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    Very Good Craftsmanship Vacheron Constantin Metiers D’ Art

    VACHERON CONSTANTIN The Metiers d’Art master series of Vacheron Constantin has been quite active recently. In addition to the latest light city set watch, the Elegance Sartoriale series from the suit fabric texture was released earlier ; Especially the latter, in addition to showing the VC’s consistent superb craftsmanship and good taste in the works, it is even more rare that it is the type of craftsmanship in the past that often tends to depart from the cultural background of the watchmaker. , Found a material that should resonate very much, so that the craft table finally has the opportunity to leave the safe and integrate into the user’s field of life.

    Feature one: the suit fabric blends into watchmaking creativity
    The basic composition of the surface of the cover is composed of an eccentric time-dividing plate and a crescent-shaped main plate surface. The main plate surface has five patterns, such as plaid, stripes, and herringbone patterns, selected from the men’s suit fabric These patterns are reproduced on the surface of the hand by machine engraving. This is really a very clever conversion. On the one hand, it expresses soft cloth with hard metal materials. On the other hand, the pattern of the suit material is formed by weaving. The designer here must use the clocks we are familiar with. The machine-engraved patterns arrange them in combination, which not only requires proficiency in craftsmanship, but also has a high degree of aesthetic sensitivity and imagination.

    Vacheron Constantin is inspired by the fabrics of men’s suits, and different patterns are imprinted on the faceplate by machine engraving. Each is also covered with exclusive enamel color to enhance the visual appeal.

    Feature two: It looks like a complete suit
    The small dial that displays the hours and hours is also decorated with machine engraving. The pattern chosen by the designer here is also inspired by suit accessories-such as embroidery on pocket towels. They first make a large template and then use the transfer The method of writing copies the pattern on the template to the sub-face plate in a reduced proportion; it is worth mentioning that although the small dial uses gold material, the surface treatment method they use makes the surface of the plate look like a fabric. The texture is quite incredible.

    VC’s machine-engraving skills are among the best in the industry. They are unique in that they know how to use this technology to add value to other traditional crafts, such as enamel painting, to show different aesthetic heights.

    Feature 3: Small movement creates an eccentric pattern
    The watch models are equipped with 1400 movements, and because of the small size of 20.65mm, the 1400 has developed this unique eccentric surface configuration, forming a common feature of some art master series. 1400 is the earliest VC movement made by VC. It is also my favorite VC movement. Compared with another basic hand-wound movement 4400, it retains the touch of more manual movements, and the road is more beautiful , But also because it was developed earlier, so the diameter is smaller, now only in this limited style and some women’s watches are easier to see.

    The board circuit of the 1400 movement is classical. The outer contour of the second and third car splints in the jewel bearing position has a deep chamfer, which is relatively rare today. Geneva stamp on movement and case

    Metiers d’ Art Elegance Sartoriale
    18K white gold material / 1400 manual winding movement / eccentric, eccentric minute display / Geneva mark / sapphire crystal, partially transparent back cover / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 40mm / limited by store

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    10 Watch Common Sense Quickly Separated From The Layman

    When intertwined with friends, talk about life, ideals, and talk about the world above the wrist, will it become confusing because of his ignorance of the watch. Watch common sense makes up! Read through 10 watch common sense and quickly get rid of the layman. Chanel’s first floating tourbillon PREMIERE watch
    The tourbillon is a clock speed adjustment device invented by Swiss watchmaker Mr. Louis Breguet in 1795. It refers to a mechanical watch equipped with a ‘rotary escapement speed adjustment mechanism’. The tourbillon mechanism is used to correct the gravity Errors caused by clockwork. The tourbillon watch represents the highest level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watches. The entire escapement speed regulating mechanism is combined and can rotate, and continuously rotates at a certain speed, making it make the gravity attract the ‘escape system’ in the mechanical watch. To minimize the impact and improve travel time accuracy. The principle of the tourbillon is to compensate for the effect of gravity when the clock is in a vertical position. In other words, when a clock is in the vertical position, due to the effect of gravity, its adjustment controller, that is, its balance wheel, hairspring and escapement, will be imperceptible at every swing. Variety. If the adjustment controller is mounted on a ‘cage frame’ that rotates once a minute, a series of vertical positions can be obtained. In this way, the clock can move very accurately and can complement errors.
    Vacheron Constantin Openwork Minute Repeater
    Minute repeaters are three-reed watches. The three types of springs have different sounds. They can distinguish the time of ‘hour’, ‘engraved’ and ‘minute’, which is the result of clever use of acoustics and dynamics. Simply put, the minute repeater is a watch that can tell the time. There is a button or a handle on the side of the case. When you press it, you can hear the sound of ‘Ding Ding 咚咚’. A questionnaire that expresses the clock, quarter clock, and minutes with different tempos is called a ‘three question meter.’ For example, if you turn the dial of the minute repeater, it will continuously emit a pleasant tone. The low-pitched tone is a time signal, for example: ‘Dang, Dang, Dang’, and 3 rings is 3 o’clock. Followed by the engraving, usually with high and low bass, for example: ‘Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong’, that is, 2 minutes (30 minutes). Next, the high-pitched tone is scored, for example: ‘Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding’, 5 rings is 5 minutes, then the time is 3:35. Although the mechanical principle of the minute repeater is complicated but not mysterious, the sound quality of the time report has become the decisive factor in evaluating the quality of the minute repeater and also determines the price. Cheaper watches may sound slightly turbulent and cluttered, and millions of minute repeaters must be ringing, crisp, clear and exciting. Girard Perregaux small three-pin female watch (small picture) and Jaeger-LeCoultre large three-pin female watch (large picture)
    The so-called big three hands and small three hands are actually a description of the mechanical watch from the perspective of the display system. The third hand is worthy of the fact that the hour, minute and second wheels are coaxially set at the center of the movement, and three hour, minute and second hands of different lengths indicate time. The small three-hand is a watch with a small disc on the surface to indicate the seconds, commonly known as the ‘small three-hand’. The second hand is directly mounted on the axle of the four wheels. It is usually located on the surface. In some clocks, there are also 10 characters, 9 characters, 8 characters, 3 characters, etc., but it is very rare.
    Omega LADYMATIC Women’s Watch
    Sapphire is a general name for corundum gemstones other than red rubies among corundum gemstones. The main component is alumina (Al2O3). Blue sapphire is caused by a small amount of titanium (Ti) and iron (Fe) impurities mixed in it. Sapphire has high hardness, and watches made with it have higher shock resistance, tightness and strength than other materials. At the same time, this is also an important factor for the quality assurance of top watches. The sapphire mirrors currently installed on watches are actually alumina trioxide with impurities such as iron oxide and titanium oxide removed. Chemically speaking, there is no difference between synthetic sapphire and natural crystal, and it is colorless because no other elements are added There is no ‘blue’ color for transparency. Aluminum trioxide is made from pure alumina at high temperature into original synthetic sapphire, which is then cut into diamonds by diamond tools and then polished into a mirror. Due to the high cost of processing tools, this is also one of the reasons for the higher cost of sapphire crystals. The technology of synthetic sapphire was invented in the 19th century. It has been used in watches since the 1960s, and now the top watch brands generally use sapphire glass.
    Patek Philippe Ladies First Perpetual Calendar
    万 ‘Perpetual calendar’ is an exaggerated popular name for Chinese, but the British are even more exaggerated, calling it ‘Perpetual calendar’ (Perpetual calendar). In fact, the so-called ‘permanent’ just means that there is no need for manual adjustment. If the chain is used every day, no adjustment is required to indicate the correct date, and its calendar can not be forever or 10,000 years without being chained. It is thought that the leap year in February every four hundred years is only 28 days. Most of the perpetual calendars can only accurately indicate to 2100. The ‘Daviance’ introduced by IWC in 1985 can automatically indicate to 2500. The perpetual calendar is a complex mechanical watch, which can indicate the date, month, week, and even the year and automatically adjust the leap year.
    LV Tambour Heart Women’s Watch
    Recently, watch enthusiasts no longer judge a watch by its appearance and brand. The movement has gradually become an increasingly important component. When it comes to the movement, we have to mention ETA. Since its establishment in the 18th century, this movement manufacturer has already reached an annual output of hundreds of millions of movements as early as 1996. Many watch brands including Athens, Frank Müller, IWC, Omega, etc. are using its production Movement. However, due to its lower cost compared to other self-produced movements, coupled with huge production, some watch enthusiasts often disregard watches based on ETA-produced movements. In fact, whether from the perspective of accuracy or ornamentality, the use of ETA movement does not necessarily mean low-end and crude. Manufacture multiple ETA movements at the same time as one self-produced movement, and it can also be used by many high-end watch brands, which has shown that its accuracy and practicality have at least the performance of the self-produced movement . In addition, after the ETA movements are purchased by various manufacturers, they will be transformed according to their performances. Whether it is replacing the precious metal oscillating weight or carving various stripes on the plywood, the final product is undoubtedly of higher quality. Therefore, it is still not objective to mass-produce or just sneer because of ETA.
    Omega Speedmaster Women’s Automatic Watch
    A general watch that continuously indicates the passage of time. Chronographs are different. Chronograph is a professional name. Chrono means ‘time’ in Old English and Latin, and graph means ‘recording tool’ in English. It can record any The length of time. The standard chronograph has a 30-minute or 12-hour timekeeping function. The second hand in the center of the surface usually stops at the zero position. In order to show that the timepiece is walking, a small constant-second hand is usually added. There are two types of chronographs. The first is a common chronograph with only one measurement object, and the other is a two-second split chronograph with two measurement objects.
    Zenith Slim Moon Phase Women’s Watch
    Some watches have a small window on the surface to indicate the lack of the moon. This function is called the ‘lunar phase’ indicator. As we all know, the monthly calendar is also called the lunar calendar. It is also a way to express the change of time in nature. It has great significance in history. Especially in China, many people use the lunar calendar. Therefore, this watch still has production value in modern times. If the calendar has the least practical value, then the ‘lunar phase function’ must be on the list. If the werewolf Jacob Black in ‘Twilight’ owns a watch that can display the moon phase, he will master the time of his transformation and he will become handy and easy. The moon phase function is often placed in a specially shaped semi-circular window, this particular shape includes a semi-circular arc and two small arcs. This elaborate shape, combined with the moon on the moon phase disk, can tell us more accurately the shape of the moon at the beginning or end of a cycle. The moon phase shows the state of the moon on the moon phase disk according to a period of 29.5 days. This moon phase disk has two moons with 59 teeth on the edge. The moon phase wheel is pushed forward by one tooth every day after being pushed by the transmission wheel. At this time, the changes in the profit and loss of the moon phase can be timely displayed on the dial.
    Athens Manager Dual Time Zone Watch
    World Timepiece (Worletimer) is a timepiece that appeared after the war to meet the requirements of the travel era. It can be benchmarked against the Greenwich Mean Time, giving you a glimpse of the time around the world. Most world timepieces bear the name of the metropolis and the local time, which can indicate the time in two regions at the same time. Breguet Queen of Naples Women’s Watch
    谈 When talking about the watch’s ownership, apart from some independent watchmaker brands and some niche brands, these three groups are probably inseparable, they are Richemont Group, Swatch Group and LVMH Group. The Richemont watch brands include: Vacheron Constantin, Baume & Mercier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Lange, Cartier, Panerai, IWC, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, Montblanc and Roger Dolby. The Swatch Group’s watch brands are: Swatch, Breguet, Blancpain, Jacques Dro, Glashütte, Omega, Longines, Radar, Tissot, Certina, Mido, Hamilton, Peel · Balman and Feifei. The watch brands of the LVMH Group are: Hublot, Zenith, TAG Heuer, Dior, Fred and Shangmei.