G-shock Noise X Peng Lei: Truly Expressing Myself Is Unique

G-SHOCK NOISE x Peng Lei: Truly expressing yourself is unique! Today, Peng Lei brings a new limited edition model of the DW-M5630A, G-SHOCK 30th anniversary; Peng Lei, the talented leader of the ‘new pants’ band, he is the leader of retro culture, he is also an illustrator , Installation artist, film director; he walked through multiple roles in his most penguin-like way, posted the labels back and talked about the story he wanted to tell the most. G-SHOCK NOISE x Peng Lei: Expressing yourself truly is unique
Peng Lei, he is the talented leader of the ‘New Pants’ band, he is the leader of retro culture, he is also an illustrator, an installation artist, and a film director. Repost the label and talk about the story he most wanted to tell.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Hello, Peng Lei. Talk about what you want to say recently? You recently held a solo exhibition called ‘Geek-Peng Lei’ at Modernsky Lab as an artist. How did you first conceive of the solo exhibition? What kind of exhibition is this about yourself?
Peng Lei: This is actually the second solo exhibition in my life. It has been 5 years since my first solo exhibition, and a lot of new works have accumulated in the middle, so I want to show everyone the paintings painted in recent years through this solo exhibition. This is an exhibition about real life in my eyes.
G-SHOCK NOISE: How did you first move from music to art and director? Do you think there is any difference and connection between these roles?
Peng Lei: I have been learning painting since I was very young. It can be said that I came from a science class, and I have never stopped painting for more than 20 years. The band was formed in high school, and the director’s job was learned and tried from college. These aspects actually have many overlapping parts for me. Being able to handle these things at the same time makes me more like a multimedia artist.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Everyone already knows your music very well. Can you talk about your original intention of creating movies and paintings? What kind of states and emotions do you most want to express through them?
Peng Lei: In fact, like many young people, watching movies is also one of my daily entertainment methods. After watching more, I wonder if I can make one. After accumulating experience with some previous MVs and short films, I did not expect that I really made a real movie ‘Band’ last year. It got the dragon mark, which means a lot to me. I’m no longer a cartoon director or an underground director. In my movie, it is actually my own real life and the real life of the friends around me that I have observed, which are enough fun for me. Painting is my hobby. When I’m fine, I often draw small paintings. My movie script is also used to drawing by myself, which also expresses the real life that I am familiar with.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Every creator is looking for his own unique way of expression. How do you define “unique”? Because most people are lost in the process of finding themselves, how do you determine and assert how unique you are?
Peng Lei: The true expression of himself is ‘unique’, because everyone is very different. For me, insisting on doing things that interest me for a long time, and trying not to be disturbed by the outside world, is the way I maintain my uniqueness.
G-SHOCK NOISE: You once said that ‘fashion is different from everyone’, but at the same time your favorite is the retro style. How do you use the ‘old’ style to express new differences? What kind of gameplay do you have for innovation and creation?
Peng Lei: I think fashion is learning from each other. Many of the special styles back then became very fashionable. In my creation, whenever I have a new inspiration or idea, I have to implement it immediately, without thinking first whether the idea is in line with or corresponding to the current trend.
G-SHOCK NOISE: G-SHOCK has evolved from a classic DW-5600 to a new image that is constantly evolving today. It has many wonderful changes but always has a deep G-SHOCK impression. What do you think is the most important in such a process of losing yourself and taking into account changes and innovation?
Peng Lei: Keep your own personality and don’t follow the wave.
G-SHOCK NOISE: You have diverse identities, and express yourself equally. In your eyes, what kind of partner does G-SHOCK play?
Peng Lei: G-SHOCK is a good partner to stay with you at any time. It is a fashionable and trendy item, and at the same time, it can be used in various extreme working environments without falling off the chain.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Today you also bring a newest DW-M5630A, this is a limited edition of the 30th anniversary of G-SHOCK which evolved from 5600. What is G-SHOCK’s 5600 always attracting you? How do you see it changing?
Peng Lei: The shape is simple and fashionable. It looked like a very cool watch when I was a kid and today. Performance and details change with the times are more adapted to this high-tech era.
G-SHOCK NOISE: G-SHOCK is about to enter a new beginning after its 30th birthday this year. What do you expect from it? As a G-SHOCK partner, what kind of expectations do you have for yourself in the future?
Peng Lei: I hope G-SHOCK can always be a classic of popular culture. I hope my new movie will be successful and more people will like to watch it.