Scottish Style Shines Golden Winter Swatch 2014 Winter Series Watch

The years and the time of life are changing with different scenes and situations, interweaving various passions, dreams and fantasy-Scottish style, shining stars and bold subversive patterns, Swatch 2014 Winter The watch brings you the fun of ‘FULL TIME FUN’!

   The sparkling series blooms in the cool winter, and its metallic charm is destined to become the focus of much attention.
   The Scottish style series breaks the mediocrity, takes the wild route, and integrates the iconic plaid and weaving elements of Scotland.
   Standing in the tide forever.

2014 Winter Collection

Shine Series
   Glittering with glamour and accentuating highlights, this collection of watches is dizzying. The golden cover (YCG401GA / B) illuminates the entire city with a distinguished queen element. In the spotlight (SFM128), the most elegant disco ball design, combined with impeccable style and vibrant light, makes you the queen of city night.

Flagship watch
Name: Golden cover
Model: YCG410GA / B
Style: Irony Chrono
Dial: Gold with grey print, date window at 4 o’clock
Case: Gold PVD plated polished stainless steel 316L
Bezel: Gold PVD electroplated polished stainless steel 316L, black carved score
Strap: Gold PVD plated adjustable polished stainless steel 316L

Name: Under the spotlight
Model: SFM128
Style: Skin
Dial: Brushed black with white accents
Case: transparent grey plastic
Strap: black fabric, engraved with clear white and black crystals

Scottish style

   The design of the watch is inspired by the artistic charm of the optical illusion. The Scottish style series advocates breaking the mediocrity and creating fashionable accessories for the wilds on the wild line. This series of watches redefines the definition of cool, using the high-profile style and warm and comfortable design to announce that winter has quietly arrived.

   Summer socks (SUON110) and scottish skirt (SUON109) have a warm appearance and create a warm scene atmosphere with realistic printed patterns. The Monaco pattern (SUOB114) uses a plaid pattern with a distinctive style, and its strong Scottish style sets it apart. On your wrist, you can almost hear the melodious bagpipes (you can decide for yourself whether to taste the famous Scottish dish Haggis …).

   Ruby Silver Wrap (LK342) is inlaid with attractive precious stones, giving it both elegance and casual charm. This lively watch is designed for people who appreciate the bustling urban landscape more than looking for the dull royal castle. People often say that gems are girls’ best friends, which obviously means rubies …

   There is a touch of fun in the exquisite, and the rose bloom (SUOW110) can add icing on any dress. Although it does not really smell, it is clear that this watch has an unparalleled sweetness.

   ROMANTIC BUZZ (SUBB126A / B) has a striking style and rich colors, as if flowers will always bloom on your wrist. Floral designs and polka dot patterns are destined to inject a touch of spring into the coldest winter days.

Flagship watch

Name: Summer socks
Model: SUON110
Style: New Gent
Dial: Color pattern
Case: Pure blue matte plastic, colorful weave pattern
Strap: pure blue silicone, color weave pattern

Name: Scottish dress
Model: SUON109
Style: New Gent
Dial: Color pattern
Case: Pure blue matte plastic with colorful print
Strap: pure blue silicone, color printing pattern

Name: Monaco pattern
Model: SUOB114
Style: New Gent
Dial: color frosted, with color (not random) movement
Case: Pure black matte plastic with colorful printing pattern
Strap: Pure black matte silicone, color printing pattern

Name: Ruby Silver Wrap
Model: LK342
Style: Lady
Dial: diamond and ruby ​​motif
Case: translucent glossy plastic
Strap: translucent glossy silicone, diamond and ruby ​​inlay

Name: Rose in full bloom
Model: SUOW110
Style: New Gent
Dial: color frosted, with color (not random) movement
Case: Pure white, frosted plastic, colorful decoration
Strap: Pure white, frosted silicone, color pattern

Name: Romance
Model: SUBB126A / B
Style: Square
Dial: Brushed silver sunray, white scale, red trim
Case: Pure black polished plastic with red accents
Strap: pure black polished plastic, red and white pattern