Create A Model Of Sports Watches: Seiko Prospex

Talking about the development history of diving watches, a classic watch that must not be missed is the first completely self-made diving watch ‘TUNA Watch’ by Seiko SEIKO in 1965, which also shows this Japanese watchmaker For a long time, marine sports-themed professional sports watches have been devoted to research and development for many years. For example, the original technology such as the bellows strap, the double-layer case structure and the exclusive outer ring protection ring has been not only received by many professional divers. Trust and become internationally recognized standard specifications

PROSPEX LOWERCASE designer watch (SBDL038) stainless steel case, plastic outer ring protection ring, unidirectional rotating bezel, diameter 47 mm, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, 24-hour display, chronograph, V175 solar chronograph Movement, fully charged for about 6 months, sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 200 meters, silicone strap, limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide.

The back of the case is engraved with the SEIKO PROSPEX DIVER SCUBA stamp.
   Echoing the corporate philosophy of “protecting the ocean and protecting the sea” in the past, Seiko not only collaborated with the creative director of the well-known brand LOWERCASE, Yuhara Hagiwara, to design retro-style watches with chronograph functions, but also to join hands with marine adventurers around the world. Shiraishi Kojiro, together create two professional nautical watches to the world.

PROSPEX LOWERCASE designer watch SBDL035
Mastery of Classics
   Thanks to Seiko’s deep diving expert, Mr. Tokunaga, for designing an ‘impact-resistant coated case’ like a ‘canned catfish’, so that human beings can enter the blue inner space of the ocean. In the category below the kilometer water depth. On the watch designed by Ebara Yukio this time, the brand’s first outer ring protection ring design was added to improve the impact resistance of the movement, and the crown gasket was also improved to improve its water resistance. More specifically, it is equipped with a light-driven movement that has a chronograph function and can also be charged with solar energy, showing a sense of mission of the green corporate spirit.

SEIKO PROSPEX and marine adventurer Shiraishi Kojiro join hands to create professional nautical watches. The fluorescent color on the dial is inspired by the fluorescent words on the sailing ship, and the two blue dials with different shades are interpreted differently in the open sea. Ocean style. (Left: SSC549P1, right: SSC551P1)
   Diving into the ocean where light cannot penetrate, the hour, minute, second, and brand patented Lumibrite luminous paint used at the moment has a 60% increase in light storage time, allowing underwater divers to better grasp the minutes. The SEIKO PROSPEX DIVER SCUBA wave mark engraved on the back of the case makes people feel like they are immersed in the endless ocean when they are worn.
Experts make heading challenges
   Sailing across the sea, Seiko found the Japanese marine adventurer Yasushi Shiraishi, who was once the youngest single-person global sailing record creator, breaking the Pacific sailing record twice. He used to sail a 60-foot sailing boat alone, sailing in the rough seas of Cape Horn, South America, and relying on his boating skills to pass through various difficult dangers and disasters. Shiraishi Kojiro knows how to survive in the ocean. Various ways to survive.

PROSPEX Shiroishi Kojiro Professional Marine Watch (SSC549P1) Stainless steel case, 44.6 mm diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, date display, chronograph, 25 city world time, two places, V195 solar chronograph movement, fully charged Approximately 6 months of power, sapphire crystal, 100 meters waterproof, stainless steel chain.
   In order to adapt to severe walrus changes, Shiraishi’s PROSPEX model uses impact-resistant stainless steel to create a lightweight and reliable case that is not affected by seawater. In order to improve the convenience of reading, the presence of wide-version fluorescent hands, scales, and small bezels with vivid colors, plus the world time function of 25 cities, make it easier for sailing players to grasp the time clearly and quickly. Challenge the race safely and comfortably. Seiko adheres to the belief of ‘pursuing a sense of accomplishment and never fading adventure’, and hopes that by introducing the professional watches of the PROSPEX series, watch fans will have more pleasant memories of living with the ocean.

PROSPEX Shiroishi Kojiro Professional Marine Watch SSC551P1