Longines’s New Mobile App Is Officially Launched Real-time Display Of Equestrian Events

The Longines FEIWorldCup ™ Jumping Final Final (FEIWorldCup ™ JumpingFinal) will be staged on April 17-21, 2014 in Lyon, France.

 The Longines FEI World Cup ™ Jumping Final of the 2014 Longines FIFA World Cup Jumping Final will be staged on April 17-21, 2014 in Lyon, France. At the start of the five-month countdown to the World Cup’s obstacle course finals, Longines released a well-developed international horse federation obstacle course mobile app on the Apple App Store and Android Market-“Longines Equestrian Course obstacle course real-time conditions ‘(Live Timing Jumping by Longines), global equestrian sports enthusiasts can now use this mobile app to track the progress of the race in real time, query the race rankings, obtain the exclusive information of the rider and the latest information from the International Horse Federation to achieve a close experience of the race Passion for racing and elegance.
 The World Cup qualifiers have set off an equestrian upsurge in 16 divisions. The Western European Championship, named by Longines, has fought in four stops in Oslo, Norway, Helsinki, Finland, Verona, Italy, and Stuttgart, Germany. The exciting leaps continued in the station competition. The cooperation with the Western European League is a long-term support for international equestrian events after Longines signed a ten-year cooperation agreement with the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) in December 2012.
 As the world’s most prestigious and highest-level equestrian event, the Longines International Horse Federation World Cup venue obstacle course has long attracted widespread attention from contestants and spectators. The event spans 11 famous equestrian venues around the world, and top riders from 16 regions around the world will compete fiercely for the final seat. Among them, the Western European Division League named by Longines has officially kicked off on October 13 in Oslo, Norway, and fought in Helsinki, Finland on October 20, and moved to Vero, Italy on November 7 and 13, respectively. That was against Stuttgart, Germany, where players competed fiercely and staged many exciting high-level exciting events.
 Since then, the Longines International Horse Federation FIFA World Cup venue obstacle course Western European Division League will stage the remaining six races in the next three months, and will switch to Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Sweden and other countries. After several rounds of exciting and fierce competition, the annual final will be staged in Lyon, France from April 17th to 21st, 2014. At that time, excellent riders from around the world will compete for the annual championship.
 Longines has a long history of over 180 years. With its watchmaking expertise, it has forged a century-long relationship with equestrian sports and has helped many top international competitions throughout the world. In December 2012, with its unremitting enthusiasm for the equestrian sport, Longines continued its legend. With a record multi-million euro cooperation amount, it reached a ten-year cooperation agreement with the International Equestrian Federation and won the top cooperation of the International Equestrian Federation. The partnership also marks that Longines has become an important partner of the international equestrian sport. This year’s Longines FIFA World Cup obstacle course is one of a series of important competitions between the two sides.
 Talking about this cooperation, Mr. Walter von Känel, Global President of Longines, said: ‘The cooperation with the FIFA World Cup obstacle course is a great honor for Longines. This event is by far the largest and most famous Indoor court obstacle course, and Longines’ love of equestrian sports can be traced back to 1878. At that time, Longines produced a chronograph engraved with the jockey and his horse, and has since entered the annals of history. The in-depth cooperation of the United Nations has further deepened the important position of Longines in the field of equestrian sports. Longines has been cooperating with various equestrian events since 1912. Today, it has participated extensively in the field obstacle course, flat horse racing and endurance. In various equestrian sports including races. Elegance, tradition and superior performance-these are the essence of Longines watchmaking tradition and equestrian sport. ‘