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    A Different Kind Of Christmas, Romantic Grassland — Qiaofufang Grassland, You And My Winter Day Garden

    Beautiful Christmas is always fascinating. Gorgeous Christmas tree, kind Santa Claus, white snow and melodious choir singing … This Christmas, come to Qiaofufang grassland to satisfy all your imagination of Christmas!

    Qiao Fufang Grassland-Christmas Choir
     Forget the bitter cold of winter, enjoy the happy hour of reunion with family and friends, walk into the Qiaofufang grassland, and feel a different kind of Christmas! The wide field of vision and the artistic space with a sense of design give Christmas Day a richer content. In the middle of the atrium square, next to the huge and shiny large Christmas tree, surrounded by a magnified version of snowballs, rocking horses, candy, and Christmas gifts … It is like walking into the fairy tale world in memory. Fantasy can walk into the crystal clear snowball and leave a beautiful moment? Or look forward to a romantic white Christmas accompanied by snowflakes? No matter what kind of surprises and expectations, your wish may one day come true in Qiaofufang Grassland. From December 14-15, 21-22, and 24-25, every day 12: 30-14: 30 and 17: 00-19: 00, you can walk into the beautiful Christmas snowball and experience white Christmas; meanwhile, During Christmas, you can feel the most orthodox Christmas atmosphere at Qiaofufang Grassland! At 13:00 on December 13, the Christmas Choir will perform beautiful Christmas songs in the LG2 Atrium, bringing you the authentic Christmas atmosphere. Santa Claus and Gingerbread Man will also show up in surprise on December 14-15 and 21-22, and spend a different Christmas with you in Qiaofufang Grassland.

    Qiao Fufang Grassland-Christmas Gingerbread Man

     At the same time, from now until January 5, 2014, Laiqiao Fufang Grassland can enjoy shopping surprises together. Every day when the total consumption of 888 yuan is accumulative, you can participate in the raffle.

    Qiao Fufang Grassland Christmas-Day Scene Picture
     Gift boxes and other multiple gifts. From December 23rd to December 29th, and from December 30th to January 5th, 2014, Qiaofufang Grassland also specially launched a double-section plus gift, with an additional iPad mini every week, and members can get double prize coupons. Good luck doubles!

    Come to Qiaofufang Grassland and experience another Christmas!

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    Green Aurora Strikes: Citizen Eco-drive Smart Meter

    Entering the 100-year milestone, CITIZEN has always adhered to the belief of ‘BetterStartsNow’, committed to the pursuit of excellence and innovation, and broke through again in 2018. In the summer of 2018, a new limited edition of 100 ‘photodynamic Bluetooth watches’ 』: BZ1045-05E, through Bluetooth technology and smart phone APP connection, to provide practical functions close to life.

    Eco-Drive Bluetooth Model (BZ1045-05E) DLC titanium case with a diameter of 48 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, mobile phone Bluetooth connection function (IOS9.3, Android 5.1 or higher), light intensity level indicator, power Level display, alarm reminder, perpetual calendar, light kinetic energy, continuous operation for 4 years / power saving mode when fully charged, sapphire crystal glass surface, waterproof 100 meters, rubber strap, limited to 100 pieces.
     The dial of the BZ1045-05E is covered with the time pulse of the electric wave signal, and the black surface is embellished with aurora green needles full of life energy. The combination of the two shows a high level of rapability. Different from ordinary watches, the rubber strap adds a sense of swiftness to the entire model, supplemented by the anti-glare sapphire crystal glass three-dimensional cutting. The conflicting elements are delicately blended to create a dual visual texture. The case is made of titanium, making the technical watch suitable for everyday wear. With the development of mobile smart life, CITIZEN uses high-tech practical functions and classic watch design, so that every man can easily show a calm, capable courage.

    Solar-powered Bluetooth watch (BZ1040-09E) titanium case with a diameter of 48 mm, hours, minutes, mobile phone Bluetooth connection function (supported by IOS9.3 and Android 5.1 and above), light intensity level indicator, power level display , Alarm reminder, perpetual calendar, light kinetic energy, continuous operation for 4 years / power saving mode when fully charged, sapphire crystal glass surface, waterproof 100 meters, rubber strap, limited to 100.
     The modern appearance of BZ1045-05E also has the high-tech performance of smart watches. The brand is proud of its Eco-Drive light-powered Bluetooth watch, which uses natural light sources to efficiently convert any light source into environmentally friendly electric energy. When fully charged, the watch can last for up to 4 years (when the power saving mode is turned on). In addition to the automatic time synchronization function of the CITIZEN Bluetooth watch, the CITIZEN exclusive Bluetooth app can be connected with a mobile phone to easily set the time in 316 cities around the world, so that men who are at the forefront of the world can accurately grasp the world’s pulse anytime, anywhere. Set alarm clock, call notification, real-time notification of emails and messages, smart phone search, the surface light intensity level indicator can further display the light intensity chart and power generation record status in the program, clearly grasp the remaining power of the watch, and realize a variety of conveniences again High-tech possible.