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    Powerful Aesthetic Design Cartier Will Release New Chronograph

    In order to create a masculine high-end watch, Cartier created the first workshop-finished self-winding chronograph movement; in order to integrate this masterpiece with a bold shape and deep heritage In his own nature, Cartier adheres to the tradition while breaking the norm; after hundreds of hours of fine work, it has created a watch with charm and enthusiasm.
    Strong lines, sturdy case, the frosting and polishing process adopted by the Calibre de Cartier series of watches introduced in 2010 form a contrast and balance, making it a noble watchmaking work. In 2013, Cartier equipped it with a new workshop refined 1904-CH MC chronograph movement, and at the same time injected a strong and resolute character into this sports style watch.
    Calibre de Cartier chronograph, stainless steel
    This Calibre de Cartier chronograph is equipped with the first self-winding chronograph movement completely developed by Cartier. It is available in eight styles, from stainless steel to white gold and diamonds. It can be used with a leather strap. Or metal chain belt. The Calibre de Cartier sports watch highlights the spirit of surpassing self. This is a watch with a strong movement element: two chronograph dials are made at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, the minute scale is set on the grooved bezel, and an enlarged Roman numeral XII is located on the on. Two new chronograph buttons complement the crown, adding a lot of energy to the watch.
    Cartier 1904-CH workshop refined automatic mechanical movement
    Get back the time that passed: an accurate and smart stopwatch
    The 1904-CH MC incorporates multiple subtle timing performance guidance and coordination systems. The column wheel at the center of the movement and the three performances (start / stop / zero) of the chronograph are accurately and appropriately connected. . This device is clearly visible through the hollow upper bridge on the case back, which makes the chronograph stopwatch more unique. In addition, to ensure the accuracy of the chronograph, the 1904-CH MC movement is equipped with a vertical clutch device, which eliminates the jump of the traditional central seconds hand when it is started or stopped. This clutch device also minimizes the power consumption of the chronograph and ensures the stability of the watch. Synchronizing zeroing performance with chronograph performance is a delicate and complex process that requires perfect collaboration. Cartier equipped the 1904-CH MC movement with a linear zero hammer. With the push of a button, all hands of the chronograph stopwatch can be accurately and synchronously returned to their original positions.
    Outstanding timing system with innovative structure
    全新 This new movement is specially designed with 11 1/2 method size to ensure that the timing system can run stably regardless of the level of power reserve. In fact, the movement is equipped with a dual barrel, which allows the mainspring to run stably for a longer period of time, thereby ensuring the accuracy of timing. The 1904-CH MC movement has an accurate adjustment system, which makes the movement’s timing accuracy even higher. The adjustment was done by Cartier’s watchmakers, who carefully adjusted the ‘C’ hand.