur Table Ronde’ watch, this Limited to 88 pieces of watches, the green and white round enamel dial supports 12 sword-riding knights made of gold, forming 12 time scales on the dial. Obviously, this design is derived from the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. In the original pattern, the name of the twelve knights was written in a circle. Henry VIII himself was sitting on the throne of King Arthur. The center of the round table below the throne was a rosette representing the Tudor royal family. The green and white hand-painted enamel dial replicates the shape of a round table suspended from the Winchester Castle in England. The round table pattern was specially drawn by King Henry VIII of England in 1552 to impress the visiting Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.
Gentleman Neutral-Grand Mercure Paris

 Put on a neutral suit and a felt hat, and you can have a gentleman addiction today. Wait, you’re missing one of the gentleman’s outfits: a watch. The Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS Roman Holiday Watch is exuded with generous and elegant atmosphere, immersed in the oriental style, and blended with Western techniques, lovers of the see. It uses exquisite craftsmanship and unique shapes to completely explain the history of the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS watch brand. It uses a unique experience and way to tell a romantic encounter, a thousand and a thousand times a happy love story. It has independence. The rotating second hand is precisely engraved with the Grand Mercure Paris exclusive universe network dial design and also features the exclusive Grand Mercure Paris Cubism rose gold diamond-shaped scale logo & hellip & hellip’s unique Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS new Roman holiday series Make all of this dream come true! Each of this limited edition watch was created by the watchmaker for 600 hours in the Grand Mercure Paris workshop in Bill, Switzerland. The movement is polished by sun-ray pearlescent polishing, and its bridges and mechanical devices are manually polished. The movement design is beyond doubt. The reason this watch is the most gentleman-like is that this watch is a new design and production of Gregory by the Parisian Grand Mercury MATZO PARIS watch designer David with the plot of ‘Roman Holiday’ as the inspiration. Parker gentleman watch.
 When ‘Roman Holiday’ was released in France for the first time on February 9, 2005, the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS upgraded this watch and launched the latest models of the Roman Holiday Rose Edition and the Roman Holiday Silver Edition. Two superb complication watches feature rose gold and silver, enriching the already-available Roman Holiday Golden Edition of the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS. This series of watches is a high-end custom model, and those who need to order need to order at least one year in advance to be eligible for purchase.
Mechanically Neutral-Hublot Skeleton Tourbillon

 The highly mechanical look of the Hublot Skeleton Tourbillon watch can be described as very cool. The sporty look exudes a more classic temperament than the Big Bang series. The slim silhouette has a timeless elegance. It embodies the traditional value of the watchmaking industry and at the same time highlights the refinement and vitality of Hublot watches. For the first time, Hublot gives the classic fusion series a tourbillon movement. The unique skeletonized movement is clear at a glance. This complex watch, crowning traditional high-end watchmaking, is exquisitely crafted, showing aura and ultra-modernity. The strong contrast effect and shocking visual impact make this watch arouse women’s desire to conquer men’s watches.
 More Hublot information: Women in the new era are not just slogans for the pursuit of equality between men and women. Advanced mechanical watches are no longer just the darling of men. Let us listen to the inner world of independent women in the new era and feel The mechanical ‘pulsations’ issued by them.