Because Of Love, Stay In Eternity Glashütte Original 2014 Valentine’s Day Romantic Recommendation

Love is the persistence of loyalty and the warmth of happiness. In Traveling Around the Flying House, Carl used colorful balloons to take the old house to Paradise Falls. It was an agreement of some kind, but he set sail in love in his twilight years. When love flies in the clear sky, time will stop here, and the moment will be framed into an eternal beauty in an ancient and rustic way. Another year of love for lovers, Glashütte original selection and recommendation of the Seventies Panorama Date watch and the ‘Spirit’ series Pavonina watch, with the bright and gorgeous golden hands flowing out of the eternal witness between the square inches, showing the most authentic The retro charm of the perfect interpretation of the romantic feelings of capturing the heart of love-life and death are broad, talk with the child, hold the hand, and grow old with the child.

 The Seventies Panorama Date men’s watch celebrates German design and the tradition of Glashütte watchmaking. It inherits the traditional German design and essence. The streamlined stainless steel case design fully reflects the charming vintage era and perfectly displays the uniqueness of urban elites. Personality charm. Another proud feature of this series is the inlaid three-dimensional hour markers and rose gold hands, and the arc-shaped sapphire crystal case back provides excellent abrasion resistance and comfort. The steel case reveals the original appearance and charm of the original era, witnessing the purest elegant time. This watch is equipped with a Cal. 39-47 self-winding movement. This high-quality movement can be seen at a glance through the curved sapphire crystal case back, showing all the original classic elements of Glashütte, confirming the superb manufacturing Watch craftsmanship continues to develop in Glashütte Original.

 Pavonina, from the Latin ‘pavoninus’ representing the peacock, is reminiscent of brilliant colors and gorgeously shining beauty. And the original ‘Spirit’ series Pavonina watch from German top watchmaking brand Glashütte also bears its fascinating light, which shows the infinite charm of modern urban women. The striking case design of the ‘Spirit’ series Pavonina has a long history, and the unique ‘pillow’ design extracts the essence from retro, making it show the modern feeling beyond retro. Glashütte’s original designers added innovative designs to this classic style, and carefully selected various possible combinations to make them more consistent with contemporary women’s aesthetic standards. This elegant timepiece uses a two-tone combination of stainless steel and red gold, which is simple and stylish. The dial is full of fascinating details, the exquisite guilloche pattern at the center of the dial, the date window at 6 o’clock, and the fine hands with red gold materials perfectly interpret the ever-changing modern women.