Bulgari Immortal Mythical Creature

Diagono Calibro 303
The name of the Diagono series comes from the ancient Greek agòn, which means ‘sports competition’. The design concept originated from Muren’s sculpture ‘Discobolos-Discus Thrower’. It illustrates a simple basic concept: Perceive, feel its full power, and experience the moment before the outbreak. Therefore, the watch expresses the simple, dynamic and fashionable design concept as well as the modern style rooted in ancient Greece.
Sporty sports style, atmospheric and harmonious proportions, excellent technical performance. The Diagono Calibro 303 chronograph expresses a stylish lifestyle and represents an aesthetic pursuit of the highest technical and functional standards.

Bvlgari Diagono Moon Phases
Diagono moon phase watch truly concentrates on the most exquisite Swiss watchmaking technology and reads the movement track of the moon in the most primitive way. This innovative technology is in patent application. Different from the traditional dial that indicates the moon phase, this Bvlgari watch creatively uses another brand-new mechanical system to express the moon’s activity cycle, and the entire technology is independently developed by Bvlgari.

Bvlgari Serpenti Series
PentSerpenti cleverly integrates snake and Tubogas bracelet production technology, both of which are the most prominent features of the Bulgari brand value. The meandering serpentine figure, the symbol of eternal youth and immortal mythological creatures have become an integral part of the Italian jewelry world since ancient times, and represent the most famous creative work of Bulgari for decades .