Leave Time To Budapest, Igor Pays Homage To Simplicity

Budapest is a famous ancient city in Europe. It is located in the north-central part of Hungary, on both sides of the middle reaches of the Danube River, and has a good reputation. The new world and the old world here are as perfect as gears. Although the weather is similar and good every day, you can still feel the wonderful life differently. ‘Yesterday can be remembered, tomorrow can be expected’ is the best in this city. Portraiture. Inspired by the city of Budapest, the designer combines historical classics with modern minimalist spirit to create a classic timeless wrist watch. 【Watch Model: 4101A1】

  Innovation comes from tradition. The Igor Budapest watch continues the brand’s distinctive aesthetic design and exquisite craftsmanship, and combines classics and innovation perfectly, paying tribute to the simple beauty of Budapest with a pure design concept.

  The round white dial is embellished with silver-plated metal studs of varying lengths, which is simple and bright. The fan-shaped kinetic energy display window on the upper left, the instant jump pointer calendar plate on the upper right, and the independent small seconds dial at six o’clock are ingeniously embellished with triangles inside the plate, which enrich the visual effect and greatly enhance the overall style. Against the clear sapphire glass, the surface of the disc looks even more tense.

  The case with a diameter of 40 mm is made of 316L stainless steel. After mirror polishing, it is more delicate and exquisite. With the straight ears that are slightly curved on the side of the case, it shows a smooth line feeling, which can fit the watch closer to the wrist, which is in line with ergonomic settings.

  The round crown of the same material is designed with a zigzag anti-slip texture on the periphery, which has a superior feel, making it easy for the wearer to grasp the time and feel the rhythmic beauty of time. The classic ‘four-leaf clover’ logo on the embossed brand implies that good luck often accompanies you. There is no extra flashy decoration on the whole, which adds an elegant and generous atmosphere.

  Through the 26mm large back case back, you can see the look of the exquisite movement. The self-produced CAL.A3550 mechanical movement, equipped with 29 ruby ​​bearings, has a power reserve of 42 hours, and is very practical. The surface of the movement is richly retouched, with fine Geneva patterns and sun patterns, mirror-polished blue steel screws, and brass gear embellishments. The rich colors are highly ornamental. The vibration frequency is 3HZ, combined with the Incabloc suspension system, which effectively reduces the wear of the movement and greatly improves the accuracy of the watch’s travel time. You can fully enjoy the mysterious mechanical beauty in the watch between the seconds.

  Florence is the most beautiful city built on the plain, and the city that stands by the sea is only the world famous in Venice; and the city on the edge of the mountain that covers the globe is only second to none in Budapest. The Agere Budapest series watch takes Budapest’s diversified urban life as an opportunity to reproduce the classic and simple trend. It looks simple and unobtrusive when viewed from outside, but the details are unique. Purely created classics, so refreshing look and feel, it is no exaggeration to give it all praise.
  Time will not stop, we can only move forward. To experience, to feel, to progress, to leave memories to yourself and time to Budapest.