The Model Series Of The Athens Watch Is Decrypted

The most common model numbers of Athens watches (ULYSSE-NARDIN) are generally three-stage, such as 223-88-7 / 62, 330-40LE-8
First paragraph: movement and case
For the first two positions, the movement, such as 22, means that the UN22 movement is used.
1st place, case material
 0-white gold
 1-yellow gold
 2-red gold
 3-stainless steel
 4-two tune
 5-two tune
 6-rose gold
Second paragraph: appearance
Top 2 positions, case shape
Make up 2 places, (optional) structural improvement, face plate improvement
The third paragraph: strap, dial
First digit, strap type
 3-various rubber straps
 7-All kinds of steel straps
 8-Various gold straps
 9-Platinum strap
 Blank-Do not write to indicate various types of leather straps.
Add one digit, (optional) there will be some letters after the number to describe the strap type, such as M, which often appears after the metal strap, indicating that the strap has a brushed handle)
Last 2 digits, dial type