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    Tissot Nba Image Ambassador Exclusive Limited Watch

    The 2013 NBA playoffs’ ‘hot watch’ is now eye-catching
    Tissot global spokesperson Tony Parker leads the Spurs to the Spurs’ fifth crown as the Western Conference champion

     Tissot’s global image ambassador Tony Parker belongs to the Spurs team, with amazing stability, experience and team spirit, let them stand on the stage of the finals again, return to the top of the west after six years, with almost perfect Stance into the finals. Tissot image ambassador Tony Parker, the bright performance is the best point guard in the pick-and-roll offense in the league today, and this year has led the Spurs to the West Championship with an excellent situation and unstoppable momentum. Continue to compete for the Spurs’ fifth NBA championship. In order to praise the extraordinary achievements and spirit of this basketball superstar, Tissot watches have created exclusive limited edition watches, and look forward to working together to create the brilliant results of the championship team.

     The latest image of the TISSOT PRC200 Tony Parker 2013 limited watch.

    TISSOT PRC200 Tony Parker 2013 Limited Watch

     This year Tissot launched a limited edition of 4,999 stylish sports watches for brand image ambassador Tony Parker, inspired by the classic colors of basketball, to create a new ‘TISSOT PRC200 Tony Parker 2013 Limited Watch’. Tony Parker’s lucky jersey number ‘9’ is printed on the back and autographed, giving this watch a more unique meaning. Lucky 9 is marked with a three-dimensional embossed design on its special time-marking numbers, which perfectly integrates the elements of the lucky jersey; the dial design and the timer are surrounded by the orange minute track, which highlights the watch’s unparalleled accuracy. Coupled with a black and orange contrast contrast strap full of modern fashion, people can immediately feel the tense breath on the basketball court. It also represents Tony Parker’s precision ball skills, and it also highlights the vitality and excellent precision of the Tissot brand.

     For Tony Parker, ‘Mastering every moment of the game is the element of victory in a basketball game.’ Even in the last 0.1 seconds of the game, he still held his ground and insisted on not giving up, just like the Tissot brand spirit ‘IN TOUCH WITH YOUR TIME’ I am always touched by you ‘, Tissot’s pursuit of time, professionalism, grasp every minute and every second, pay attention to all emotions and energy, always moving. Regardless of whether they win or lose in the end, the players are on the court to attack and defend, and the fans are the final winners.

     TISSOT PRC200 Tony Parker 2013 Limited Watch, priced at NT $ 17,600.

    Tony Parker Gentleman
    Taking off the jersey, Tony Parker changed the gentleman look for TISSOT and interpreted the new TISSOT Swiss Official Observatory Certified Collection 80 Men’s Watch. In a different style of the previous metrosexual man, handsomely presents the elegant and fashionable sense of Tissot watch classics, which fully demonstrates the power and beauty of this watch. The charm and excitement are not lost on the court!

    TISSOT’s image ambassador Tony Parker wore a TISSOT Swiss official observatory certified collection of 80 men’s watches, performing a gentlemanly look.

     TISSOT Official Swiss Observatory Certified Collection 80 Men’s Watches, priced at NT $ 33,400.