Amateur Superstar Is Not Easy: Talent Is Everything

As a rising star in the domestic Chinese music scene, Mao has a lot of labels on his body, such as ‘Young Li Zongsheng’, ‘Chinese version of BobDylan’, ‘music talent’, ‘amateur superstar’ … just like his former mentor Xue Zhiqian Having said that, Mao couldn’t easily prove a sentence, talent is everything.

  Since his debut, Mao has not been able to create a distinctive trend in the music industry with his original songs. His songs are mournful and positive. Although contradictory but not conflicting, as he said, ‘Sings better than me. Normal, but you are not necessarily more distinctive than me. ‘

  Mao didn’t make his debut for a short time. In 2017, he participated in the draft show ‘Son of Tomorrow’ successfully became the champion and the strongest label, and quickly became the new favorite of the music industry. He matched the theme song for the incense drama of the fire of last year and was called ‘The Real Devil’, has composed songs for the movie ‘No Question about the West East’ and sang the Chinese theme song ‘Remember me’ for ‘Looking for a Dream’.

  In the seventh issue of ‘Son of Tomorrow’, Mao Buyi’s ‘Sorrow’ was nicknamed ‘a god of love’ by fans. ‘A glass of respect for the hometown / a glass of respect for the distance / guarding my kindness / urging me to grow …’, such a song sang the audience tears. The lyrics of ‘Sorrow’ are both mournful and heart-wrenching, which is how to realize such a life. Coupled with Mao’s unique and unique voice, this song sings sentient beings. Every ordinary person has a soul that is not willing to be ordinary.

  Mao Yiyi sang sentient beings in ‘Sorrow’, ‘borrow’ sang the world, ‘People like me’ let us hear ourselves, he has his own pattern in the creation of lyrics, he is an ordinary person , Wrote the resonance of people in modern society.

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  It’s actually hard to see the shadow of idols on Mao. It’s hard to see the idols. There are no exquisite facial features of the stars, like humpbacks, shyness on the show, singing on the stage, much like the singing style of old-fashioned singers. There are rare truths and hearts.

  Before his debut, Mao was a male nurse. He experienced countless lives and deaths, but the first one to leave in front of him was his mother. In his song, ‘Yi Yi Yi Su’, Mao couldn’t easily integrate the lullaby of his hometown into the song, ‘Yue Erming / Feng Er Qing / But you’re knocking on my window box / Don’t worry when you hear it / In fact I’ve been Okay … ‘

  It was not easy to lose his mother’s hair at the age of 17, and he integrated his love for his mother into his own songs. This experience filled his song with more and more bloody reality and powerlessness. In another program, Mao couldn’t easily visit the nursing home, and once again witnessed the life that was about to die. After singing a song for the old man, he said, thank you for listening, then turned to secretly tear. He is not like a serious idol. He is a multitude of beings. He reminds us with songs, respects life, and remembers to look back at his parents.

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  Mao’s difficult songs can sing real, can sing the expectations of ordinary life, can also sing the teasing of himself, in fact, Mao is not a very typical post-90s, looks very mournful and ‘dumb’, but has been Actively struggling in life.