Citizen Eco-drive Eyes Limited Edition Watch On Sale In Chengdu

Recently, the Citizen Eco-Drive EYES Global Limited Edition watch was officially launched at the Chengdu Chunxi Road flagship store. It is understood that this watch is issued in limited quantities worldwide. The Chengdu Chunxi Road flagship store is one of only three flagship stores in China to sell this watch. This also shows that Chengdu is becoming a key sales market on a par with first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.
 ‘In recent years, Chengdu watch consumption has gradually matured, and its sales have grown more rapidly than other markets in the country. As far as the Chunxi Road flagship store is concerned, since its opening in December last year, its monthly sales have ranked second consecutively. The first of more than 1,200 terminal stores across the country. This store is not only a microcosm of the rapid development of the Chengdu watch market, but also a new benchmark for sales in the national market.

 Along with this trend, the consumption characteristics of watches have also changed significantly. A consumer buying at Chunxi Road’s flagship store said, “Purchasing a watch depends not only on the technology and features of the product, but also the convenience of shopping and the brand experience. The Citizen flagship store not only has a large selection of products, but also the environment It’s comfortable and I can fully feel the image of Citizen as an international brand. This is the main reason to choose to buy Citizen. ‘

 The good shopping experience of Chunxi Road flagship store is the result of Citizen’s continuous promotion of channel construction. While expanding the number of terminal stores, Citizen has paid more attention to improving the consumer experience. The Chunxi Road flagship store not only occupies the core area of ​​Chengdu’s ‘Hundred Years Golden Street’, but also has a business area of ​​more than 150 square meters. Functional areas such as in-store sales area, boutique display area, brand culture area, after-sales service area and leisure negotiation area are all available. It can be said that the Chunxi Road flagship store has created a ‘one-stop’ service system from pre-sales consultation to purchase, from after-sales service to brand recognition.

 In addition, the launch of new products by Citizen has also shown great importance to the Chengdu market. From the Super Air Eagle series to the Huayu Fengyin series, from the first Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE to the Eco-Drive EYES released this time, almost every heavyweight new product will not miss the Chengdu market. According to the clerk, in the Chunxi Road flagship store, as many as 350 Citizen products across the entire line are available for sale at the store, bringing a variety of choices for consumers in Chengdu.

 Citizen’s continuous brand building in recent years also meets the consumer demand of Chengdu consumers for high-end watch brands. In 2008, Citizen proposed a ‘new field’ strategy for transforming mid- to high-end brands. In 2010, it implemented the ‘innovative thinking strategy’. At the same time, the use of Jincheng Wu and Xu Jinglei as brand spokespersons also injected new vitality into the Citizen brand.
 Being keenly aware of and seizing market opportunities in real time, and comprehensively improving the consumer experience through the launch of high-value-added new watches, channels and brand building, are the core elements of Citizen’s continuous breakthrough in the Chengdu market. In terms of the overall market development strategy across the country, in addition to having more than 1,200 various sales terminals, Citizen has also occupied a prime position in the most prosperous commercial areas of first-tier cities, forming Shanghai Nanjing Road flagship store in the east and Guangzhou Zhengjia flagship store in the south. There is the flagship store of Chengdu Chunxi Road in the west and the strategic layout of Beijing Wangfujing flagship store in the north. This will not only drive the comprehensive and balanced development of the national market, but also vividly illustrate the ambition of Citizen to move forward.