Looking At The Popular Elements Of Fashion Week, Look At The Matching Trend Of Emilon Watches

The four major fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, which began early last month, have come to an end. During this time, we have harvested hundreds of exciting big shows, and we also saw a lot of wonderful street shots contributed by celebrities and people. When people focused on the spring and summer 2018 Chinese clothing that was first released, there were also many people silently paying attention to the new trends of fashion accessories in Fashion Week.
   Whether it is the Chinese clothing in fashion week, or daily wear, jewelry is indispensable for improving the overall shape. In the accessories, the decorative function of the watch is getting more and more attention. The Swiss watch brand Emmyron, which is recommended today, is pursuing exquisite craftsmanship and classic design. At the same time, it also launches the fashionable and elegant Jingya series and Challenger series models to meet both the pursuit of fashion and the commitment to the watch’s ancient craft. you.

   Flowers represent beauty and life. From ancient to modern times, it has rich and beautiful symbolic significance. In fashion weeks in recent years, it is not difficult to find that printing has become a necessary element for designers to create new products. With the gorgeous and changeable patterns of flowers, and the designer’s graceful tailoring, the beauty of the curve of the female body is fully displayed. The elements of flowers are not only used in clothing, but can also be integrated into various styles of accessories, adding a touch of embellishment to the overall shape. The fragrant blooming flowers also inspired the creative inspiration of Amy Long designers, presenting the beautiful form and allegorical meaning of the flowers in the form of a watch, in order to praise the fairy-like women.

   The Fairy Flower Fairy Flower watches for Amy Long Fair Lady series combine the beauty of hundreds of flowers with innovative product experience to decorate the beautiful feelings of life. The idea is to add a replaceable decorative dial (lily dial, lilac dial, orchid dial) above the dial. The innovative concept breaks through the design and craftsmanship of traditional watches, making an ordinary watch evolve through a simple DIY form. A variety of watch decoration effects make the watch more versatile. The flower-inspired watch paired with clothing full of flower elements, the overall shape echoes and merges with each other
   At the same time, in 17 years, Amy Long launched the Jingya series ballet pendant watch style-Jingya series ballet pendant watch, is also a sophisticated fashion watch.

   The new design concept of Amy Long Jingya Ballet comes from light and smart ballet skirts. The dancers kicked their toes into the background to prepare for the scene. When the spotlight focused on the body, they jumped to the stage, faced the audience, and raised their arms with their heads open. The beautiful dance looks even lighter against the wavy skirt, and Amy Long’s designer just caught this grace and aura, and presented it to the new ballet dial. Compared with traditional models, ballet pendant watches show different fashion charm. Necklace watch can be hung on the neck like a pearl pendant, especially eye-catching.

   In a ballet skirt, the dancer exudes an elegant and aloof temperament. In addition to the thin and light gauze skirt, it also reveals the long lines of the neck and shoulders. In the dress, the design of the shoulder and tube top can also perfectly display the lines of the neck and shoulders, revealing the sexy collarbone of a woman. During Fashion Week, the shoulder-length and tube top clothes occupy an important position. In considering the matching of accessories, the simple and fashionable Amy Long Jingya series ballet pendant watch will be the finishing touch of the whole shape, which can better highlight the curve of the neck and enhance the overall shape charm.
   In terms of men’s watches, Emilion is inspired by deep sea diving and extreme mountain climbing, and has designed a new product series for challenge men who are dynamic and enthusiastic, who love to meet challenges. Men who have the courage to challenge themselves not only love to explore unknown fields, they can also delve into them in the known fields. The bold charm they show comes from the spirit of not surrendering to difficulties and forging ahead.

   The new unique dial design of Emilon Challenger Bingfeng combines tradition and innovation, and the shape is both stable and fashionable. The three-dimensional dial is beautiful in appearance. The steep edges and corners on the inner bezel are distributed counterclockwise, giving a firm visual image. This men’s watch enhances the sense of wear in terms of design and materials.

   The trend of men’s clothing in 2018 is still parallel to fashionable men’s and retro literary styles. The new Emily Challenger series Bingfeng can easily match different styles. Don’t you mind?