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    Introduction Of The New 7803 Watch Of Bao Bao 2011 Only Watch

    Bregeut’s special watch for 2011 Only Watch is unique. This unique watch is based on the R & Eacute; VEIL MUSICAL (7800) from the Classique Complication collection. A completely original hand-painted Newseau-patterned dial depicts a child’s hand, and by rotating the dial to rotate, touch the adult’s hand depicted on the flange. This vividly symbolizes the unity between generations and the support for the research of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

     The watch uses Roman numerals and hundreds of hollowed-out moon-pointed blue-steel hands, and is printed with an independent number and a Breguet signature. The case is made of 18K white gold with a diameter of 48mm. The lugs are rounded and the lugs are screwed. The case bottom cover is personalized according to the theme of the 2011 Only Watch Charity Auction, and is engraved with ‘limited edition of 1’. The watch is water resistant to 30m.

     In addition, the watch also has a patented music box mechanism, which makes this unique platinum R & eacute; veil Musical watch can play the ‘Sky City’ melody at a preset time. The circular window between 9 and 10 o’clock on the dial can show the on / off status of the secondary alarm function, and the power reserve indicator of the alarm is located on the dial at 3 o’clock.

     The watch is equipped with a Cal.0900 self-winding movement, with an independent number and Breguet signature, and has 59 gemstone bearings. It can achieve a power reserve of 55 hours at a frequency of 28,800 vph. The movement is equipped with a silicon escape wheel and fork, Breguet hairspring, and a Breguet balance wheel with adjustment screws.
    About the 2011 Only Watch Charity Auction
     The Fourth Only Watch Charity Auction will be held on September 22nd during the Monaco Yacht Show. This auction is hosted by the famous watch auctioneer Antiquorum. Forty watch manufacturers made 40 unique pieces for this event. Timepieces are available for public auction in the auction; before the auction, all timepieces participating in this auction will be on tour in eight cities in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Milan and Geneva. Collectors and watch fans are a sneak peek. Proceeds from the auction will be used to raise funds for the research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy in order to benefit more patients and children.

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    Inscribed Tanabata Star Couple Interpretation Of Romantic Pair Watch

    Time is the best witness of love, recording the sweet time of couples together. Many couples choose a pair of watches on Valentine’s Day to inscribe steadfast love. Star couples are also keen on this. From the watches they endorsed together, to the watches they chose for each other, all are witnesses of love. VOGUE fashion network counted the moment when star couples such as Ren Dahua and Dong Jie interpreted the watch. Qixi Festival is approaching. I hope that these sweet moments can evoke our initial fantasy of love. [Lu Yi Bao Lei couple] interpretation of Omega Constellation series couple pair watch, male model: 210700 RMB, female model: 10600 RMB [Ren Dahua Qiqi couple] interpretation of Omega Constellation series couple watch, male model: 59000 RMB, female model: 36800 RMB Jiang Wen and Zhou Yun couples] interpretation of Raymond Weil pair watch, male: 24800 RMB, female: 26800 RMB [Pan Yueming Dong Jie couple] interpretation of the famous Humberton couple watch, male: 38700 RMB, female: 19400 RMB [ Chen Hao Chen Yin 媺] Interpretation of Plum Blossom Master Series watches, men: 18800 RMB, women: 18800 RMB

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    Five Swiss Mido Watches Perfectly Interpret The Olympic Spirit

    ‘If you want to be smart, run! If you want to be strong, run! If you want to be healthy, run!’ The ancient Greek shouted from the mountains and rivers, on the rocks on the banks of the Alfis River in Olympia Deeply imprinted, let the spirit of the Olympic Games pass through the millennium, and still produce exciting power today. Since ancient times, people have tried to record the extremes reached by human beings with time. World records have been born, and the timer has accurately recorded each memorable moment. In 1918, Mido Watch ‘ticked and ticked’ in Zurich, Switzerland, began to remember the beat of the minutes, watched the changes of the world, and explored the multiple sides of life, confirming every exciting moment of movement. Mido Perfection 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch
    The Perfect Series is inspired by the ancient Roman arena. In this ancient building that has experienced 2,000 years of vicissitudes, it has witnessed too many legends and exciting commemorative moments. This limited edition model is uniquely engraved with the embossed pattern of the Colosseum at the back. The diameter of the case of this watch is 42 mm. The shape of the case is reminiscent of the extraordinary ideas of the architects of the arena. The edge of the bezel is narrowed to maximize the use of visible space and make readings very convenient. The anthracite gray dial is decorated with satin-finished sunlight rays; the undulating and grandstand and box design on the dial mimics the internal structure of the Roman Arena. Roman numerals and hands are decorated with the attractive beauty of orange and Super LumiNova®, the hands move clearly in front of your eyes, day or night. One second, one minute, human power Through this steady and unmistakable step, passed from the wrist to the soul, witnessing every commemorative moment.
    Mido Commander Series
    The round case and steel materials of the Mido Commander series are as smooth as the curve from the spire to the base of the tower; the fine design between the dials is also inspired by the appearance of the Eiffel Tower, which is full of vitality, which makes the Commander series Watches become a symbol of positiveness and confidence. The production process of this series of watches follows the assembly and assembly of the Eiffel Tower with one nail and one riveting. All of them reflect meticulous care. Every detail is trying to present a new watch experience, which is also in line with life. Rich and varied. The Commander series watches are equipped with ETA advanced automatic mechanical movement to ensure accurate travel time, so that watch wearers will never miss every wonderful time. The case diameter is 40 mm, the recessed handlebar is 50 meters water-resistant, and the double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror makes the watch as a whole. Delicate and meticulous thinking under the style. The Super-LumiNova® luminous hands of the Commander series watches make night readings more clear and convenient. No matter how dark the night is, they can make people aware of the current situation, lead the trend, and become a milestone of the times.
    Amity Belem Sairee Observatory Women’s Watch
    Amami believes that creativity is always expressed through simple and strong contrasts. The Belem Celli III series of observatory women’s watches show the infinite symmetrical arc design lines of the Milan Emmanuel II arcade between the wrists, and the simple moments are perfectly arranged on the solid arc-shaped dial with a unique gum pattern in the center With a retro and timeless atmosphere, the concept of wireless extended symmetry is re-interpreted, and it complements the Roman numeral scale, showing a sense of tranquility and solitude. The hour, minute and second hands are cut with beveled diamonds to capture the flowing light and shadow of time while walking quietly. The double-sided sapphire mirror with anti-glare coating makes time easier to read, and the transparent back shows a meticulously crafted automatic movement, allowing people to observe the perfect movement of the movement. The 50-meter water resistance gives this series of women’s watches greater practicality and functionality.
    In addition, this series of women’s watches boldly use the Swiss Observatory-certified mechanical movement, pursue the accuracy of time expression, while giving female consumers an elegant appearance, while offering the authentic authentic Swiss mechanical quality. The Swiss Observatory certification has strict requirements on the chamfering of the edges of the parts, the material of the balance spring and balance wheel, and the daily error, which has finally achieved the demanding standards that the Swiss watchmaking industry is proud of. Only a small number of movements of some brands can pass this certification every year, making watches with astronomical certified movements expensive, and this technology has rarely been used in women’s watches before. Mido hopes to pay tribute to women through the launch of Belem Sairee III series observatory women’s watches, and use accurate time to record women’s moments on the field and in life.
    Mido Berencelli III Series 18K Rose Gold Commemorative Gold Watch
    美 In the late 1970s, Swiss Mido created the Belem Celli watch with an independent and timeless design concept. The Belem Celli III 18K rose gold commemorative gold watch inherits this retro classic character, especially the case is made of 18K rose gold. The pursuit of the best quality and craftsmanship in design and all details highlights the noble temperament. Curved from the arc design curve of the glass dome of the arcade of the Emmanuel II of Milan, the gingival pattern that interprets the concept of infinitely extended symmetry and precise timing echoes the infinite possibilities. The diamond-cut pointer is simple and powerful The fine light flashing at the tip of the needle seemed to see through the secrets of time. The semi-spherical sapphire crystal mirror design allows the reading to accompany the classic elegance, and the restrained crown design makes the appearance of the entire watch more elegant and well-proportioned. In addition, the COSC-certified astronomical movement makes this watch not only has an eye-catching design, but also excels in the accuracy of its travel time. Turning over the watch, the transparent bottom case allows the finely-crafted automatic movement to run quietly in front of the eyes. Time passes quietly, Meidu accurately records every moment in life, with joy and regret, passion and loss-this It is the unique charm of competitive sports and the unforgettable memories brought by the Olympic Games every four years.
    Mido Perfection Automatic Helium Diver Watch
    The design of the perfect series automatic helium dive watch is derived from the consistent atmospheric design concept of the perfect series. While subtly blending high technology and rough appearance, it also gives the watch a more sporty and stylish element, ensuring that you can enjoy endlessly. Sport fun. The large dial protected by scratch-resistant sapphire glass provides you with the timing you need without any errors. Super-LumiNova® luminous scale marks and prominent Arabic numerals at 6, 9, and 12 are clear at a glance, ensuring the best readings even in low-light conditions. The date and day window are at 3 o’clock. The luminous palm leaf hands can also read the time easily at night. Through the transparent bottom cover, you can clearly observe the mechanical operation and the beautifully decorated oscillating weight movement. This watch has a unique automatic helium exhaust valve treatment. In deep water environments, the built-in valve automatically releases helium that penetrates into the watch. In this way, the watch mirror is protected from returning to the water surface and will not pop out due to a sharp water pressure difference. The anti-corrosion rubber strap is equipped with a folding buckle and a diving safety buckle to ensure that the watch will not fall off accidentally, better adapt to extreme environments, and achieve the miracle moment of endurance underwater. Mido has been on the difficult struggle, witnessing a miracle.

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    Tissot Launches T-touch World’s First Solar Touch-sensitive Female Watch

    In 2013, Tissot launched the world’s first solar-powered touchscreen watch for the first time, unveiling the veil of the high-tech watch industry in the future. This watch is specially designed for fashion-conscious ladies who pursue ecological and environmental protection. The touch-sensitive, exquisite and compact watch perfectly combines a variety of sophisticated trend elements with the most cutting-edge watchmaking technology. The diamond and mother-of-pearl inlaid on the body of the watch are more like a watch model to the watch family, adding an elegant atmosphere, including high-tech, is a model of fashion.

       The Tissot T-Touch Lady Solar watch is equipped with a frosted and polished 38 mm diameter case with diamond hour markers, while the hands resemble delicate petals, making it a veritable neon jewelry. The large solar panel is completely hidden behind the dial and replaced with a clear digital display. The watch is equipped with a series of practical functions: altimeter, weather, compass, chronograph, countdown, dual alarm, dual time zone display, perpetual calendar and backlit display. This timepiece follows a comprehensive environmental concept, with the finest details and the perfect aesthetic design.

     As long as you touch the screen with your fingertips, you can instantly display different functions, and at the same time, it is highly environmentally friendly. You can absorb the required energy reserve in the sun only 15 minutes. The watch has a full range of practical functions such as altimeters, compasses, and weather forecasts.

    T-Touch Lady Solar technical parameters:
    Movement: Swiss-made quartz movement (digital / pointer-touch-sensitive activation)
    Case: 316L stainless steel case Button set with convex round sapphire decorated with the letter ‘T’
    Dial: natural mother-of-pearl dial, LCD backlit display, fluorescent hands and 12 diamond hour markers
    Mirror: wear-resistant sapphire crystal and anti-reflective coating
    Strap: stainless steel bracelet with butterfly clasp and buttons
    Functions: hours, minutes, altimeter, weather, compass, chronograph, countdown, dual alarm, dual time zone display, perpetual calendar and backlit display
    Waterproof: Water-resistant to 100 meters (10bar / 330 feet)
    Price: RMB5,500-RMB 8,300.