Inscribed Tanabata Star Couple Interpretation Of Romantic Pair Watch

Time is the best witness of love, recording the sweet time of couples together. Many couples choose a pair of watches on Valentine’s Day to inscribe steadfast love. Star couples are also keen on this. From the watches they endorsed together, to the watches they chose for each other, all are witnesses of love. VOGUE fashion network counted the moment when star couples such as Ren Dahua and Dong Jie interpreted the watch. Qixi Festival is approaching. I hope that these sweet moments can evoke our initial fantasy of love. [Lu Yi Bao Lei couple] interpretation of Omega Constellation series couple pair watch, male model: 210700 RMB, female model: 10600 RMB [Ren Dahua Qiqi couple] interpretation of Omega Constellation series couple watch, male model: 59000 RMB, female model: 36800 RMB Jiang Wen and Zhou Yun couples] interpretation of Raymond Weil pair watch, male: 24800 RMB, female: 26800 RMB [Pan Yueming Dong Jie couple] interpretation of the famous Humberton couple watch, male: 38700 RMB, female: 19400 RMB [ Chen Hao Chen Yin 媺] Interpretation of Plum Blossom Master Series watches, men: 18800 RMB, women: 18800 RMB