Athens Watch Ulysse Nardin The First Personalized Service Freakit To Create Its Own Unique Watch

ULYSSE NARDIN Athens Watch presents the new FreakIT APP application, bringing the uniqueness and self-expression of Whimsical Watch to a whole new level. Different from other watch brand customization services, ULYSSE NARDIN provides more abundant customization options-not only the case, strap, movement bridge, bezel, lock, side tag, movement parts, etc. A total of 22 watch parts and movement parts can be customized as required.

The strap material can be selected from crocodile leather or canvas. Part of the strap color can be selected from the full spectrum of colors. The strap stitching and oversized safety stitching can be selected from light gun gray or laser white.

According to Patrick Pruniaux, chief executive of Athens Watch: In the watch industry, this is unprecedented. At present, in the aspect of customized services, the watch industry lags far behind the automotive industry. Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, and Bentley all provide customers with a full range of customized services. Now, the customers of Athens Watch only need to swipe and click in the store to create their own unique and unique Whimsical Watches. The unique personality is fully exerted here.

Case lock and side number plate for laser engraving: it can be your name, signature, code, or love of your life

Custom service is one of the elements defining high-end luxury goods. Rich and savvy buyers, especially collectors of high-end watches and millennials, really value emotion and personal expression, and FreakIT meets this demand. . Utilizing FreakIT, ULYSSE NARDIN Athens takes customization to a new level.

2505-250 Custom Model Reference

Platinum material / UN-250 self-winding movement / hour and minute display / sapphire crystal mirror / water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 45mm / reference price: 690,800 RMB, custom order requires an additional 10,000 Swiss francs —- ** *