Cao Yunjin Went On A Hot Search Again, But This Time Not Because Of Guo Degang

Just today, Cao Yunjin announced on Weibo that he was married to actor Tang Yuan, and once again made Cao Yunjin the first place on the Weibo hot search list. The last time Cao Yunjin went on a hot search, it was because of ‘complaints’ with Master Guo Degang. As a young comic actor, he was criticized after leaving Deyun Society. Instead of commenting on character and works, today we only look at Cao Yunjin from clothing and watches, which can be said to be very ‘social.’

Wedding photo of Cao Yunjin and Tang Yuan

Cao Yunjin announced the news of marriage became the first search on Weibo

Cao Yunjin’s Selfie

Unevaluable clothing

He really likes leopard print

Cao Yunjin Weibo Sun Watch

emmm …

 Cao Yunjin’s latest exposure on Weibo caused a lot of ridicule among the ‘melon-eating crowd.’ From his daily private photos, we can roughly see that this comic actor is very ‘social’. Daikin chain, frizzy curly hair and leopard coat, suddenly wanted to come to a social shake. As a star of the sports entertainment industry, it seems that Richard Mille can be at the cutting edge of fashion?

Richard Mille RM029
 This RM029 with diamond version is not found on Richard Mill’s official website. A similar RM029 is priced at RMB 550,000, which is actually not expensive for celebrities.

Cao Yunjin in the blockbuster

You can see that this watch often appears

Cao Yunjin in a variety show

 It seems that he really likes this watch. Not only did he send the photos of the watch according to the door, but Cao Yunjin was seen wearing this watch on many occasions. Whether in variety shows, attending events or in promotional photos, we all Can see it.

 In summarizing his private photos, it is not difficult to find that his dress style and watch selection are actually somewhat similar to Master Guo Degang, and ordinary people call it ‘壕’. Precious metals and diamonds are the main considerations for Cao Yunjin when choosing a watch. We can see that in his private photos, he has all kinds of watches, but he still cannot escape the rule of ‘precious metal + diamond + complex functions’.

 In addition to this Richard Mille RM029, there is also a limited number of Roger Dubuis that has caused overheating in life.

 The Roger Dubuis of this double tourbillon is on sale in a limited edition. The fully hollow dial design makes it impossible to distract attention from it.

No prizes and answers: What watch does Cao Yunjin wear? (Tell me in the comments)

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Summary: In the end, I hope that this young comic actor can present more excellent comic works to the audience after entering the next stage of his life. It is impossible to evaluate what kind of person Cao Yunjin is in his private life. There are many controversies. But in the expressiveness of the crosstalk stage, he has to say that he has his own style. Just don’t wear hot leopard coat in the future …