The Perfect Vibration Of The Geneva Mark Tasting Cartier Floating Tourbillon Three-question Watch

Among all the complex watches today, the Minute Repeater watch is most loved by collectors. It gives a purely mechanical process a poetic meaning, making people proud to follow the footprint of time in music. Rotonde de Cartier floating tourbillon minute repeater reminds us in a more subtle way that in all cultures, proclaiming time with sound has always been one of the privileges of the center of rights. The timekeeping function has always occupied the highest peak of watchmaking technology. The official number of the rose gold model is: W1556229 The official number of the titanium model is: W1556209

  The Rotonde de Cartier Minute Repeater is an outstanding achievement in the study of clock acoustics for five years. People have always thought that the knowledge accumulated over the centuries is sufficient. However, with the increase in quality requirements, and today’s watch design and scientific analysis With the continuous development of methods, people have also put forward higher requirements for the manufacture of fine industries. However, Cartier is the best endorsement to explain this high standard. Next, we will analyze this tourbillon minute question for you in all aspects. .

  The Cartier movement research and development team redefines the basic basis of the acoustic evaluation of the minute repeater watch through a series of experiments. When creating the minute repeater watch, the values ​​generated by these sounds must be uniquely considered. Therefore, Cartier pays attention to the appearance parts. The larger the diameter of the watch, the stronger the sound produced. Therefore, the Rotonde de Cartier minute repeater watch has a 45 mm diameter 5 grade polished titanium case (rose gold case) with a thickness of 14.7 mm.

   From an aesthetic perspective, the watch as a whole uses a sapphire crystal. White electroplated engraved dial and silver-plated hollow grille, and also with a sunray radiation effect, of course, it is absolutely indispensable that the unique Cartier characteristic black transfer Roman numerals; the sword-shaped blue steel hands are more eye-catching against the silver background. Eye-catching.

   The combination of three questions and the tourbillon allows the wearer to enjoy two extremely complicated craftsmanship presentations at the same time. The watch is located at the twelve o’clock is the tourbillon device. In order for the hammer to continue to strike, Rotonde de Cartier The floating tourbillon minute repeater is equipped with an ‘inertia and friction adjustment device’. Although it is very sophisticated, it runs silently.

   The watch is located at six o’clock is the hammer, under the control of eight o’clock but smelling handle, issued a melodious church-like sound, reminding people of the passage of time.

   The crown of the watch is a bead-shaped crown set with a convex round sapphire. This design has accompanied Cartier for many years and has become its classic symbol.

   The watch also uses a sapphire crystal design. Cartier 9402 MC workshop hand-wound mechanical movement is presented in our eyes in a perfect posture, engraved with the ‘Geneva Quality Mark’, with an independent number. It consists of 447 parts, including 45 ruby ​​bearings.

  In order to ensure the balance of sound waves, Cartier connected the gong to the main splint, the main splint to the middle of the case at four points. Although the reed is constantly vibrating, the square gong can still ensure that the hammer is regularly struck at the same position, and at the same time at 12 o’clock The floating tourbillon intersects with the escapement of the movement. The rotation speed of the gear of the minute repeater is adjusted by rotation, and at the same time, the two gongs of the watch can regularly sound.

Summary: It is reported that 50 titanium models are issued in a limited edition worldwide with a unit price of around 2.3 million yuan. This price should not be the highest in the face of the three questions and the tourbillon function, only higher. Many friends of watches around me have also talked about me in recent years about the extreme pursuit of modern people for the spiritual world, which has caused simple material attraction to become the mainstream of consumption. The same is true for watches, and more people start to care about their design The innovation and purity of craftsmanship, Cartier, as a manager of the time baptism brand, is self-evident in its efforts and achievements in challenging and surpassing itself.

 Cartier floating tourbillon minute repeater titanium details:
 cartier / 19480 /

Cartier floating tourbillon minute repeater rose gold details:
cartier / 19490 /