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    Romantic Choice For Contemporary Women Blancpain Women’s Watch Exhibition Held In Shanghai

    On the morning of September 6, 2018, Blancpain, a famous fine watchmaking brand, held a women’s watch exhibition at the Shanghai International Finance Center, bringing a beautiful visual feast to everyone. This time, Blancpain has brought many new works and several classics this year, and let the watch home lead everyone to taste this romantic romance on the wrist!

    Mysterious Charm of Moon Beauty
       At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Blancpain followed the balanced, harmonious, elegant and indifferent aesthetic style, and launched the iconic ‘Moon Beauty’ full-calendar moon phase women’s watch. Compared with the previous models, this watch has a calendar display on the inner circle of the dial, the moon phase at 6 o’clock, the moon phase with an open face and a smile, highlighting the feminine and elegant temperament.

       This time we are also fortunate to appreciate Blancpain’s special contributions, which are only available on the mainland. This watch is innovative in some small details, such as diamonds in the fan shape, and complements the moon phase disk, just like the stars in the night sky. The serpentine pointer indicates the date, and it has a flyback function. When the pointer moves to the end, it will return. The star at the tip of the pointer draws the night sky like a meteor, which is very romantic. The design of the butterfly is one movement per second. When the minute hand moves one space, the butterfly just turns around.

    Gorgeous lady
       The exhibition also showcases the smallest mechanical watch lady, with a diameter of only 21,5 mm, which is very suitable for women with slender wrists. It was once loved by the famous movie star Marilyn Monroe.

       The left model has a detachable pendant, which can be freely matched according to the occasion.

     Other works at the exhibition

    Other works at the exhibition

    Four beautiful beauties
       The most notable this time is Blancpain’s MetierD’Art Master Studios, which launched the ‘Four Beauties’, a highly customized watch with rare craftsmanship and wonderful inspiration. Blancpain and China have deep roots, and have been inspired by Chinese culture for many times. The beautiful watchmaking with micro-painted enamels such as Liang Zhu and Fenghe Butterfly have all shown Blancpain’s study of oriental culture.

       The ‘Big Four Beauty’ painted the four unique solitary objects with the beautiful gestures of ‘Drunk Concubine Drunkenness’, ‘Diao Chan Watching the Moon’, ‘Zhao Jun Out of the Sea’ and ‘Xi Shi Huan Sha’.

       The concubine’s drunken charming appearance, Diao Chan’s eyesight flow, Zhao Jun’s heroic beauty, and Xi Shi Huan Sha’s sinking fish and wild geese all jumped in between these squares. The master of the art delicately captured the characteristics and postures of the four beauties and painted their unique beauty. One of the highlights of these four orphan products is not only the use of micro-painting technology, but also rare watchmaking techniques, such as Blancpain’s unique Damascus gold inlay, red copper, binchotan charcoal and representative of the industry’s top Standard crafts such as gold sculpture, enamel, and moving dolls. Blancpain combines so many extraordinary craftsmanship into a watch, which enhances the artistic value and collection value of the watch.
       The exhibition is from September 5th to 9th, 2018. Interested watch fans can go to the atrium of IFC IFC Mall in Shanghai to see the glorious prosperity of this world. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)