Bellace Aviation Museum Big Bell Restoration Plan

Le Bourget Aviation Museum Big Bell Restoration Program

 The large-scale renovation of the eight-pillar hall of the Le Bourget ‘Aviation Museum’ in the suburbs of Paris has been reopened a few days ago, and French Minister of Defense Mr. Jean-Yves le Drian also attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony that day. The Eight Columns Room was built for the World Exposition held in 1937. The design of the building exudes Art Deco characteristics. This time the hall is reopened to the public. There are two other characteristic elements worth noting. The ‘Flight Show Team’ has three well-known Fouga Magister aircraft, and the Bell, which has been sponsored by BELL & ROSS, has been restored.

 The eight-pillar hall of Le Bourget ‘Aviation Museum’ on the outskirts of Paris has been extensively renovated and reopened.

 French Minister of Defense Mr. Jean-Yves le Drian (left) also specially attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony that day.

 BELL & ROSS timepieces draw inspiration from aviation and flight history to pay tribute to different periods of flight history from 1900 to the present. It is logical for the brand to sponsor a museum clock restoration project this time. The bell in the eight-pillar hall was destroyed during World War II. Fortunately, Bell & Ross took on the task of restoring the bell, so that the bell could run again. This big clock is one of the signs of Bourget Airport. Firstly, it is huge. Secondly, the 12 clocks around it show the time in different time zones.

     The clock has been restored and sponsored by BELL & ROSS.

 The opening event was jointly presented by BELL & ROSS and Jet Services Aviation Group. The aircraft including the transfer of the ‘French Patrol Air Show Team’ was displayed here as one of the biggest highlights. Modern flight pioneers such as Charles Lindbergh, Costes and Bellonte and Antoine de Saint Exupéry have all left footprints on the runway at Le Bourget airport, and guests attending the event can relive the heroes of flight. Fortunately, BELL & ROSS is honored to do its utmost to rebuild the Bell and make one of the symbols of French aviation history reborn.