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    Classic Never Stops Looking Back At The History Of Radar Ceramic Watches

    The Radar brand was born in 1917. In the development of the past century, it has become an iconic symbol of material innovation. Looking back at the history of radar, the innovations and breakthroughs in high-tech materials are vivid. Since its establishment, Radar has been adhering to the innovative spirit of ‘if you can imagine, you can create, if you can create, you can achieve’, and make persistent breakthrough attempts in the field of high-tech materials to create the world’s most difficult Worn watch.
       Since the first wristwatch made of tungsten-titanium alloy in 1962, radar has opened its own path of innovation. In the years of development, it has continuously broken the boundaries of the watchmaking industry and is committed to the exploration and application of high-tech materials. .

    The first wristwatch made of tungsten-titanium in 1962

       Radar first introduced high-tech ceramic materials to the watchmaking industry in the 1980s. Since then, it has forged an inextricable bond with this material. High-tech ceramics have advantages that other materials cannot match, such as hypoallergenic, light and comfortable, comfortable wearing experience, etc., and the most important thing is that it is not easy to wear, but any watch made of high-tech ceramics can Fearless of the challenges of years, it still looks as new as many years later. Because of this, ‘not easy to wear’ has become the radar brand logo.
    1976: the first metal-coated sapphire watch

    Radar Dia67

       In 1976, the first Dia67 watch with a metal-coated sapphire watch was introduced by Radar, which gave the watch a timeless and perfect pure surface.
    1986: the first high-tech ceramic watch

    Radar’s First High-Tech Ceramic Watch-Integral Precision Ceramics

      Rada launched an Integral precision ceramic watch in 1986. It became the first watch series in the world to use high-tech ceramics. Its bracelet is made of high-tech ceramics, giving it a warm and jade touch. The discerning and exquisite experience perfectly interprets the radar’s excellent technology in the field of high-tech ceramics.
    1990: the first all-tech ceramic watch

    Radar’s First All-Ceramic Watch-Ceramica

       Four years later, Ceramica, a high-tech ceramic watch, was born, and once again brought Radar’s high-tech ceramic manufacturing technology to the fullest. The case and bracelet were integrated into one, which became another brand new for the Radar brand. Masterpiece.
    1991: the first white high-tech ceramic watch

    Radar’s first white high-tech ceramic watch-Coupole

       After a year, Radar’s breakthrough in the field of high-tech ceramics has not only been limited to shape, but more challenging to colorful colors. White high-tech ceramics emerged at the historic moment, and were first applied to the Coupole series Since then, the history of only black high-tech ceramics has ended, giving the watch a sense of agility and simplicity.
    1993: The first platinum-gold high-tech ceramic watch

    The first platinum high-tech ceramic watch

       The research and development of color has never stopped. Radar hopes that the metal luster can also be represented by high-tech ceramic materials. Exploring high-tech ceramic composite materials has become another historical task of radar. Platinum gold high-tech ceramics came into being two years later. Since then, rose gold and golden high-tech ceramics have also come out. Persevering in exploration and innovation, radar allows all ‘precious metals’ to have the ‘not easy to wear’ of high-tech ceramics.
    1998: the first plasma high-tech ceramic watch

    The first plasma high-tech ceramic watch

       Following the continuous breakthrough in high-tech ceramic colors, in 1998, Radar opened a new chapter in the field of high-tech ceramics. Plasma high-tech ceramics came out stunningly. The warm gray luster gave high-tech ceramics a metallic texture. The ceramic series became the first watch series to use plasma high-tech ceramic materials. Unlike all previous ‘precious metal’ high-tech ceramics: Plasma high-tech ceramics do not contain any metal elements. This technology has been patented and is proprietary to radar.
    2002: The first hardest watch V10K

    Radar V10K series

       In 2002, Radar created the world’s hardest watch, the V10K series, with a hardness of 10,000 Vickers comparable to natural diamonds, a major leap in the field of materials.
    2009: Radar injection molding R5.5 series watch

    Radar R5.5 series

       In 2009, Radar collaborated with world-renowned industrial designer Jasper Morrison to work together to create the R5.5 series watch. This watch is made of high-tech ceramics using injection molding technology. Naturally.
    2011: First introduction of a one-piece high-tech ceramic case

    High-tech ceramic integrated case-Emperor Star Series

       In 2011, Radar’s breakthrough in the field of high-tech ceramics once again returned to shape, creating a high-tech ceramic monolithic case, which was first applied in the Emperor Star series, and once again set a new benchmark for the high-tech ceramics field. The appearance of this watch completely overturns the previous high-tech ceramic case that always contains a steel ‘base’ structure. The high-tech ceramic monolithic case precisely meets the design, perfectly reaching the thinness of the exterior design, but Can support the load, once again interpret the radar’s unremitting and innovative brand concept.
    2012: Haoxing Series and True Thin Series come out

    Rado Star Series

    Radar really thin series

      In 2012, Radar relied on the innovation of high-tech materials and breakthroughs in watch design to launch a new Haoxing series watch, combining high-tech ceramics or platinum, gold or rose gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide ceramics with stainless steel for a new look The iconic design once again demonstrates Radar’s unique design style and incisive technical level.
    2013: the first ultralight ceramic watch

    Radar DiaMaster RHW1 watch

      If it is said that the one-piece case is thin and light in shape, then the titanium nitride and tri-silicon high-tech ceramics brought by Radar two years later have achieved extreme lightness in essence. Its quality is half that of ordinary high-tech ceramics, and it has irrefutablely become ultra-light high-tech ceramics.
    2013: Isa series ladies watches come out

    Radar Isa Women’s Watch

       In 2013, Radar turned dreams into reality again, creating the first women’s wristwatch Isa series of high-tech ceramic touch watches, without crown design, adjustment time just touch the dial, the case is a smooth arc Shaped, warm to the touch, in one go.
    2014: The first cool grey high-tech ceramic watch

    Radar’s first cool grey high-tech ceramic watch-HyperChrome

      When everyone was looking forward to the radar’s new breakthrough in the field of high-tech ceramics in 2014, cool gray high-tech ceramics came into view. Cool gray high-tech ceramics broke the limitation of the non-energy production of colored ceramics. In other words, radar has once again brought more perfect technology to the high-tech ceramics field, so that colored high-tech ceramics no longer become the limited style of the brand, and completely turn dreams into reality.
    2015: The first chocolate brown high-tech ceramic watch

      In 2015, Radar’s color innovation went one step further, and a new chocolate brown watch was added to create the ultimate artistic effect again. The high-tech ceramics used in the watch, although not containing any metal components, shine with metallic luster, which is another new masterpiece of radar on the road of many years of watchmaking.
    2016: High-tech ceramics in new shades

     After the chocolate-colored ceramic material in 2015, Radar added color to the latest watch lineup during this year’s Basel. The new dark green and navy blue watches debuted. Keeping pace with the current fashion, Radar’s colorful and bold attempts will break through innovation once again and solidify the status of material master.

    Summary: Radar has always been at the forefront of innovation in the field of high-tech ceramics with unquestionable advantages. It not only shows the extraordinary and extraordinary high-tech ceramics production technology in all aspects in terms of shape, quality, and color, but also has absolute advantages in watchmaking The industry has demonstrated its status as a master of high-tech ceramics.

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    Greg Norman And Wei Shengmei Help Omega ‘golf Day’

    On July 31st, London time, Omega, the designated timekeeper of the 2012 London Olympics, and the famous Swiss watch brand, held the ‘Golf Day’ theme event at the exclusive club in Soho, London. Omega ambassadors, golf legends Greg Norman and Michelle Wie are here. The secret garden atmosphere of Omega’s exclusive clubhouse is relaxed and comfortable, and the music is light and soft, making it a great place for guests to relax and talk.
         On the afternoon of the same day, Greg Norman shared with his guests his excitement about golf’s return to the Olympics in 2016 and the global development of golf. ‘I have never seen golf develop so well. It has truly become a global sport. Golf has finally re-entered the Olympic arena and returned to its place,’ said Greg Norman. The popularity of golf around the world is one of the reasons it was reincorporated into the Olympics, and it’s important for everyone to realize that.
    Omega celebrity ambassadors, golf players Greg Norman (right) and Wei Shengmei (left) came to the Omega London Club to help the ‘Golf Day’ event.
          In the sport of golf, Greg Norman has a talented and brilliant record. He has won in 91 professional golf events, including 20 US PGA Tour events and two British Opens. His nickname ‘Great White Shark’ is not only reminiscent of his Australian nationality, but also represents his extremely aggressive style of play. Greg Norman created a legend in golf and made an outstanding contribution to the development of golf. In addition, Greg Norman has achieved great success in the business world.
    Wei Shengmei and Omega Global President Okehua
         Omega Global President Stephen Urquhart said that, like Greg Norman, Omega is passionate about promoting the globalization of golf and pointed out that Omega has been preparing for the return of golf to the Olympics for many years. ‘For a long time, we have been working with the International Golf Federation to find new ways to improve our innovative timing technology to better present golf events to the world.’
    Omega Global Presidents Okowa and Greg Norman
         That night, the ‘Golf Day’ party was held in the secret garden of Omega’s exclusive London club. The clubhouse is full of brilliance, the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, the music is light and soft, and the exquisite modern design makes the guests immerse in and linger. Omega celebrity ambassador Wei Shengmei’s presence was even more vibrant. Wei Shengmei became famous as a young girl. She officially became a professional golfer before her 16th birthday in 2005, creating a story in golf.
    Wei Shengmei signs on the star wall of the exclusive Omega club
         Omega has been actively promoting the globalization of golf for many years and is proud to sponsor many golf tournaments and tournaments. As the designated time for the 2016 Rio Olympics, Omega is looking forward to the day when golf returns to the Olympics.
    Greg Norman signs on Omega exclusive club star wall
         In 2011, Omega and the Professional Golf Association (PGA) began to cooperate, becoming a brand in the process of supporting golf development. Omega will be the designated timekeeper responsible for timing all PGA events, including the Ryder Cup events in the United States. This cooperation marks a major breakthrough for Omega in the golf industry, while further strengthening the brand’s deep historical heritage in the field of sports timing.

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    “Swatch Pay! Very Cool • Very Payable” Landing In China

    It’s time to pay! Whether it is setting up a bank account or enjoying shopping fun, the more convenient payment method is only a stone’s throw away from you-SWATCH PAY! Using contactless payment technology, not only conquered bank debit cards, but now also supports credit cards, It saves consumers time to pay bills and avoids tedious links.

       On July 18, 2017, Swatch, a pioneer of Swiss watchmaking industry, has always been committed to innovation. At the Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai on the Bund, SWATCH PAY !, the second-generation contactless payment system, was launched. This time, Swatch once again joined hands with China UnionPay to deepen the cooperative relationship, and jointly announced the launch of SWATCH PAY! In the Chinese market, and reached cooperative support with 11 major Chinese banks. Mr. Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch Group, Mr. Chen Zhi, Vice Chairman of China UnionPay, and related leaders from several supporting banks, jointly demonstrated SWATCH PAY for the media and guests present! “Very cool, very paid” innovation Pay for fun.


       The newly upgraded SWATCH PAY! Not only fully reflects the fun, color and functionality of Swatch design, but also the four watch models perfectly combine innovation and fashion. The second generation payment watch adopts new technology and is equipped with China UnionPay Cloud Flash Payment solution, which can support UnionPay debit and credit cards. After purchasing SWATCH PAY !, consumers can instantly activate the payment function of the watch by scanning the QR code and downloading the relevant application in the store. The entire tokenization process can be realized in just a few minutes. Pay with your wrist.

       Mr. Nick Hayek, CEO of the Swatch Group, said: ‘Since the launch of Swatch Access in 1993, Swatch has been a pioneer in the field of contactless technology, and today it is only natural to enter the field of bank card innovative payment. Glad to launch SWATCH PAY! ”Starting July 27, 2017, SWATCH PAY! Will be officially launched in Swatch’s designated stores in 28 cities in China. When consumers pay for shopping, as long as they close the payment watch to a POS terminal with the China UnionPay “QuickPass” logo, they can realize a convenient and secure wristband payment. At the same time, to celebrate the upcoming official sale, users can also enjoy a series of wonderful new household benefits.

       Through this in-depth cooperation with China UnionPay, Swatch has pushed the wrist payment system to a whole new level, and the domestic banks in China that have announced support for SWATCH PAY! Bank, Hua Xia Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Merchants Bank, Industrial Bank, SPDB, Ping An Bank, and Xi’an Bank. In addition, Swatch and China UnionPay look forward to expanding cooperation in more fields in the future.

       The introduction of this innovative Swatch was inspired by the American writer Edward Bellamy, who in his 1888 novel imagined a utopian world where credit cards replaced cash. It was first introduced as a Swatch Bellamy payment system in 2015. It requires no charging and no network support. Pay with your wrist anytime, anywhere. In this race against time, SWATCH PAY! Is right there!
    #SwatchPay #

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    Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day Special

    Go to the carvings of plum blossoms, mother’s love is like crystal, pure and natural; send away the flying snow, mother’s love is like willow leaves, usher in bright spring; fade away the muddy mud, mother’s love is like fresh petals, send the fragrance of the world . The most selfless and endless love in the world is the mother’s love. The mother carefully and gently guards the growth of her children and spends her life. On the second Sunday of May in early summer, a special holiday is dedicated to her most precious mother, her mother.
    Figure 1: Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day Special
       Life is short, and the time of love and unforgettable moments is eternal. This year’s Mother’s Day, Swiss centennial watch brand Tissot solemnly presented a gift, endlessly grateful for the love between watches. The Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day special watch is inspired by the vast ocean and symbolizes the mother’s selfless and broad love. Its overall design is simple and elegant, and the details are perfectly refined. Curved smooth anti-dazzling sapphire crystal glass, with the function of magnifying the dial, so that the mother can easily read the time; with the flowing willow-shaped hollow hands, like mother and children always go together; the hands point to four crystals The embossed leaf petals are inlaid on the white mother-of-pearl dial, which complements the wave-like streamlined case, which is extremely elegant; with a delicate and soft lizard or crocodile leather strap, it enhances the comfort of the watch Extreme, while caring for the mother’s wrist, it is the most incarnation of children.
    Figure 2: Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day Special-Front View
    Affectionate Wave
       This is a special day for mothers. When carnation stretches the mother’s wrinkles, the blessing card raises the corners of her mother’s lips. Tissot’s gift this year, holding a bunch of gorgeous flowers in pure petals, presents a special series of Shanghai Wave series Mother’s Day watches. This year’s Mother’s Day special watch uses the newly launched circular wave dial as the basic series, which uses ‘waves’ to mean the mother’s selfless and broad love, like a vast ocean. The exquisite and elegant design can fully reflect your fist’s heart. In the season of thanksgiving, I only wish that we and the mother’s heart will be printed together. The main color of the special section of Mother’s Day is clear and elegant white, which also reflects the praise of Tissot designers for pure motherhood. When the silver-white ‘waves’ on the wrists shone pure and radiant, their children were full of endless gratitude to their mothers. I am thankful for my mother’s wrist, and the heart of the grass can be reported to Chunhui; I send a boat on the waves, and the mountains and rivers are grateful to motherhood. Elegant and simple, at first sight, the Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day special watch should be the most grateful mother in life.
    Carved in details
       The Tissot Mother’s Day special section not only reflects the strong gratitude to the mother in the design concept, but also takes painstaking care in the details, hoping to add color to the mother’s wrist. The dial of the watch matches the main color of white. The white mother-of-pearl dial has a unique luster under the sun. The pearl also originates from the world of water depth, which fits the design purpose of ‘Sea Wave’. The design of the pointers and scales is also thoughtful, both derived from the shape of the water-deep plants: the hollow hands are like a cluster of waterweeds, moving like a mother, and their children will always go along; 3, 6, 9 and 12 There are leaf-shaped scales, which add a sense of tranquility after three-dimensional processing. The round dial is mirror-polished, round and smooth, and comfortable to wear. The mirror case can also reflect the rays of light between the wrists, attracting everyone’s attention. The leather strap is comfortable to wear, showing the mother’s feminine elegance.
    Figure 3: Tissot Wave Series Mother’s Day Special
    Technical parameters (Special section of the Wave series):
    -Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
    -316L stainless steel case
    -Water resistant to 30 meters / 3 atmospheres
    -Leather strap with butterfly buckle
    Suggested retail price: RMB 2,300