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    Casio Edifice Series Launched New

    Red Bull Racing is not only a young and energetic representative, but also uses intelligent racing strategies and excellent technology to create the world’s fastest top racing car. Casio is convinced that these exhilarating characteristics coincide with the EDIFICE brand concept ‘Speed ​​& Intelligence’, and the official partnership between the two parties has been cooperating since 2009. While strongly supporting the Red Bull team, Casio will also make full use of the official partnership between the two parties to strengthen the promotion of its metal pointer men’s watch brand EDIFICE and enhance its image full of sense of speed and dynamic sports.
         The advent of the Casio EFB-300 series is undoubtedly a revolution integrating fashion, sports and business. Casio EDIFICE controls speed, pursues precision, and creates classics for urban elite men. EFB-300 adopts high hardness sapphire glass in the design, which is scratch-resistant and coated with anti-reflection coating, which is easy to read. Luminous hands increase practicality, and leather or solid straps enhance overall watch quality. Whether you are in a business setting or enjoying your private time, you can show yourself, but keep a low profile but never lose your style. 100 meters waterproof function, date, week display, meet the needs of daily business and sports, stylish and practical.
         The black leather strap stabilizes the atmosphere and enhances the overall texture of the watch. The black dial background with gold scales is more distinguished when it is low-key, suitable for business men, elegant gentlemen and so on. Professionalism shows Confucian taste.
    Black dial with black leather strap
    Price: ¥ 1890
         The silver-black collocation has a personality in the classic, with a slight depth in the low-key. The solid strap highlights its noble qualities. It can be used for business and sports. It is a stylish commuter watch that can be used for both movement and quiet. It is suitable for smart men with passion for life.
    Black Dial Stainless Steel Strap
    Price: ¥ 1890
         Compared with the dark color, the white dial has a more simple feeling. The pure design, golden scale, and dynamic are full of vitality, just like a clean and honest man. Aside from the tedious work, take it to spend a pleasant afternoon.
    White dial stainless steel strap
    Price: ¥ 1890

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    Amateur Superstar Is Not Easy: Talent Is Everything

    As a rising star in the domestic Chinese music scene, Mao has a lot of labels on his body, such as ‘Young Li Zongsheng’, ‘Chinese version of BobDylan’, ‘music talent’, ‘amateur superstar’ … just like his former mentor Xue Zhiqian Having said that, Mao couldn’t easily prove a sentence, talent is everything.

      Since his debut, Mao has not been able to create a distinctive trend in the music industry with his original songs. His songs are mournful and positive. Although contradictory but not conflicting, as he said, ‘Sings better than me. Normal, but you are not necessarily more distinctive than me. ‘

      Mao didn’t make his debut for a short time. In 2017, he participated in the draft show ‘Son of Tomorrow’ successfully became the champion and the strongest label, and quickly became the new favorite of the music industry. He matched the theme song for the incense drama of the fire of last year and was called ‘The Real Devil’, has composed songs for the movie ‘No Question about the West East’ and sang the Chinese theme song ‘Remember me’ for ‘Looking for a Dream’.

      In the seventh issue of ‘Son of Tomorrow’, Mao Buyi’s ‘Sorrow’ was nicknamed ‘a god of love’ by fans. ‘A glass of respect for the hometown / a glass of respect for the distance / guarding my kindness / urging me to grow …’, such a song sang the audience tears. The lyrics of ‘Sorrow’ are both mournful and heart-wrenching, which is how to realize such a life. Coupled with Mao’s unique and unique voice, this song sings sentient beings. Every ordinary person has a soul that is not willing to be ordinary.

      Mao Yiyi sang sentient beings in ‘Sorrow’, ‘borrow’ sang the world, ‘People like me’ let us hear ourselves, he has his own pattern in the creation of lyrics, he is an ordinary person , Wrote the resonance of people in modern society.

    Hair is not easy to wear similar to the Athens Whimsical 020-88

    Hair is not easy to wear with the Bucherer Plavier 00.10612.08.23.01 watch

      It’s actually hard to see the shadow of idols on Mao. It’s hard to see the idols. There are no exquisite facial features of the stars, like humpbacks, shyness on the show, singing on the stage, much like the singing style of old-fashioned singers. There are rare truths and hearts.

      Before his debut, Mao was a male nurse. He experienced countless lives and deaths, but the first one to leave in front of him was his mother. In his song, ‘Yi Yi Yi Su’, Mao couldn’t easily integrate the lullaby of his hometown into the song, ‘Yue Erming / Feng Er Qing / But you’re knocking on my window box / Don’t worry when you hear it / In fact I’ve been Okay … ‘

      It was not easy to lose his mother’s hair at the age of 17, and he integrated his love for his mother into his own songs. This experience filled his song with more and more bloody reality and powerlessness. In another program, Mao couldn’t easily visit the nursing home, and once again witnessed the life that was about to die. After singing a song for the old man, he said, thank you for listening, then turned to secretly tear. He is not like a serious idol. He is a multitude of beings. He reminds us with songs, respects life, and remembers to look back at his parents.

    Hair is not easy to wear with the Bucherer Marion Dragon 00.10912.08.53.01 watch

    Hair is not easy to wear Casio G-SHOCK series GA-700BY-1A watch

      Mao’s difficult songs can sing real, can sing the expectations of ordinary life, can also sing the teasing of himself, in fact, Mao is not a very typical post-90s, looks very mournful and ‘dumb’, but has been Actively struggling in life.

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    The Difference Between Glashütte Mechanical Watch And Quartz Watch

    The operating life of mechanical watches is longer than that of quartz watches. But the fact is not necessarily true, because all the moving parts in quartz watches are the same as mechanical watches. The life of electronic components has not been completely tested, but it is likely to have the same life. The main difference between a quartz watch and a mechanical watch is which energy source is used to drive the movement of the watch movement.
    How Glashütte mechanical watches work Glashütte mechanical watches have a spiral. When people wind the watch, the spiral is tightened at the same time. When the helix is ​​released, it starts to drive the movement of the watch. A major disadvantage of mechanical watches is the inconsistency in the speed of spiral movement, which leads to a reduction in the accuracy of timing. Accuracy is also affected by factors such as temperature, location, wear of parts, and some other factors. Therefore, when a mechanical Glashütte watch has an error of 15-30 seconds in a day, it can be regarded as normal. The smallest error can reach only 4-5 seconds.
    How Glashütte quartz watches work Glashütte quartz watches use a battery as a source of energy. The battery outputs power to the electronic block and motor in the Tissot watch. The electronic block outputs a pulse wave to the motor every second, and the motor pushes the hands to run. Because the quartz crystal can provide the most stable pulse wave, the highest accuracy can be guaranteed (under normal circumstances, the monthly error is between 15-25 seconds; the smallest error is only 5 seconds a year). Because of the quartz crystal in it, the watch is also named quartz Glashütte. In addition, a battery can work continuously for several years, so there is no need to wind such a Glashütte watch. Generally, mechanical Glashütte watches are much more expensive than quartz Glashütte watches. At this time, because the Glashütte mechanical watch needs precise manual adjustment and time adjustment in its production process, the quartz watch is usually assembled on the automatic production line.

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    Jackson Sponsored Salam Centre Salam Centre

    On the occasion of the 68th Venice International Film Festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre sponsored the Salam Centre from August 31 to September 10, 2011, at the 68th Venice International On the occasion of the film festival, organized by the Biennale di Venezia and sponsored by Jaeger-LeCoultre for 7 consecutive years, Jaeger-LeCoultre will actively participate in various events of this event, and Give the movie stars their most masterpieces.
       As a loyal sponsor of the Venice Film Festival since 2005, Jaeger-LeCoultre also decided to sponsor charity actions: ‘Reverso Rescue Watch First Aid Plan, Jaeger-LeCoultre Sponsored Salam Centre’. This major project will be celebrated on Thursday, September 1.
      The star-studded film festival will last for ten nights. With the support of film stars who walked the red carpet, Jaeger-LeCoultre will provide financial assistance for ten operations at the Salam Centre The Khartoum First Aid Society of the Sudan is set up to provide heart surgery for children and adults suffering from heart disease. Since 2007, the Salam Centre has been providing highly specialized assistance to patients with heart disease who do not have access to free surgery.

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    Blancpain And World Arabian Horse Championship

    The official Blancpain Award was awarded to a purebred Arabian horse. This award also connects the equestrian world of excellence with this producer in Le Brassus, highlighting both parties’ excellence and Pursue common values ​​in the direction of excellence.
    Blancpain presented Stadnina Koni Yanow Podlaski with a red gold all-calendar hunting watch with a hundred-hour energy storage, opal dial, and gold-plated multi-shuttle time scale.

    This watch has outstanding performance and extraordinary performance. He is a self-winding double hunting watch with an engraving specially designed for this event. It has historical value and reflects the trustworthy and unremitting pursuit of details shared by Blancpain and the breeder of purebred horses.
    Source: Blancpain

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    2018 Baselworld Ice Cliff Watch

    Conquering the soaring peaks is the dream of every climber. With the awe of nature and the curiosity of the unknown, we continue to go into dangerous places and challenge the limits. Color is a power, it awakens the creativity of sleep, and it is also the epitome of the world in our eyes.

       For hundreds of years, adventure pioneers have challenged the most dangerous snowy mountains just to appreciate the polar secrets and achieve inner freedom. Climbing to the top, they found the purest blue sky; among the ice and snow, the green of life stood proudly. The resolute case, inheriting the characteristics of Bingfeng’s products, symbolizes strength and courage. The triangular pattern on the inner circle and the three-dimensional effect on the dial are like the sharp corners of rocks and mountains, expressing the masculine personality of the watch, just like the mountaineering adventurer’s courage and courage without fear and danger. Challenger series new ice peak watch, using changing colors, with a fearless spirit of exploration, to pay tribute to the brave.
    Innovation, looking at the world from a different perspective.
    Explore and conquer the unknown with courage.
    To this end, we dare to challenge the limits.
    Amyron Ice Peak watch, with sharp edges and changing colors,
    Pay tribute to the spirit of adventure.
    Technical Parameters

    Model: 08.1170.G.6.6.E8.6
    Movement: Swiss automatic mechanical movement
    Case: stainless steel case, stainless steel bezel
    Bottom cover: stainless steel perspective bottom cover with screws
    Strap: Stainless steel strap
    Crown: stainless steel crown
    Dial: Gradient green sun sand dial, luminous stud hour markers
    Hands: luminous silvery white and sandy hands
    Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date
    Waterproof: 50 meters waterproof

    Model: 08.1170.G.6.6.N8.6
    Movement: Swiss automatic mechanical movement
    Case: stainless steel case, stainless steel bezel
    Bottom cover: stainless steel perspective bottom cover with screws
    Strap: Stainless steel strap
    Crown: stainless steel crown
    Dial: Gradient blue sun sand dial, luminous stud hour markers
    Hands: luminous silvery white and sandy hands
    Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date
    Waterproof: 50 meters waterproof
       For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

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    2013 Basel Hermès Collection

    [Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. Bring the report of the exhibition to everyone at the front. The next fight will bring the Hermès system of main watches in this year’s watch exhibition.

     Arceau Chrono Bridon

     The highly representative Arceau series re-interprets the essence of equestrian sports with the Arceau Chrono Bridon chronograph watch, presenting five combinations. In addition to the original round case designed by Henri d’ Origny in 1978, asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lugs and italic Arabic numerals, the Arceau Chrono Bridon chronograph watch is especially equipped with a strap strap.

    With more watch details: Clipper Sport

     Whether it is the Ar c e a u watch series inspired by the equestrian world, or the Cl ippe r watch series inspired by sailing to the sea, Hermes can interpret the true meaning of sports into the art of life. This watch is the best embodiment of Hermès spirit.

    More watch details: Arceau Pocket Voilier Enamel Pocket Watch

     The Arceau Pocket Voilier enamel pocket watch is equipped with the H1837 self-winding movement. The sapphire crystal caseback demonstrates the superb grinding process, including the pearl and spiral grain polished substrate and bridge. From Hermès master leather craft storm blue crocodile leather case, the perfect finishing touch for pocket watches.

    More watch details: Cape Cod GMT dual time zone watch

     No matter where you are in the world, this well-designed timepiece can simultaneously display the home time and the time in the second time zone, plus a two-color disc that matches the day and night display function, making the function more complete. The watch is made of stainless steel with silver-white or blue dial options, and it is fitted with curved Arabic numerals, which echoes the curvature of the case.

    More watch details: Arceau Temps Suspendu

     At the Baselworld 2011, Hermès CEO Luc Perramond grandly launched Hermès new watch: Arceau Temps Suspendu. This unique watch simply presses the button at 9 o’clock to stop the hour and minute hands at noon, pausing the displayed time perfectly, while the time of the internal mechanism continues to maintain the standard time normally. This is also the first watch in the world with two exclusive patent protections.

    More watch details: Hermès enamel watches

     Daming fire enamel is an art that requires hands and brains. It is a game of color and temperature. The firing process of enamel requires extremely rich experience and proficiency in temperature. Even so, it still needs to go through many firing failure processes to fire a relatively perfect enamel plate.

    More watch details:
    The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.

    Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

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    Life Winner, The First 90 Generations Have Become Richard Mille’s Best Friends ……

    It seems to be between crickets, and the post-90s generation is already facing a ‘middle-aged crisis.’ Recently, the topic of ‘the first batch of 90s after …’ has been hotly debated on the Internet. The post-90s generation is now in an embarrassing situation. It may be one step behind success in their careers. They thought that their marriage was still early but they were forced to marry by their parents. The winner of the life to be described below is obviously also the post-90s, but she has become a brand friend of Richard Mille Richard …

    Harley Quinn Stills

     When it comes to the name Margot Robbie, many people may not be familiar with it, but when it comes to the ‘clown girl’ in the ‘Suicide Squad’, everyone’s mind immediately emerges this sexy and ostentatious appearance, and the quirky personality is directly outlandish. But in fact, Margot Robbie made a splash in 2013 with Leonardo’s wonderful rival play in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie in ‘Suicide Squad’, has an iconic double ponytail with red and blue hair color, a holed T-shirt and a red shiny coat, stiletto heels, and a baseball bat on his shoulders. It was destined to be attracted by this fanatic. After the movie was released, there was a wave of cos ‘clown girls’ around the world.

    Margot Robbie Attend Photos

     You know, Margot Robbie was born in 1990, the first batch of post-90s. According to the recent hot comments on the Internet, ‘the first batch of post-90s has been …’ to evaluate her, she must belong to the batch of post-90s that have been successful. Robbie grew up on the Gold Coast in Australia and later moved to Melbourne. At the age of 17, she began her professional acting career. In order to pursue higher development space, Robbie moved to the United States in 2011, and soon starred in the critically acclaimed series ‘Pan American Airlines & lt; Pan Am & gt;’. This is someone else’s 21-year-old. Think about what you were doing when you were 21? Do you lie down in your college bedroom?

    Stills from ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, a classic rivalry with Leonardo

     At the age of 23, Margot Robbie was known by more people because of his wonderful performance in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. She has starred in ‘Focus & lt; Focus’, ‘Zacharias’, ‘Return of Tarzan: Dangerous Jungle & lt; The Legend of Tarzan & gt;’, and then the classic character ‘Clown’ in ‘Suicide Squad’ Female ‘Harley Quinn.

    Margot Robbie private photos

    Margot Robbie posts photos of marriage on ins

     Robbie is changeable and the goddess is full of charm when shaping characters, but Robbie in private is more like a frank and direct child. This is more in line with her post-90s identity, so in her private photos we can see more that she looks like she has fallen off the star halo. Robbie married her boyfriend who had been in love for 3 years in December last year, and this year announced the news of pregnancy. The double harvest in love is really a winner in life.

     What’s even more enviable is that not long ago, Richard Mille announced that Margot Robbie became their brand friend. Margot Robbie is personally involved in the design of a model, incorporating his creative talents and unique interpretation of femininity.

       ‘It’s exciting to be able to join the Richard Mill family. I have always admired the artistic sense and creativity of the Richard Mill brand. The watch we have created now reflects Richard Mill’s watchmaking philosophy: Unique and modern. I can’t wait for everyone to see it, ‘Margot Robbie said.

     She wore a Richard Mille RM 037 Ladies watch on her wrist. The black nano-ceramic material is deeply charming. Compared with the metal case, it interprets more feminine femininity. It combines beauty, elegance, technology and Richard. Mill’s long-established fine details are combined into one of the most unique classics of high-end mechanical watches.

     The bottom plate of the movement adopts a hollow design. The bridge plate is treated with black PVD coating. The grade 5 titanium alloy material has a large date display at 12 o’clock. The date display consists of two hollow rotating discs. One is designed at 4 o’clock. Function selector, the wearer can freely choose the winding W-neutral N-time H, without pulling out the crown. Two drop-shaped buttons are distributed between 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock (date adjustment), 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock (function selector), making date adjustment and function selection extremely easy, the selected function The small window display at the 3 o’clock position.

     And Richard Miller’s superb watchmaking technology is more than that. The CRMA1 movement carries superb craftsmanship and gorgeous visual contrast. The satin-finished surface and Taoism, sandblasting, matte surface and photo-patterned area use rare black Polished to make every detail of the movement beautiful.

     The unique crown system fully protects the movement from interference. Because the new crown is different from the traditional crown, it is not connected to the inside of the movement, so it will not come loose. It adopts specially designed gear teeth, non-clamping balance with hairspring, and variable geometry rotating disk. RM 037 ladies wrist The watch is a worthy masterpiece. The RM 037 is composed of a variety of materials, including an 18K red gold case and a highly scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. At the same time, Richard Mill also offers users a variety of options, including red gold and white gold, including Various gem-set or precious-material dials are available. The domestic public price of ATZ white ceramic red gold model is 920,000 yuan, and the domestic public price of TZP black ceramic red gold model is 895,000 yuan. Friends who like it can visit the store for consultation.

     Thinking of the post-90s generation, Margot Robbie not only has a good harvest in love, but also became a close friend of Richard Mille, a fine watchmaking brand, and I … don’t say it.

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    Back To The Source, Hyt Launches New Ho Watch-news Hyt

    Returning to the origin means hitting the essence. When time is reified into a flowing liquid, thereby focusing on various visual and emotional impacts, HYT has continued to keep the essence of measuring time and develop ideas while pushing the watchmaking industry into a new century. With the advent of the new HYT Ho watch, this concept of returning to its origins has been further extended.

    The concept that all life on the earth is closely related to liquids is HYT’s creative inspiration. The continuous flow of colored liquids and the transparent liquids are placed in capillaries. This time reading method seems to make people feel floating, and it is extremely difficult to achieve. Its uniqueness is also visible. It also allows us to discover a new, yet intuitive perspective that interacts with time and space.
    In HYT’s watches, most of the movement of the liquid is hidden under the curved dial-echoing the design of the water clock: like a drop of water constantly dripping into the container, forming a concentric ripple. Through this design, HYT has restored the magic and mystery of this ancient timing device to the world, and returned to the origin of life.

    HYT H0 Black Watch

    As the first watchmaking brand in history to use major innovations in microfluidics to create timepieces, HYT decided to redesign the Ho series. The design is streamlined to the extreme, revealing only one component, allowing people to better understand the extraordinary complexity and precision of the watch’s internal systems. Less is more … A small portion of the bellows can be seen through the drop-shaped opening on the dial. This titanium watch uses a minimalist style, focusing on the artistic beauty and spectacularness of liquid displays.
    By using circles, water droplets, and waves as the basis for Ho space design, HYT once again emphasized a basic concept that it believed: space and time are one. The original lines themselves are inspired by pebbles-smooth pebbles that have been rounded and washed away by mountain streams. The futuristic avant-garde design of the minutes and seconds display is even more extraordinary: the former is read by a hand at 12 o’clock and the latter is read by a small chronograph dial at 9 o’clock. At 2 o’clock, there is a practical rounded power reserve display.
    The sapphire crystal glass makes the watch look more harmonious as a whole, it provides a completely new perspective-the side can also be displayed. The Ho watch is equipped with a soft rubber strap, and its fixing accessories are integrated into the case body, which keeps the lines smooth and comfortable to wear.

    HYT H0 Orange Watch

    Technical Parameters
    Case: Titanium / black DLC-coated titanium with matte, micro-blasting and satin finish, 48.8 mm diameter
    Function: black retrograde liquid display hour, minute, second and power reserve
    Movement: HYT’s original manual winding mechanical movement, 28,800 vibrations / hour, 4 Hz, 35 gems, hand-chamfered bridge, decorated with Geneva ripple, 65 hours power reserve
    Dial: Black DLC-coated titanium crown with twist lock, arched sapphire crystal glass, anti-glare coating on the dial side, spin-lock sapphire case back, water-resistant to 30 meters
    Strap: rubber strap, black DLC-coated titanium folding clasp
    Limited: 15 pieces each

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    Van Cleef & Arpelsvan Cleef & Arpels

    The Cadenas watch, introduced in 1935, exudes timeless charm with a classic and bold design. This watch has a unique buckle design that symbolizes the lifelong emotional attachment, and the inspiration behind this timeless piece is the same as the Zip necklace from the Duchess of Windsor. The first Cadenas jewellery watch, cast in yellow gold, has a double-loop cylindrical hinged elegant design bracelet that can be worn as a bracelet.
       The delicately tilted dial allows the wearer to read the time in a low-key manner, once again perfectly displaying the elegance of women. The bold and avant-garde Cadenas watch has a strong modern atmosphere in its design. The simple straight-line case and the arc-shaped ring accessories harmonize.
    Cadenas Watch Retail Catalog Card, 1939, Van Cleef & Arpels Archives

    Unique and elegant women’s jewelry
       The ultimate feminine watch design is like a bracelet. Among them, the gem-inlaid style shines the bright light of the diamond, exuding a unique avant-garde modern atmosphere. The new Cadenas watch in 2015 continues its classic design, and continues its extraordinary legend with a new dial shape, gem setting technology and buckle design.
       The originally designed beveled dial is still in use today, the dial area has been enlarged, and details such as the 12-hour time scale have been designed to make it easier to read. The diamonds set in snowflakes are dazzling, showing the extreme luxury of the watch. The two small ceramic beads built into the buckle are closely connected to the components, increasing the safety of the watch during wearing. The inside of the buckle is polished so that the wearer can engrav an exclusive whisper here, with a subtle and subtle ingenuity.
    Series appearance
       Van Cleef & Arpels pays tribute to the classic design of Cadenas watches, launched nine new Cadenas models, all equipped with quartz movement. The jewellery aesthetics in the watch are even more prominent: the case is cast in K gold, and some models are set with diamonds of different sizes, exuding a dazzling brilliance, while the other models are inlaid with pink sapphire, blooming a different gentle charm . Continuing the classic design, the alligator leather strap and gold bracelet open a wider aesthetic realm for Cadenas watches.

    Cadenas watch, yellow gold, mother-of-pearl, alligator strap, quartz movement.

    Cadenas Bracelet Or gold bracelet watch, yellow gold, mother-of-pearl, quartz movement.

    Cadenas watches
       This Cadenas watch, crafted in yellow gold, perfectly embodies the meticulous and simple aesthetic design concept. The yellow-gold double-circle cylindrical hinged bracelet adds a delicate and graceful charm to this classic piece, thereby praising the timeless contemporary atmosphere of this classic design. This watch is also available in a crocodile leather strap style that adds charm to the slim wrist.

    CadenasSerti watch with diamonds, white gold, diamonds, mother-of-pearl, alligator strap, quartz movement.

    Cadenas Serti diamond watch, yellow gold, diamonds, mother-of-pearl, alligator strap, quartz movement.

    Cadenas Serti Bracelet Or watch with gold bracelet and diamonds, white gold, diamonds, mother-of-pearl, quartz movement.

    Cadenas Serti Bracelet Or watch in yellow gold with diamonds, yellow gold, diamonds, mother-of-pearl, quartz movement.
    Cadenas® Serti Diamond Watch
       The Cadenas Serti diamond watch combines the beauty of light and shadow in jewellery. It is available in yellow and white gold. The top of the case and both ends of the crocodile leather strap are paved with diamonds with snowflake inlay technology, which is bright and eye-catching.
       The Cadenas Serti diamond watch is also equipped with a gold bracelet style. The double-circle cylindrical hinged bracelet is unique in design. The Cadenas Serti Bracelet Or gold bracelet diamond watch is outlined by round and charming curves. It has white gold and diamonds. Two yellow gold designs.

    Cadenas Pavée diamond watch, white gold, diamonds, alligator strap, quartz movement.

    Cadenas Pavée Bracelet Or gold bracelet with full pavé diamond watch, white gold, diamonds, quartz movement.

    Cadenas Pavée Saphirs Roses Bracelet Or gold bracelet with fully paved pink sapphire watch, rose gold, diamonds, pink sapphire, quartz movement.
    Cadenas® Pavée diamond watch
       The new Cadenas® Pavée style reflects the jewellery look of this watch design. The top of the case is inlaid with princess-cut diamonds, and the entire case, dial and buckle are paved with round diamonds using snowflake inlay technology to shine. Such a magnificent and subtle design, coupled with a white gold double-circle cylindrical hinged bracelet, exudes the ultimate dazzling light.
       The Cadenas Pavée full-paved diamond watch is also available in rose gold with pink sapphires and diamonds. The case and buckle are paved with diamonds and gradual pink sapphires, sparkling and feminine.