Antiquorum Achieves Outstanding Achievements At New York’s Unique Watch Auction In June

Watch enthusiasts gathered at the important summer auction of modern and classic watches in Antiquorum on June 8th. The total amount of this auction reached a staggering USD 4,500,075. The auction was held throughout the day in the auction room of Antiquorum’s New York headquarters. It provided 351 extraordinary clocks for auction with a turnover rate of 118%. Auction bidders came from Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Russian Federation, Belgium and Indonesia, and the United States.
The two highlights of the auction are undoubtedly a unique Vacheron & Constantin Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeater and Audemars Piguet’s unique Grand Complication watch specially created for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Vacheron & Constantin sparked fierce competition between two Asian bidders, which eventually sold for $ 374,500. The Audemars Piguet Grand Complication watch is also exciting, sparking fierce competition between American buyers and European buyers, and ultimately surpassing its highest estimate, it was also sold for $ 374,500.
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