Passing On The Fine Beauty Of German Watches Interview With Dieter Pachner, Global Vice President Of Glashütte

When it comes to Switzerland, people think of clocks, cheese and travel. For Germany, no one talked about the watch industry there a few years ago. But now everything has changed. The German watch, which is famous for its fine production and rigorous craftsmanship, is catching up and shaking the unique situation of a Swiss watch with its strong strength. Among them, the Glashütte brand has taken the lead.
As early as the 15th century, German watchmaking flourished, and in the 19th century, the town of Glashütte in Dresden became an important watchmaking region in the world. But the good times did not last long. The flames of World War II cut off this glorious history, and the manufacture of precision watches almost disappeared. Only after the fall of the Berlin Wall did a gradual recovery begin. To this day, in a town close to 5,000 people, it houses 13 watch companies and more than 1,800 employees. Glashütte also became synonymous with famous watches. The Glashütte brand’s factory is also located here, and inherits and carries forward the fine traditions of German watchmaking.
Many watch enthusiasts no longer keep their eyes on Switzerland, but instead go to the ever-expanding German watch market Taobao. They can even distinguish whether it is a German watch or a Swiss watch from the design and internal structure of the watch: the same as the Swiss watch In contrast, the ‘work’ brought by meticulous and hardworking Germans is usually more technical, the lines are tougher, the appearance is more concise, and it has a distinctive aesthetic. ‘The biggest difference between German watchmaking and Swiss watchmaking is the difference in watchmaking culture and watchmaking philosophy. Just like Porsche and Ferrari are top cars, but they don’t feel the same. German culture is not about shine, but on Simple design and practical precision. It must be recognized that top products can be produced under the guidance of different cultural backgrounds and concepts, but the focus of design and structure considerations will be different. ‘Dieter Pach Dieter Pachner told reporters.
Glashütte’s latest global tourbillon listed in China is the world’s first super-complex watch with a flying tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and universal time. It consists of 500 parts and can display the time in 37 time zones. . This watch is available in a limited edition of 25 pieces worldwide, at € 325,000 each. Since the veil was unveiled in March, reservations have been hot. ‘Glashütte has always had a tradition of making complex watches, such as the world’s first diary watch with an alarm that can be set within 30 days, launched in 2011, and a two-question pocket watch launched in 2010-Pocket Watch One, launched in 2009. German Observatory-certified watch, inverted movement watch launched in 2008, it can be said that Glashütte launches new movements and complication watches almost every year. This globe tourbillon watch is not only technically significant The breakthrough also proves Glashütte’s diligent pursuit of practicality as a watchmaking concept. ‘Dieter Pachner said.
‘For Swiss watch brands, Switzerland is not their largest market. But Germany is different. Germany is the engine of the European economy. The local economy is strong. At the same time, Germans are very enthusiastic about their brands. Therefore, for many German brands, As far as brands are concerned, their country is the world’s largest market, and so is Glashütte. ”Dieter Pachner said that at present, Germany is the number one market for Glashütte, but Glashütte is in China’s development is very good. In the five or six years when Glashütte entered China, the brand has opened more than 30 boutiques, and opened two brand-owned boutiques in Shanghai and Beijing. In the next 5 years, the brand will increase investment in China and support Glashütte’s development in China in all aspects.
As a luxury watch brand with a small production volume, Glashütte’s current output is obviously far from meeting the needs of the global market. ‘The increase in production requires step by step, because the training of qualified watchmakers does not happen overnight. Although Glashütte has its own watchmaker school, it can only train up to 15 watchmakers each year. Therefore, in the future, For some time, consumers will have to wait to get their favorite Glashütte watches. ‘Dieter Pachner said.
As a German watch brand, the Swatch Group, which is dominated by Swiss watches, looks a bit “single and shadow”, and many people worry that research and development and marketing will be affected. In response, Dieter Pachner said that if a brand is not in a large group, it is difficult to develop in the industry. The Swatch Group has provided a lot of help to Glashütte, especially in the entire distribution field and market support field, which has great benefits for brand development. ‘And, with the strong support of the Swatch Group, the Glashütte brand has built another factory in the town of Glashütte to prepare for increased production.’

World Premiere Of Treasury Taikoo Lipo In Treasure Of The Treasure, Blancpain Launches The World Premiere Of “Beijing” Micro-painted Enamel Watch

Recently, taking advantage of the grand opening of the Chengdu Ocean Pacific Taikoo Li boutique, the brand’s first direct-operated boutique in the southwest of China, Blancpain has launched five new “Beijing” micro-painted enamel watches. These five micro-painted enamel watches are all orphan pieces, produced by Blancpain’s ‘Métier d’art’ studio. Each watch depicts a key scene in Liang Zhu’s story. Combined, this Chinese classic of love passed on will be complete and jump on the surface. As a Swiss watchmaker who is passionate about Chinese civilization and Chinese culture and deeply researched, Blancpain is demonstrating superb enamel skills and carefully creating the ‘Liang Zhu’ micro-painted enamel watch. It is bound to become Another milestone in the history of brand watchmaking, once again confirms the brand’s deep friendship with China.
Blancpain “Liang Zhu” micro-painted enamel watch
Master of Enamel Craft, Challenge Chinese Legend
   ‘Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai’, one of China’s most romantic and greatest classical love stories. The story of ‘Liang Zhu’, a household name in China, has been around for more than 1,700 years since the Western Jin Dynasty. Its strong romanticism, praise and pursuit of free love, has aroused profound emotional resonance with people all over the world. It can be called the Oriental version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Caoqiao worship
   When the extensive and profound Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship meets Eastern love, Blancpain uses five micro-painted enamel watches to fully describe the poetic legend of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai from the acquaintance and love, to the inability to guard, and finally transform the butterfly wings. . Elegant colors, delicate figures, and harmonious scene composition make it difficult to imagine. These vivid Chinese-themed enamel paintings on the square-shaped disk surface were actually produced by distant Swiss masters.


   These five Blancpain “Liang Zhu” micro-painted enamel haute couture watches describe the five key scenes in Liang Zhu’s story, namely “Cao Qiao worship”, “Reading with the same window”, “Eighteen Phases”, “ ‘Meeting the Towers’ and ‘Hua Di Bi Wing’.

Eighteen Phases
   In the ‘Crossbow of the Grass Bridge’, Liang Zhu and the two met for the first time in private, fell in love with each other, and bowed down on their knees. The masters of Blancpain Blancpain cleverly caught a glimpse of Zhu Yingtai’s hidden affection. Three lives. For ‘Reading with the Same Window’, I chose to read and play together. The scene of three years in the same window, the two of them became more and more deeply surrounded by green branches. In the scene of the ‘Eighteen Phases’, Liang Shanbo bowed his head slightly, wishing Yingying Tai Yiyi’s gaze, the two’s clothes fluttered, the grass swayed, and the heart was broken in the wind.

Meeting at the Platform
   At the ‘Meeting on the Terrace’, the dishes were left untouched, and the English and Taiwanese speechlessness of the daughter’s costume, which was difficult to violate the parents’ marriage order, was restored. Shanbo was sad. With the space and depth of the picture, it seems that the memory of the two has also been extended, and the past is a gentle contrast to the harsh reality in the picture. In the final scene, in the scene of ‘Butterfly Wings’, Liang Shanbo seemed to have all the freedom and dared to look directly at his lover. Two butterflies flew to one side, the flowers bloomed brilliantly, and the story reached the climax of romanticism.

Butterfly wing

Blancpain loves China, sharpens masterpieces
   This time, the world’s first release of the ‘Liang Zhu’ micro-painted enamel haute couture watch is not the first time that Blancpain watchmakers have inspired Chinese culture to create. The brand has always paid tribute to the long-standing Chinese tradition, and has expressed its supreme tribute with many timepiece masterpieces. From totems, calendars, freehand aesthetics, to this legendary story, every timepiece shows the brand’s tireless study of oriental culture.
Chinese calendar

Blancpain Villeret Chinese Calendar Watch-Red Gold

   Blancpain’s Le Brassus large complex watchmaking workshop took five and a half years of research and development, and in 2012 officially launched the Villeret series of Chinese calendar watches. Blancpain combines the dual-track lunar calendar with the single-track legislative Gregorian calendar to overcome the many challenges to watchmaking skills caused by the irregular yin and yang calendar cycle of the Chinese calendar. The Gregorian calendar and moon phase display are perfectly presented on the dial, presenting the Villeret series of Chinese calendar watches to the world. Today, tourbillon watches usually have more than 200 parts. This Chinese calendar watch with 464 parts, which is equipped with the Cal. 3638 movement, is an extraordinary timepiece with practical value and far-reaching significance.
Xianglong Totem

Blancpain Villeret Damascus Gold Dragon Watch
   The combination of Damascus gold-inlaid craftsmanship, which came out in the 16th century BC, and the dragon symbolizing the spirit of the Chinese nation, brought together this time-honored watchmaking brand, Blancpain, to form this Damascus gold-encrusted gold dragon watch. The exquisite dragon-shaped gold carving is hand-engraved in 18K yellow gold, and then the small holes are embedded in the dial of secondary titanium. The auspicious cloud pattern uses Damascus gold inlaying process to sculpt 0.2 to 0.4 mm pattern grooves on the modified 1 to 2 mm metal surface, then inject 24K gold into the groove, and finally polish and polish the surface so that Its smooth and flat. The entire dial is exquisite and thick, with a shiny metallic luster that no other decorative craft can match. For Blancpain, presenting the Dragon of the East with the brand’s best technology is a great tribute to the long and great Chinese cultural tradition.
Freehand aesthetics

“The Unique” micro-painted enamel haute couture watch

   Drawing inspiration from traditional oriental scrolls, Blancpain relied on its sophisticated creative techniques and extraordinary artistic comprehension to vividly restore the classic pictures in traditional Chinese ink painting onto a 45-inch-diameter dial. The master watchmaker uses extraordinary micro-painting enamel technology to outline a bay of lotus ponds on the dial-green leaves and branches of varying shades are layered, and white and ochre lotus flowers shake in the wind as if dancing gently. The butterfly leaps on the beautiful lotus, and the back of the dial is uniquely crafted with gold carving to outline the butterfly shape. The entire watch combines superb watchmaking craftsmanship with extraordinary aesthetic accomplishments, and it can be regarded as the masterpiece of the brand’s high-end customized timepieces. At the same time, as a practitioner who has been deeply involved in social welfare, Blancpain also generously donated this unique watch as a charitable lot, and all the proceeds were donated to the China Disabled Persons Art Troupe to express this classic The creators of timepieces pay high respects to the self-improvement of the disabled.

Scottish Style Shines Golden Winter Swatch 2014 Winter Series Watch

The years and the time of life are changing with different scenes and situations, interweaving various passions, dreams and fantasy-Scottish style, shining stars and bold subversive patterns, Swatch 2014 Winter The watch brings you the fun of ‘FULL TIME FUN’!

   The sparkling series blooms in the cool winter, and its metallic charm is destined to become the focus of much attention.
   The Scottish style series breaks the mediocrity, takes the wild route, and integrates the iconic plaid and weaving elements of Scotland.
   Standing in the tide forever.

2014 Winter Collection

Shine Series
   Glittering with glamour and accentuating highlights, this collection of watches is dizzying. The golden cover (YCG401GA / B) illuminates the entire city with a distinguished queen element. In the spotlight (SFM128), the most elegant disco ball design, combined with impeccable style and vibrant light, makes you the queen of city night.

Flagship watch
Name: Golden cover
Model: YCG410GA / B
Style: Irony Chrono
Dial: Gold with grey print, date window at 4 o’clock
Case: Gold PVD plated polished stainless steel 316L
Bezel: Gold PVD electroplated polished stainless steel 316L, black carved score
Strap: Gold PVD plated adjustable polished stainless steel 316L

Name: Under the spotlight
Model: SFM128
Style: Skin
Dial: Brushed black with white accents
Case: transparent grey plastic
Strap: black fabric, engraved with clear white and black crystals

Scottish style

   The design of the watch is inspired by the artistic charm of the optical illusion. The Scottish style series advocates breaking the mediocrity and creating fashionable accessories for the wilds on the wild line. This series of watches redefines the definition of cool, using the high-profile style and warm and comfortable design to announce that winter has quietly arrived.

   Summer socks (SUON110) and scottish skirt (SUON109) have a warm appearance and create a warm scene atmosphere with realistic printed patterns. The Monaco pattern (SUOB114) uses a plaid pattern with a distinctive style, and its strong Scottish style sets it apart. On your wrist, you can almost hear the melodious bagpipes (you can decide for yourself whether to taste the famous Scottish dish Haggis …).

   Ruby Silver Wrap (LK342) is inlaid with attractive precious stones, giving it both elegance and casual charm. This lively watch is designed for people who appreciate the bustling urban landscape more than looking for the dull royal castle. People often say that gems are girls’ best friends, which obviously means rubies …

   There is a touch of fun in the exquisite, and the rose bloom (SUOW110) can add icing on any dress. Although it does not really smell, it is clear that this watch has an unparalleled sweetness.

   ROMANTIC BUZZ (SUBB126A / B) has a striking style and rich colors, as if flowers will always bloom on your wrist. Floral designs and polka dot patterns are destined to inject a touch of spring into the coldest winter days.

Flagship watch

Name: Summer socks
Model: SUON110
Style: New Gent
Dial: Color pattern
Case: Pure blue matte plastic, colorful weave pattern
Strap: pure blue silicone, color weave pattern

Name: Scottish dress
Model: SUON109
Style: New Gent
Dial: Color pattern
Case: Pure blue matte plastic with colorful print
Strap: pure blue silicone, color printing pattern

Name: Monaco pattern
Model: SUOB114
Style: New Gent
Dial: color frosted, with color (not random) movement
Case: Pure black matte plastic with colorful printing pattern
Strap: Pure black matte silicone, color printing pattern

Name: Ruby Silver Wrap
Model: LK342
Style: Lady
Dial: diamond and ruby ​​motif
Case: translucent glossy plastic
Strap: translucent glossy silicone, diamond and ruby ​​inlay

Name: Rose in full bloom
Model: SUOW110
Style: New Gent
Dial: color frosted, with color (not random) movement
Case: Pure white, frosted plastic, colorful decoration
Strap: Pure white, frosted silicone, color pattern

Name: Romance
Model: SUBB126A / B
Style: Square
Dial: Brushed silver sunray, white scale, red trim
Case: Pure black polished plastic with red accents
Strap: pure black polished plastic, red and white pattern

Audemars Piguet Chalcedony Tourmaline Watch

Audemars Piguet Chalcedony (Chalcedony) Tourbillon Watch
    18K rose gold case, 45 × 40 mm, set with 395 diamonds, total weight 3.45 carats, equipped with cal. 2861 manually wound skeleton movement, unprecedented use of chalcedony to make movement splint, 21600 times / hour, power 72 hours storage, sapphire dial, gold hands, water resistant to 20 meters
    The powerful manufacturers Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Zenith and Blancpain make several high-end women’s mechanical watches every year, such as the Audemars Piguet millennial women’s watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso Lady and Zenith’s flagship Collection and Blancpain Valentine’s Day Limited Women’s Watch. Although they are not as popular as some men’s watches, they have also continued to sell. It can be seen that women still maintain a passion for mechanical watches. Not sure when this enthusiasm will become a trend, maybe when they realize that the luxury giants in their hearts have begun to produce mechanical watches, or that the value of mechanical watches is generally above the limited edition women’s bags. Right.

Beautiful Body: Jaeger-lecoultre Venus Three Questions Watch

The creative inspiration comes from many aspects, centering around the Italian Renaissance, Spanish academy, and French classicism. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s enamel painters chose typical images as inspiration for their creations: including The Birthof Venus by Botticelli, and the Venus of Urbino by Titian ( The Venus of Urbino), Velazquez’s ‘Rokeby Venus’ and Angel’s ‘Venus Anadyomène’ watchmaker The admired artist in his heart subtly combined with the crystal-clear, crisp bell sound of the Master Minute Repeater three-question watch. In order to ensure the artistic beauty of these four watches, all hour and minute scales have been designed in the simplest style, which is convenient for reading and simple and implicit. There are two additional displays on the dial: the torque released by the dual barrel is set at 4 o’clock, and the power reserve display is set at 8 o’clock
    Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the few watchmaking companies that is skilled in the use of enamel, and what Jaeger-LeCoultre focuses on is the most sophisticated micropainting enamel in enamel. It requires the artist to draw the pattern on the dial one by one without using any auxiliary methods (such as reeling and filling), and finally burn the painting in a space that is not square enough.
    Whether it’s the Jaeger-LeCoultre Venus three-question series or the ultra-thin enamel painted clear flower series, a delicate micro-painted enamel dial takes months to complete and is therefore extremely precious.

Rolex Makes The Brand Watch For ‘work’ Forever

Speaking of luxury watches, many people probably think of Vacheron Constantin, Chopin, Rolex and other luxury watch brands. Among them, Rolex, which is called a classic luxury watch, has long been praised by domestic and foreign fashion people for its unique style and fine workmanship. Why is Rolex so enduring?

   First of all, in terms of quality, Rolex has excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, and has both dignity and elegance. In addition, Rolex watches include automatic, single calendar, double calendar, waterproof, dustproof, etc., especially the carved crown is its high-quality mark. At the same time, as the core watch parts, almost all Rolex watches’ movements are self-produced. For watch lovers who attach great importance to the movement, this has great appeal.

   Secondly, from the analysis of Rolex’s design style. Rolex watches generally do not change much in appearance, and their public prices will not change significantly. Therefore, after a new watch is released, the old model will be ‘outdated’. At the same time, Rolex luxury watches in various series, prices ranging from low to high, can provide consumers with a variety of choices. Therefore, Rolex watches can reach a wide audience.

   Because of the above two points, Rolex luxury watches have a unique investment value. Especially the classic Rolex, which is more chronological and well-maintained, is even more valuable than when it was first bought. Today, Rolex is also particularly hot in the domestic second watch market. An antique Rolex luxury watch often attracts numerous customers.

The Dutch Rider Wins The Third Leg Of The Longines China Equestrian Tournament

The third leg of the Longines China Tour was staged in Beijing this weekend. As a result, Vincent Vermeulen, who rode the ‘Ceylon’, won the Longines Grand Prix. Win the championship. He was awarded a Longines in recognition of his outstanding performance.

   This event is an ideal time for a fine watch designation, the latest watch from the Longines Master Collection. The timepiece is equipped with a blue dial with sun print, and the alligator strap is the same color as the dial, creating a beautiful and harmonious effect.

   The ‘Longines China Equestrian Tour’ held four races in Dalian, Tianjin, Beijing and Guangzhou. Longines is proud to be the title partner and official timekeeper of the entire tour.

Audemars Piguet Contemporary Art And Fine Watchmaking Exhibition Shanghai Unveiled In October

Audemars Piguet, a Swiss fine watchmaker, will present unprecedented watchmaking and art feasts to China in October 2016: ‘Audemars Piguet Contemporary Art and Fine Watch Exhibition’ will be held in October Jin Qiu opened grandly in Shanghai, showing the brand’s unique essence, superb craftsmanship and timepiece masterpieces in the form of contemporary art. The 200 precious timepieces constitute the shocking content of the exhibition. Among them, the 135 antique timepieces from the Audemars Piguet Museum have the highest number of Audemars Piguet antique timepieces displayed overseas. At the same time, as a global partner of Art Basel, Audemars Piguet’s representative works of art created by well-known international artists will also become a fascinating part of the exhibition.
 Since its inception in 1875, Audemars Piguet has written pages of immortal chapters in the history of watches and clocks, setting many ‘first in history’ records. As the world’s only fine watchmaking brand still under the control of the founding families (Audemars and Piguet), more than 140 years ago, Audemars Piguet was born in Le Brassus, Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. Cradle of table art. After a thousand years of wind and frost in Ru Valley, the beautiful natural scenery gives birth to infinite treasures of time, which inspired and nurtured Audemars Piguet’s independent spirit and breakthrough of conventional thinking. The two founders of the brand are determined to create the world’s most outstanding inventions and timepieces, and concentrate on making complex timepieces with the highest level of decoration and polishing technology. This craftsmanship and avant-garde spirit have continued to this day, and every Audemars Piguet watch embodies breakthrough innovations in watchmaking technology and aesthetic design.

Birthplace of Audemars Piguet, Switzerland

Perfect polishing process
 In order to present the brand’s breakthrough legend, independent spirit and exquisite craftsmanship, Audemars Piguet carefully planned the ‘Audemars Piguet Contemporary Art and Fine Watch Exhibition’ with the brand philosophy ‘To break the rules, you must first master them’, and The grand debut will be held on October 27, 2016 in Shanghai Yu Deyao Art Museum. This exhibition is designed by the famous French designer Mathieu Lehanneur. It is inspired by the cycle of time and takes 12 hours as the concept to show the birthplace of Audemars Piguet, family heritage, masterpieces of complex functions, advanced Watchmaking, and the legendary legends of the Royal Oak collection. The exhibition will display 200 masterpieces of timepieces from different eras, including 135 antique timepieces from the collection of Audemars Piguet Museum, making it the largest number of Audemars Piguet antique timepieces displayed overseas. ‘First in History’, limited edition masterpieces and rare treasures will all make their debut in China with this exhibition. In the exhibition, the Audemars Piguet watchmakers from Ru Valley, Switzerland will also demonstrate the essence of high-end watchmaking culture with exquisite handicrafts. Visitors can enjoy a close look at the ingenious and prestigious Audemars Piguet craftsmanship.

Audemars Piguet Complicated Pocket Watch with Jump-Second Display, Perpetual Calendar and Minute Repeater

Famous French designer Mathieu Lehanneur
 In addition to hundreds of rare and precious antique timepieces, a new complex work led Audemars Piguet’s contemporary masterpieces to become another highlight of the exhibition: the minute repeater watch is Audemars Piguet’s most representative fine watchmaking skill. The Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie, launched at the 2016 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show, will also debut in China and be displayed at the exhibition. This new masterpiece took ten years to develop and will be a timepiece. The acoustic performance of the watch is pushed to an unparalleled realm. With three innovative patented technologies, it creates the loudest minute repeater sound today. It is a masterpiece developed by Audemars Piguet in the field of minute repeater, which composes the outstanding quality of the minute repeater watch. Brand new movement.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Series Super Chronograph
 Audemars Piguet’s masterpieces of timepieces stem from the love and focus on beauty and art. The brand has a great passion and great resonance for the creativity and innovation of the art world. Since its inception, Audemars Piguet has continuously explored the similarities between art and craftsmanship, relentlessly pursuing the perfect fusion of technical ingenuity and artistic spirit. Since 2013, Audemars Piguet has been a global partner of Art Basel, the world’s top contemporary and contemporary art exhibition. It has set up innovative concept exhibition halls in the three exhibitions of Art Basel Hong Kong, Basel and Miami Beach to show the world. Extraordinary timepieces, and strongly support the creation of contemporary artists, inviting designers and artists to creatively interpret the valley of Audemars Piguet, Switzerland. The “Audemars Piguet Contemporary Art and Fine Watchmaking Exhibition” also perfectly combines fine watchmaking with contemporary art. The artworks in the exhibition are also extremely exciting. Many internationally renowned artists’ works inspired by Ru Valley have been exhibited at Art Basel and will also debut in Shanghai for the first time: Dan Holz, a famous British photographer Dan Holdsworth is good at combining nature and space through images and photos, and exploring the relationship between humans, time and nature. Ru Valley, the birthplace of Audemars Piguet, is his favorite location for photography. This beautiful source of original ecology will come to Shanghai through his lens. This exhibition also invites a Chinese artist to participate in and specially create a work of art. He will express his ‘Chinese interpretation’ of Ru Guya with his unique perspective and artistic form. Following the first exhibition in Shanghai, the ‘Audemars Piguet Contemporary Art and Fine Watchmaking Exhibition’ will continue to tour in many art capitals around the world.

Famous British photographer Dan Holdsworth

Continuous Topography by Dan Holdsworth
 Some stories are legends in themselves. They span centuries and are passed on from generation to generation, and become even more extraordinary as the years go by. Since its founding in 1875, Audemars Piguet has inherited the fine watchmaking craftsmanship passed from generation to generation, the spirit of independent innovation that breaks the routine, and the pursuit of art and beauty, and has continuously written extraordinary stories of time. From October 27 to November 13, 2016, ‘Audemars Piguet Contemporary Art and Fine Watchmaking Exhibition’ invites you to see the legend.

Cartier Cartier 2014 Watches & Wonders Preview Exposure

At the 2014 Watches & Wonders exhibition, Cartier will launch including 18 new watches, two new movements, five unique fine jewelry watches and a mystery The 70 masterpieces of timepieces, including the clock, once again show the brand’s vigorous creation of watches and clocks. This is an exclusive global preview presented by Cartier for the second ‘Clocks and Miracles’ exhibition, an Asian watch and clock event.

‘Clocks and Miracles’ Cartier Showroom

Since the launch of the first wristwatch in 1904, Cartier has unremittingly explored and has developed an inexhaustible creativity, constantly innovating in the field of watchmaking, and therefore has a unique position in the watchmaking industry. As the king of creative watchmaking, Cartier’s work covers all aspects of watchmaking: the most sophisticated haute horlogerie, the glamorous high-end jewellery watches, the highly recognizable classic series, and the Métiers that reproduce ancient techniques. d’Art series and so on.
Speaking of the second ‘Watches and Miracles’ exhibition, Mr. Stanislas de Quercize, Cartier’s global president and CEO, said: ‘For many Asian watch enthusiasts, this prestigious international event is’ not to be missed. ‘ Here, people will be able to experience Cartier’s professional watchmaking skills, explore Cartier’s spirit of boldness and relentless pursuit of timeless beauty, and appreciate the self-made movement that interprets the essence of the brand’s traditional values. The watch and miracle exhibition provided Cartier with its exquisite craftsmanship Great occasion. ‘

Mr. Stanislas de Quercize, Cartier Global President and CEO

Panthère au Clair de Lune de Cartier watch
Cartier’s exquisite watchmaking and jewelry craftsmanship is not only a source of inspiration for creation, but also an important inspiration for innovation. The Panthère au Clair de Lune de Cartier watch reflects the turbulent fusion of expertise in these two fields, leading us into a charming jungle. Under the dark night sky, a cheetah leaned against the branches carved in K gold. Under the shadow of jasper leaves, it gently swayed as time passed … In the round case set with diamonds, the oscillating weight turned into a cheetah. The posture, covered with diamond leopard body and black lacquered leopard pattern, sways at any time.

Panthère au Clair de Lune de Cartier watch set with 395 brilliant-cut round diamonds equipped with 9603 MC workshop-finished self-winding mechanical movement, inverted cheetah decoration oscillating weight, limited edition, with independent serial number

The usually hidden pendulum is suddenly presented on the dial, subverting the design conventions, integrating functions and shapes, creating a dazzling effect. A beautiful micro-painting and an ingenious piece of jewellery, this women’s complication watch is a testament to the long tradition of craftsmanship and watchmaking expertise. In an ingenious and poetic way, the exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design go one step further and interpret the infinite possibilities of the watch movement.

What Are The Best Men’s Watches For Women? The Most Eye-catching Neutral Watch

In recent years, there has been a neutral wind in the fashion industry. Women’s fashion is no longer limited to expressing the femininity and tenderness of women, and women in the new era must show independence and courage. In the world of watches, neutral fashion has developed into the realm of men’s watches and women’s wear. So, what style of men’s watch is suitable for women? Which watches are neutral? Next, the editor will take stock of four watches for men and women.
Fortitude and neutrality-Bulgari OCTC

 Angled and angular can be described as the best representative of rigidity, smoothness is no longer the secret of customs clearance, personality is the ultimate goal that women now pursue. The Bulgari OCTO watch has sharp edges and corners, but boldly transforms the traditional design proportions in its shape, creating a unique harmony and balance. The new look is pure and powerful, and the unique octagonal shape contains many cultural implications. The OCTO series is named after the number 8 in Latin. The graphic design of the octagon of the watch is translated into numbers and has a profound meaning. 8. In Christianity, the union of infinite (god) and finite (human) represents the infinite in horizontal and vertical directions, or the basis of cosmic power, in some mysterious theories. In addition, 8 is equivalent to the infinite theory of mathematicians, the eternal immutability, and the total view of the universe symbolizing China (I Ching). In Asian culture, it is the embodiment of prosperity and strength.
 More Bulgari information: neutral wind does not mean that there can be no hue to join, the addition of some bright tones has added some fashion, Roger Dubuis launched the ‘Excalibur Table Ronde’ watch, this Limited to 88 pieces of watches, the green and white round enamel dial supports 12 sword-riding knights made of gold, forming 12 time scales on the dial. Obviously, this design is derived from the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. In the original pattern, the name of the twelve knights was written in a circle. Henry VIII himself was sitting on the throne of King Arthur. The center of the round table below the throne was a rosette representing the Tudor royal family. The green and white hand-painted enamel dial replicates the shape of a round table suspended from the Winchester Castle in England. The round table pattern was specially drawn by King Henry VIII of England in 1552 to impress the visiting Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.
Gentleman Neutral-Grand Mercure Paris

 Put on a neutral suit and a felt hat, and you can have a gentleman addiction today. Wait, you’re missing one of the gentleman’s outfits: a watch. The Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS Roman Holiday Watch is exuded with generous and elegant atmosphere, immersed in the oriental style, and blended with Western techniques, lovers of the see. It uses exquisite craftsmanship and unique shapes to completely explain the history of the Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS watch brand. It uses a unique experience and way to tell a romantic encounter, a thousand and a thousand times a happy love story. It has independence. The rotating second hand is precisely engraved with the Grand Mercure Paris exclusive universe network dial design and also features the exclusive Grand Mercure Paris Cubism rose gold diamond-shaped scale logo & hellip & hellip’s unique Paris Grand Mercure MATZO PARIS new Roman holiday series Make all of this dream come true! Each of this limited edition watch was created by the watchmaker for 600 hours in the Grand Mercure Paris workshop in Bill, Switzerland. The movement is polished by sun-ray pearlescent polishing, and its bridges and mechanical devices are manually polished. The movement design is beyond doubt. The reason this watch is the most gentleman-like is that this watch is a new design and production of Gregory by the Parisian Grand Mercury MATZO PARIS watch designer David with the plot of ‘Roman Holiday’ as the inspiration. Parker gentleman watch.
 When ‘Roman Holiday’ was released in France for the first time on February 9, 2005, the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS upgraded this watch and launched the latest models of the Roman Holiday Rose Edition and the Roman Holiday Silver Edition. Two superb complication watches feature rose gold and silver, enriching the already-available Roman Holiday Golden Edition of the Grand Mercure Paris MATZO PARIS. This series of watches is a high-end custom model, and those who need to order need to order at least one year in advance to be eligible for purchase.
Mechanically Neutral-Hublot Skeleton Tourbillon

 The highly mechanical look of the Hublot Skeleton Tourbillon watch can be described as very cool. The sporty look exudes a more classic temperament than the Big Bang series. The slim silhouette has a timeless elegance. It embodies the traditional value of the watchmaking industry and at the same time highlights the refinement and vitality of Hublot watches. For the first time, Hublot gives the classic fusion series a tourbillon movement. The unique skeletonized movement is clear at a glance. This complex watch, crowning traditional high-end watchmaking, is exquisitely crafted, showing aura and ultra-modernity. The strong contrast effect and shocking visual impact make this watch arouse women’s desire to conquer men’s watches.
 More Hublot information: Women in the new era are not just slogans for the pursuit of equality between men and women. Advanced mechanical watches are no longer just the darling of men. Let us listen to the inner world of independent women in the new era and feel The mechanical ‘pulsations’ issued by them.