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    Omega Constellation Steel Red Gold Couple Watch

    Omega is good at advertising: ‘My Choice’ advertising is popular. It was 1995, the beauty Cindy Crawford wore a watch to tell you that her choice was the Omega Constellation series. Since then, you remember Omega, and you want to choose Constellation Dai Dai like Cindy. This classic watch series actually originated in 1982. The constellation’s ‘claw’ design made it one of the most recognizable models in the world. ‘Claws’ still worked in the past: the sapphire crystal glass and washer were firmly fixed to the case to ensure water resistance, but today this claw has become a sign of the constellation. 2009 was a milestone for the Constellation series, because it was replaced with an Omega movement with a coaxial escapement system (this system is incredible, it is the first practical new escapement system in nearly two centuries) From then on, your watch will remain extremely stable for a long time.