Cartier Watch Workshop Breeds Watchmaking Legends With Professional Skills

Cartier Watch Workshop is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the core area of ​​glorious watchmaking history. It is one of the largest fully integrated watch workshops in Switzerland. Surrounded by the mountains of the Jurassic Valley, this outstanding transparent glass building is integrated with the surrounding pasture trees, covering an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters.

 The workshop brings together more than 170 watchmaking techniques, whose diversity continues to nourish Cartier’s extraordinary creativity. The artisans, men and women, share the same passion and goals, and master a variety of superb professional watchmaking techniques, including watchmaking, simple or complex movement development, and the skill of integrating jewelry into square dials.

 By bringing together all watchmaking techniques in one place, Cartier has been able to strictly monitor all aspects of the production process, combining top technology and watchmaking traditions to ensure the continuous development of its watchmaking business. With its creativity, precision and innovation, Cartier Watch Workshop opens up a new territory and challenges excellence.

 The Cartier Watch Workshop embodies the brand’s determination in watchmaking, and heritage and learning are the primary tasks for maintaining watchmaking. Therefore, Cartier founded the Institut Horlogerie Cartier to provide new skills training to ensure that Swiss watchmaking technology can be promoted in the future.

 With a mission and commitment to protect watchmaking, Cartier has introduced many rare craftsmanships such as enamel painting, metal beads and fine inlays into Cartier Watch Workshop. The Cartier Master Craftsmanship series has shown a rich historical heritage. Through the unique original watch masterpieces, the nearly lost noble craftsmanship is restored and reshaped.

 It’s a watch, it’s a heritage. Any _ Cartier watch, no matter how old, the Cartier Watch Repair Center can provide maintenance and make it lasting.

 Facing the challenges of tomorrow, creating timeless masterpieces and inheriting superb skills, this is the bounden duty of Cartier Watch Workshop.