“Swatch Pay! Very Cool • Very Payable” Landing In China

It’s time to pay! Whether it is setting up a bank account or enjoying shopping fun, the more convenient payment method is only a stone’s throw away from you-SWATCH PAY! Using contactless payment technology, not only conquered bank debit cards, but now also supports credit cards, It saves consumers time to pay bills and avoids tedious links.

   On July 18, 2017, Swatch, a pioneer of Swiss watchmaking industry, has always been committed to innovation. At the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai on the Bund, SWATCH PAY !, the second-generation contactless payment system, was launched. This time, Swatch once again joined hands with China UnionPay to deepen the cooperative relationship, and jointly announced the launch of SWATCH PAY! In the Chinese market, and reached cooperative support with 11 major Chinese banks. Mr. Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch Group, Mr. Chen Zhi, Vice Chairman of China UnionPay, and related leaders from several supporting banks, jointly demonstrated SWATCH PAY for the media and guests present! “Very cool, very paid” innovation Pay for fun.


   The newly upgraded SWATCH PAY! Not only fully reflects the fun, color and functionality of Swatch design, but also the four watch models perfectly combine innovation and fashion. The second generation payment watch adopts new technology and is equipped with China UnionPay Cloud Flash Payment solution, which can support UnionPay debit and credit cards. After purchasing SWATCH PAY !, consumers can instantly activate the payment function of the watch by scanning the QR code and downloading the relevant application in the store. The entire tokenization process can be realized in just a few minutes. Pay with your wrist.

   Mr. Nick Hayek, CEO of the Swatch Group, said: ‘Since the launch of Swatch Access in 1993, Swatch has been a pioneer in the field of contactless technology, and today it is only natural to enter the field of bank card innovative payment. Glad to launch SWATCH PAY! ”Starting July 27, 2017, SWATCH PAY! Will be officially launched in Swatch’s designated stores in 28 cities in China. When consumers pay for shopping, as long as they close the payment watch to a POS terminal with the China UnionPay “QuickPass” logo, they can realize a convenient and secure wristband payment. At the same time, to celebrate the upcoming official sale, users can also enjoy a series of wonderful new household benefits.

   Through this in-depth cooperation with China UnionPay, Swatch has pushed the wrist payment system to a whole new level, and the domestic banks in China that have announced support for SWATCH PAY! Bank, Hua Xia Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, Industrial Bank, SPDB, Ping An Bank, and Xi’an Bank. In addition, Swatch and China UnionPay look forward to expanding cooperation in more fields in the future.

   The introduction of this innovative Swatch was inspired by the American writer Edward Bellamy, who in his 1888 novel imagined a utopian world where credit cards replaced cash. It was first introduced as a Swatch Bellamy payment system in 2015. It requires no charging and no network support. Pay with your wrist anytime, anywhere. In this race against time, SWATCH PAY! Is right there!
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