Stunning And Handsome Roger Dubuis Hommage Chronograph Real Shot

Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis once again achieves this self-permissive and permanent task through a striking and handsome chronograph: re-interpretation of classical elements, making the watch bold and confident in the fierce competition Debut. Among the many additional functions of the timepiece, the chronograph is classified as a ‘complexity of practicality’ and has never been favored in this era of high performance and sports achievements.

   This chronograph has two models in rose gold and white gold. Its power comes from the brand’s ‘extraordinary machinery’, which is transformed into an RD680 movement with a miniature rotor. This is the purpose of Roger Dubuis. A representative movement developed to guarantee the watch’s superior performance and optimize watchmaking processes.
   The sapphire crystal on the case back is specially engraved with the signature of Mr. Roger Dubuis in metal lettering. The unique shape of its splint, spring and lever completely inherits the characteristics of Roger Dubuis movement, and its 261 The components are all finished by hand and fully meet the requirements of the Geneva mark for superior quality.
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