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    Jacques Droz Jaquet Droz Elegant 8 Flowers Rhyme Inscribed Time Watch

    Watches are not long-established love tokens, but in this age of more and more pursuit of speed and efficiency, they are becoming more and more popular. In the world of girls, nothing is more precious than promise. The boy’s proposal will touch her again. Choosing an elegant watch to propose a marriage will surely impress her heart. Jaquet Droz inscribes this happy moment of marriage proposal for you.
    The Elegant 8 Flower watch combines all the techniques of Jacques Dro. The two rings overlap to form Jacques Dro’s iconic number 8. The 8 symbolizes harmony, perfection and endlessness. A butterfly with wings spread is displayed on the ring below, and two styles are available: the first butterfly is decorated with translucent red enamel hand-painted carved butterfly wings with a guilloché surface; the second is embellished with precious stones, the butterfly Inlaid with sapphire and snowflake-encrusted diamonds. The ring above shows a lotus flower covered with a sapphire crystal dome mirror. The lotus symbolizes Ning He Jing Yuan and elegant poetry. The lotus on the dial is meticulously crafted to the best of every detail: each petal is carefully sculpted to give the petals a perfect satin effect on the back, or one by one with enamel.

    Elegance 8-Flower Rhyme
    Guilloché dial in 18K red gold. 18K red gold hand-carved and micro-painted three-dimensional butterfly, covered with Grand Feu enamel.
    18K red gold case set with 114 diamonds (1.43 carats).
    ‘Flower bloom’ automatic doll movement.
    18K red gold hand-carved petals, hand-coated with enamel.
    A drop-shaped diamond that rotates in both directions.
    38 hours power reserve
    35 mm diameter
    Limited edition of 28 pieces

    Elegance 8-Flower Rhyme
    18K white gold dial with diamonds.
    18K white gold three-dimensional butterfly with sapphire.
    18K white gold case with diamonds.
    ‘Flower bloom’ automatic doll movement. 18K white gold hand-carved petals, hand-coated with enamel. A drop-shaped diamond that rotates in both directions.
    Total number of stones: 148 baguette-cut diamonds, 383 brilliant-cut diamonds and 54 sapphires. Total weight: 6.27 carats.
    38 hours power reserve
    35 mm diameter
    Limited edition of 8 pieces

    Mother-of-pearl star
    The Heure Céleste
    White mother-of-pearl dial
    18K White Gold Case and Spherical
    Inlaid with 272 diamonds and 308 diamonds
    Buckle set with 24 diamonds
    Total diamond weight 2.9 carats
    Self-winding movement
    68-hour power reserve
    41 mm diameter

    Mother-of-pearl 35 mm hour and minute dial
    Petite Heure Minute 35MM
    White mother-of-pearl plate with sunray stripes
    18K White Gold Case
    Case set with 232 diamonds (1.28 carats)
    White silk strap with diamonds
    Self-winding movement
    68-hour power reserve
    35mm diameter

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    Pairing Is A Personal Experience For High-end Watches

    On August 17th and 18th, the ‘Fourth Watch Day’ event, sponsored by the Beijing News and co-organized by the Henri World Watch Center, was held at the Financial Street Shopping Center. The theme of this ‘Watch Day’ is ‘String Song’. Before the traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, the audience was presented with live model display pairs including Breguet, Bucherer, Chopard, Kunlun, Girard Perregaux and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Violin performance at the opening.简 Bao Jian (left), director of planning of the Financial Street Shopping Center, Tian Yan (middle), vice president of Beijing News, and Gu Zhenfeng (right), manager of the Beijing World Watch Center of Henry Glee (right), unveiled the scene.宝 齐 莱
    Male: Maliron Perpetual Calendar Watch
    Concubine: Maryle Single Button Women’s Chronograph
    Zhang Yitian, deputy manager of Bucherer’s marketing department, recommends that these two watches belong to the Bucherer’s Manero series. The name of Manero comes from the fourth official language of Switzerland. It is a very old Latin language, named after it. This series has a very strong classic temperament. Compared with the Pioneer Plavi series and the luxurious Alacria Swann series, these two watches are more classic and practical. As the main push on Qixi Festival can also represent the long and eternal love.
    Man: Two Time Watches
    Handmaid: Dual Time Lady
    Clarissa, marketing manager of Athens recommends: They are also dual time zone watches. You can easily move the time forward or backward by one hour by pressing the (+) and (-) buttons. This is an innovation patent in Athens. The main promotion of Tanabata is that they need to consider the convenience of adjustment when the other party uses the meter. Omega
    Male: Omega Constellation Series 38 mm Weekly Calendar
    Handmaid: Omega Constellation 27mm Female Watch
    Huang Xun, Marketing Manager of Omega China: Constellation series has always been the best-selling series of Omega. This female watch is the new version of Basel this year. On the dial of Fritillaria, the undulating arrangement of 18K red and gold star emblems is formed to form a constellation pattern. , In line with the legend of the Cowherd and Weaver Actress, it has become the main push for Qixi Festival. Although this series of men’s watches does not have a new style, it can be used with women’s watches. The 38mm weekday diamond diamond outer ring echoes the women’s diamond bezel. Both have a calendar display and the bracelet design is the same. style.
    Girard Perregaux
    Men: 1966 men’s slim watch
    Concubine: 1966 Women’s Slim Watch
    Girard Perregaux Marketing Department’s public relations recommendation: This is a pair of watches specially designed for couples. They are low-key and elegant without exaggerating. Willow-shaped hands and diamond moments are similar details. The movement can be viewed through the sapphire crystal glass back. To achieve the ‘perfect family’ atmosphere.
    Jacques Dro
    Male: Petite Herue Minute micro-painted enamel dragon watch
    Handmaid: Petite Herue Minute
    Joyce, Marketing Manager of Jacques Dro, recommends: Dragon and Phoenix watches are Jacques Dro’s new watches, which incorporate the brand’s most famous ivory white large fire enamel dial. The original intention was to pay tribute to the Year of the Dragon, but in the Chinese consciousness They just become a couple watch, which means ‘鸾凤 和 鸣’.
    Men: Imperiale series men’s watch
    Handmaid: Imperiale series female watch
    推荐 Mandy, Chopard’s public relations assistant recommended: This pair of watches belongs to the Chopard Imperiale series. Women’s watches with gold and diamond embellishment win the hearts of women. Both models have crowns inlaid with amethyst, and amethyst is a gem that stands for firm love.
    Kun Kunlun
    Male: Admiral Cup Mileage 42mm Watch
    Maid: Admiral Cup Mileage 38 Fiancée Watch
    Kunlun Watch Marketing Manager recommends: The female Fiancée watch means ‘fiancee’, and it is a limited edition. It is more interesting to give pink to the Qixi Festival. For men’s watches, the Legend Mileage 42mm watch we launched for the first time last year is more slender. Although the two models are not “pair watches”, you can choose this as a “couple watch”.
    TAG Heuer
    Male: Calella 1887 Rose Gold Chronograph
    Handmaid: Carrera Rose Gold Ladies Watch
    TAG Heuer North Sales Manager Yang Hongyu recommends: The Carrera series is the most classic and best-selling series of TAG Heuer. The media exposure and consumer awareness are relatively high, representing the avant-garde and personality characteristics of TAG Heuer. The name is also derived from the Carrera Pan American Road Race, so we should also make it the first watch model on the Star Festival. TAG Heuer does not specifically design a pairing watch for couples, because in our opinion, the two watches selected at the same time, in the same place and in the same mood are ‘pairing watches’. After all, the designs that men and women prefer will be different. .
    宝 玑
    Men and women: Classique 7787 moon phases 39 and 36 mm
    Joyce, Marketing Manager of Breguet recommends: The Classique moon phase watch is the first time that Breguet has launched a watch in the form of a pair of watches. The Chinese pay attention to “pairs and pairs”, so Breguet made such an attempt in response to market demand , But it does not mean that the emphasis will be placed on the production of the ‘table’ concept.
    Male: Master Ultra Thin Moon 39
    Concubine: Rendez-Vous Night & Day Dating Series
    Recommended by the director of public relations of Jaeger-LeCoultre: The dating series was released globally at the Shanghai Film Festival and is the main promotion of Qixi Festival. At its 6 o’clock position, there is a day and night display of the sun and moon alternately. The material and color of the sun and moon are consistent with the case, which is very exquisite. We happen to have a men’s watch with a moon phase display at 6 o’clock, which in this point echoes the dating women’s watch, which also matches the rose gold style very well. In the artistic conception, these two watches are associated with the Cowherd and Weaver in the sky