Beckham As The Spokesperson For Breitling Transocean World Time Chronograph

Breitling has recently invited David Beckham, a global superstar, to speak for its new Chronomat 44 GMT, setting off a new wave of avant-garde and dynamic travel watches. . Two ‘flying’ fans who shine the world, join hands to enjoy the ‘flying’ fan journey.

   As a leading brand of precision chronograph watches and a trusted partner in the world’s aviation industry, Breitling travel watches have been praised by the world for more than a century. Especially in 2011, the Breitling self-made launched on the basis of the brand’s first homemade movement. Caliber 04 is one of the very few chronograph movements that can provide a convenient dual time zone display. In the spring of 2012, Breitling launched the new World Time Ultimate Chronograph (Chronomat 44 GMT), equipped with the extraordinary performance of Breitling’s homemade 04 movement, 44 mm diameter is more suitable for Asians, creating a masterpiece of travel watches. Thanks to its two-way rotating bezel, this world time chronograph watch can accurately control the time of the world’s three places at any time, and it also has a super convenient crown adjustment system.
   In order to demonstrate the courage of the world time ultimate chronograph watch to conquer the moment of the world, Breitling joins hands with global power superstar David Beckham, an experienced global traveler, a professional who pursues excellence and precision, and a world-leading fashion icon. ‘Fly’ Van Traveler. Together with his wrist, the Breitling World Time Ultimate Chronograph, appeared in the new Breitling commercial. Behind David Beckham is a luxurious and distinguished private jet, which is very visually striking. This moment was shot by famous American photographer Anthony Mandler on the runway of Mojave Air & Space Port in California. A world-class chronograph watch designed for world-class travelers. Breitling produced.