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    Wristwatch New Endorser Who Is Holding Who?

    Compared with other industries, the choice of spokespersons of watch brands always considers long time, long cooperation time, and even some cooperation let us see the everlasting shadow. In the past two years, many brands and spokesperson groups in the wait-and-see period seem to have taken the step ‘bravely’, and one side promised ‘I do’.

     Top actresses and athletic men have become the one-sided trend when choosing brands, adding new options to the calm and regular spokesperson market.

    A new endorsement

     Whenever we walk in a shopping mall and see huge star advertisements and endorsement products, when we don’t know much about the product, we will always be affected by the temperament of the star, thus reflecting the brand’s temperament and DNA. Because the brand has this recognition, it is always very careful in the choice of spokespersons. No matter what brand and type of watch, tradition and heritage are the soul, which is why these new spokespersons come from.

    The first requirement for a female spokesperson today is to be overwhelmed.

     Gong Li for Earl

     Gong Li is the freshest spokesperson candidate. At the launch of the Piaget High Jewellery Collection in June this year, the brand unveiled the mystery of this new global spokesperson. Before that, Gong Li had attended the event many times as a brand friend. Gong Li was praised by the Earl brand, saying that she ‘like the Earl’s brand motto ‘Always better than required’.’ Since its establishment in 1874, Piaget brand has captured the hearts of Chinese consumers with original jewelry watches. How can this cooperation with top international movie stars be described as ‘combined with each other’?

     Zhao Wei for Jaeger-LeCoultre

     The Jaeger-LeCoultre brand, which has always adhered to a low profile. After working with Zhao Wei as a close friend of the brand for a year, it was finally announced at this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival that Zhao Wei became the brand ambassador. This is a typical example of slowly talking about true feelings. !! And Zhao Wei wears this date series day and night display women’s watch, which can be said to be the perfect reflection of the beauty and essence of Jaeger-LeCoultre women’s timepieces. It allows simplicity and elegance to coexist, and femininity and craftsmanship perfectly match, which is the date of women and time.

     Lily Collins for Movado

     Movado’s long-established brand concept will definitely not lack the two keywords of ‘art’ and ‘innovation’. Perhaps this is why Lily Collins can join the Movado family. She is fresh and confident, and passionate about journalism before she became famous. She is definitely a talented actor. The serene artistic breath emanating from the Movado Women’s Watches series is the best interpretation of her personality.

     Cameron Diaz for TAG Heuer

     In addition to accurate timekeeping, another tag of TAG Heuer is ‘creative with personality’, which is no wonder that Cameron Diaz was selected as the brand’s spokesperson by the brand. Her authenticity, beauty, and pursuit of her own personality are the embodiment of the TAG Heuer spirit. For the Valentine’s Day this year, TAG Heuer specially released the rings and bracelets designed and designed by Diaz and the Link series fully automatic watches, which are feminine and feminine, without losing women’s longing for independent spirit.

    Friends of the brand

     There are many watch brands that are big enough and have a long history, but they have been slow to see spokespersons—especially the emergence of Chinese spokespersons, insisting on impressing the audience with the tradition of handicraft and technological innovation. At special events, the brand will continue to invite some stars who are very similar to the brand’s style and temperament to attend the celebration. Although they are not the spokespersons of the brand, they are also known as “star celebrities” as the brand events appear very frequently. . The brand’s choice of star celebrity friends is by no means casual, it must be ‘door to door’!

    Liang Chaowei × Cartier

     Liang Zhaowei’s acting career for many years is exactly why Cartier insists on this brand’s best friend-brave to break through. He was never satisfied with his achievements, and sought a higher self-breakthrough with a humble attitude. For a mature fine watch brand, this is Cartier’s own portrayal. The Caribo series for men is a portrayal of Cartier’s breakthrough.

    Diana Luna × Richard Mille

     This year Richard Mille set his sights on women’s golf, with Italian champion Diana Luna becoming the brand’s newest partner. In her very young career, Diana won several European and Italian championships, and Mr. Richard Mille was attracted by her personal charm. Golf requires the same precision, skill and concentration as watchmaking. Richard Mille will work with Diana to develop a new watch that is more suitable for this sport.

    Male spokespersons pay attention to positive energy both mentally and physically

    Beckham for Breitling

     I do n’t know if Breitling with flying DNA requires a spokesperson to own a private jet. At the Xiamen Air Show last year, the new spokesman Beckham wore Breitling’s World Time Ultimate Chronograph. Beckham is a very handsome handsome, his appearance makes us can’t help but be sighed. How long haven’t I seen this mainstream handsome? The watch he wears is equipped with Breitling’s homemade 04 movement. The 44mm large dial is set off by the beauty of the male wrist. By rotating the bezel in both directions, the time in the three places can be grasped. Single product.

    Felix for Zenith

     In October last year, with the attention of the world, Felix completed the wildest feat in the 21st century-jumping from the space stratosphere at an altitude of 38969.4 meters to the earth, setting three world records. Before that, because few people believed he could really do it and sponsored it, Zenith obviously believed him. After a lapse of half a year, the cooperation between the two took a step further-Felix became Zenith’s image ambassador. The Zenith El Primero Stratum Flyback One Tenth Second watch that he wore while skydiving is one of the most accurate chronographs of the moment, and it is obvious that it can still complete tasks in extreme cases. .

    Kobe Bryant for Hublot

     Even if Kobe did not lead the Lakers to the NBA Finals, Kobe on the NBA this year is still a leader. He not only showed people precision and excellence, but also taught people what a career is. Presumably this is the point that Hublot appreciates Kobe most. This ‘King of the Supreme Black Mamba’ limited watch is just a welcome to Kobe, it inherits all the details of the Hublot star series, expresses the ‘Fusion’ watchmaking concept to the extreme, and the back of the watch is even more Signed by Kobe.

    Lewis Hamilton & Nico Rosberg for IWC

     IWC officially signed two drivers as the brand’s new ambassadors-drivers Hamilton and Rosberg under Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team, which is also the official launch of IWC’s Mercedes-AMG Petronas team earlier this year Another big move after the official engineering partner. IWC products not only have complex functions, but also have very high technical requirements. At the same time, they also incorporate passion and stories. These aspects are the factors that make an excellent racing driver. The cooperation between the two parties can be described as ‘the door to the door’

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    Cartier Watch Workshop Breeds Watchmaking Legends With Professional Skills

    Cartier Watch Workshop is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the core area of ​​glorious watchmaking history. It is one of the largest fully integrated watch workshops in Switzerland. Surrounded by the mountains of the Jurassic Valley, this outstanding transparent glass building is integrated with the surrounding pasture trees, covering an area of ​​over 30,000 square meters.

     The workshop brings together more than 170 watchmaking techniques, whose diversity continues to nourish Cartier’s extraordinary creativity. The artisans, men and women, share the same passion and goals, and master a variety of superb professional watchmaking techniques, including watchmaking, simple or complex movement development, and the skill of integrating jewelry into square dials.

     By bringing together all watchmaking techniques in one place, Cartier has been able to strictly monitor all aspects of the production process, combining top technology and watchmaking traditions to ensure the continuous development of its watchmaking business. With its creativity, precision and innovation, Cartier Watch Workshop opens up a new territory and challenges excellence.

     The Cartier Watch Workshop embodies the brand’s determination in watchmaking, and heritage and learning are the primary tasks for maintaining watchmaking. Therefore, Cartier founded the Institut Horlogerie Cartier to provide new skills training to ensure that Swiss watchmaking technology can be promoted in the future.

     With a mission and commitment to protect watchmaking, Cartier has introduced many rare craftsmanships such as enamel painting, metal beads and fine inlays into Cartier Watch Workshop. The Cartier Master Craftsmanship series has shown a rich historical heritage. Through the unique original watch masterpieces, the nearly lost noble craftsmanship is restored and reshaped.

     It’s a watch, it’s a heritage. Any _ Cartier watch, no matter how old, the Cartier Watch Repair Center can provide maintenance and make it lasting.

     Facing the challenges of tomorrow, creating timeless masterpieces and inheriting superb skills, this is the bounden duty of Cartier Watch Workshop.