Inheritance Of Love Passion On The Wrist Breguet Mother’s Day Watch Zhenxuan

Gorky once said, ‘All glory and pride in the world comes from the mother.’ Mother’s Day first originated in ancient Greece, a day to pay homage to the mother of the Greek gods, Gaia. No matter how many years of baptism and passing, the selfless motherly love always glows with warm love and charming energy. And timepiece, not only means reading the time, as a recorder of time, but also a carrier of personal emotions. Years of graciousness, on this holiday season, I will present the treasures of the mother of the world to the mother of the world, becoming a recorder of time, remembering the mother’s brilliant brilliance and charm, and thanking the motherly love for the trickle.

   Breguet has devoted all her efforts to creating timepieces for elegant women, and is very honored to receive many honorable female patrons, including the legendary Queen Marie-Antoinette of France and Josephine the Queen of France ( Joséphine). Not only are they honored queens, they are also great mothers, and they interpret the subtle affection of motherhood with time.

Watches give hope to love

Breguet No.611 Touch Table

   In 1800, Emperor Josephine of the French Empire purchased a Breguet touch watch, No. 611, for 3,000 francs, which opened the indissoluble bond between the French royal family and Breguet. It is reported that nobles cannot bring pocket watches with them at the banquet, and it is obviously inconvenient for the host to take time to read at the grand banquet. But this is not to be embarrassed at the time, Mr. Bao Di, who was already a master watchmaker, was a watch genius who invented the touch watch with his profound insight and knowing the needs of his customers. No.611 looks like a jewellery accessory, elegant and beautiful, but very practical. You can easily read the time by touching the arrow-shaped hands, which was loved by Queen Josephine. The blue enamel gold case, the silver dial, the diamond decorative hands, the large round diamond touch point, and the ruby ​​escapement, this gorgeous and precise timepiece has become the queen’s favorite.

   Afterwards, Queen Josephine gave No. 611 to her daughter, Hortense de Beauharnais, the Queen of the Netherlands. Queen Josephine replaced the original decorative diamond with a larger diamond, and inlaid the case with the crowned letter ‘H’, the first letter (H) of Queen Ortans’s name also means Holland after that. No.611 pocket watch expresses the thoughts and hopes of Queen Josephine’s long-married daughter.

Time to write
Breguet Rêve de Plume Haute Joaillerie High Jewellery Watch

   The Plumes collection is inspired by Louis XVI’s wife, the spokesperson for Breguet’s women’s jewellery watches-French Queen Marie Antoinette. In 1770, Marie Antoinette, then the Princess of the Austrian Empire, married at 14 at the age of 14 and became the Crown Prince of the Crown Prince of France (later Louis XVI). With so much nostalgia for her hometown, Queen Mary never stopped her correspondence with her relatives far away in Austria, writing down her mother’s nostalgia and desire for freedom with a slim quill pen.

   This year’s Basel Plumes collection adds a new product called Rêve de Plume, inspired by the quill pen used by French Queen Marie Antoinette to express her nostalgia for mothers and the desire for freedom. The new Rêve de Plume timepiece is available in rose gold and white gold. The feather carving on it starts from a 6-point spherical diamond joint and continues to the left of the bezel. The ‘trunk’ part in the middle of the feather is inlaid with long diamonds and gradually tapered towards the tail. The ‘mesh’ part of the feather is inlaid with bright-cut diamonds of different sizes, forming the general effect of water droplets sliding over the feathers. As a jewellery watch, the side is also engraved with delicate feathers, which is like a classic coin decoration unique to the outer edge of a Breguet watch.

   Breguet has always been committed to creating more elegant, charming and accurate timepieces for elegant women. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, Breguet specially selected several elegant timepieces to present Mother’s Day, and conveyed her deep affection to her mother.

A gentle and elegant choice
Breguet Classicique 9068

   The Breguet Classic Classique 9068 watch is always filled with a long-lasting elegance. Its gentle texture shows the unique gentleness and elegance of women, and it is an excellent gift for gentle and elegant women.

   The Breguet Classicique 9068 women’s watch has not only won the 2014 GPHG ‘Most Popular’ award, but also has been favored by many female customers for its slim profile. The ‘core’ of this watch uses a mechanical movement made of silicon hairspring. It also displays the date on the window while displaying the hours, minutes and seconds. The simple machine-engraved dial and the bezel set with bright-cut diamonds With the lugs, it is undoubtedly the natural and gentle taste and charm of women.

Elegant and charming choice
Breguet Queen of Naples Reine de Naples 8908

   Elegant and mature women are at ease in family, life and work, always revealing the mature intellectuality and elegance of modern women. The Breguet Naples Queen Series 8908 watch, the perfect curve of the goose oval case shows its gorgeous elegance, and the complex technology of the moon phase structure makes the name of the watch truly both inside and out, just like the new age women, beauty and connotation Combined, elegant and charming.

   Launched in 2012, the Queen of Naples series Reine de Naples 8908, with a flexible and elegant gold threaded chain strap, fits comfortably and integrates with the wrist. The watch features a black Tahiti mother-of-pearl surface, which is more moist and endless. The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement Calibre 537 DRL1, a linear Swiss lever escapement and a flat balance spring, perfectly reflecting Breguet’s unique style and breakthrough technology. The bezel is set with 117 diamonds and weighs 0.99 carats. Its crown is inlaid with gemstones for perfect embellishment, and it has a feminine elegance and charm.

Vibrant Choice
Breguet Marine 8828

   The Marine 8828 ladies’ chronographs are popular with sports women for their sporty appearance and practical timing functions. The watch is equipped with a white rubber strap, which injects vitality into the watch and is dynamic, making it the perfect choice for sports women.

   The Marine 8828 chronograph white gold case, diamond-set bezel and lugs, is full of vitality; the white rubber strap can better reflect the bright light of Breguet’s carefully selected diamonds, combining sports breath with exquisite workmanship together. The background of the mother-of-pearl surface is a wave-shaped diamond pattern, which is particularly bright against the background of the radial wave-cut pattern. It is full of movement like the waves stirred up by the waves. The classic Breguet sapphire hands on the dial and the domed sapphire inlaid on the crown complement each other.

Simple and stylish choice
Breguet Heritage 8860

   In the new era, women are pursuing a simple but not simple, fashionable and unobtrusive way of life, allowing temperament to be revealed in nature, and inadvertently expressing a love for life and their children. The Breguet Heritage series has a simple design, smooth lines, and offers a variety of matching options. The curved wine barrel case, the rose gold case with a gold-plated moon phase or the white gold case with a rhodium-plated moon phase show the most The beauty of low-key simplicity is the best gift to simple and stylish women!

   The Breguet Heritage watch series is a new interpretation of the complex technology of the moon phase. Equipped with a self-winding movement 586L, the unpredictable moon phases will be matched with the case of different colors, and the hours and minutes are indicated in the center of the mother-of-pearl surface with engraved patterns, showing extraordinary temperament. Attention to detail is a feature of Breguet watches. Although it is subtle to the naked eye, the eyes on the moon face are really blinking and full of smiles. The simple Breguet blue-steel hands echo the classic Roman numerals, and seem to be recording precious memories of family relationships.