Roger Dubuy Cordially Invites Visitors To Enter A 21st Century Unique Mechanical Feast

Left brain, right brain, a spirit that combines retro and future, a tribute to inventors and enthusiastic scientists, a series of creative movements with style and characteristics, several of which are opposed to smelting copper and iron The latest technology … Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis designed a brand new and unique exhibition venue for the re-launched Hommage series at this SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, once again bringing visitors an extraordinary journey of surprise: A modern interpretation to express tribute to traditional watchmaking, the sci-fi hyper-realistic spirit of the post-industrial period and steam punk to show the rich combination of mechanical aesthetics and organic creation. Roger Dubuis is proud to take the opportunity of the SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie exhibition held at the beginning of each year to showcase two recently launched works and reveal the latest features of its complicated and sophisticated timepieces. This year, Roger Dubuis dedicates this exhibition to the Hommage series, once again providing people with an opportunity to enter the world of time and space, showing an infinitely fit theme, which reflects the visual and Roger Dubuis expertise Contrast effect of concept.

 In addition to inspiring imagination and inspiration, Roger Dubuis’s exhibitions at the SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie exhibition also played an educational role, providing a charming perspective on the relationship between the past, present and future of watches. . In this way, with the emphasis on patterns and visual inspirations, the creations of some of the greatest inventors in history are connected with the innovative spirit that Roger Dubuis attaches importance to, which perfectly explains Roger Dubuis’traditional science. Innovative way of applying the essence of clockwork principle to today’s watchmaking.