Secondary Left Watch With Patek Philippe Dual Hand

In the famous ancient mechanical watches, there are countdown seconds with different mechanical designs, some of which are combined with other complex performances (such as perpetual calendar, spring-sounding alarm, ‘lunar phase’, etc.) Various uses. Treasures of high level and perfect precision have long been the object of collection for ‘fans of ancient watches’. Due to the very limited number of survivors, it is difficult to force them.
For example, the 18-karat gold ‘two-handed seconds’ watch refined by P.P (Patida Philippe) in 1913 is a ‘left hand chain’, original parts, unique design, rare. The author has collected ancient watches for forty years, and I have only seen one famous watch of the same type, which is truly valuable.
In the past, the author introduced the ‘double-handed seconds’ pocket watch; in the era of ancient mechanical watches, especially in the first ten years or more of the official appearance of the watch, it was necessary to integrate the complicated ‘double-handed seconds’ (commonly known as ‘dual horse race’) It is not easy to compress the device from the larger and thicker pocket case into the smaller and thinner case.
Many hands and simple machine aids at that time were not as advanced as watchmaking technology in the computer age. ‘Two hands counting seconds’ can use the same watch to record two times; the two seconds hands can be pressed, stopped, and jumped back to the starting position at any time, and are controlled by two buttons; usually used for morning exercise test horses, Racing sports, swimming, racing and other sports. ‘Left Watch’ is convenient for left-handed people.