The Beauty Of Kunlun And Rolls-royce

A special case commonly used in the fashion industry. From time to time, I will play crossover and crossover. The two brands will work together to stimulate unlimited creative momentum and marketing strategy. . The same goes for the laws of the watch world.
    In the previous issue, Omega was a joint partner of the Olympic Games. In this issue, we introduce the cross-border work of CORUM X Rolls-Royce. CORUM Kunlun is one of the top ten famous Swiss factories in the 1950s. It is famous for its pillars of complex mechanical technology (the Long Bridge series). Rolls-Royce is the world’s top luxury car manufacturer. ecstasy) logo is also a symbol of Rolls-Royce’s noble, luxurious and pursuit of perfection.
  What kind of spark will the two brands cooperate?
   CORUM X Rolls-Royce launched a limited edition watch. The left is a platinum watch launched in 1994, limited to 60 pieces, and the right is a gold diamond watch launched in 1995, limited to 60 pieces. The entire watch looks very similar to the Rolls-Royce front.
The Rolls-Royce logo, the Flying Goddess, is very detailed and lifelike.
    Crossover’s goodness can benefit both brands and is a win-win situation. If the components of the two brands are forced together, it will become a ‘hundred birds home’ table.