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    Soul Rhinoceros Love Engraved Forever-roger Dubuis Qixi Festival For The Love Inscription ‘meter’

    The Cowherd and Weaver Girl meets the bridge. Every Qixi Festival, the story of this beautiful couple will be brought up and sung, and each pair of lovers under the starry sky will look forward to this special day and remember each other in the name of love. Tanabata, ‘seven’ and ‘period’ are homonymous, and the month and day are both ‘seven’, giving people a sense of time. When love meets time, the best thing is that from the moment of meeting, forever. Roger Dubuis On this day full of love, Roger Dubuis broke through the tradition and crowned true love with the craftsmanship and transcendent design. A timepiece, remembered for life. At this moment, I recorded the silent encounter, witnessed the strong love, and engraved my lifelong life. Let the time and space pass and block, and let the world and things change and impermanence. For me and you, love is always inscribed in each other’s wrists, and more in mind.

      Velvet Caviar
      She smiled like a flower and scorched its blossoms, hoping that time would lock her most beautiful fragrant flowers. In 2018, the extraordinary Roger Dubuis launched a new work for the feminine VELVET masterpiece series, and its unique “Haute Couture” watch came out proudly. ‘Advanced customization’ represents the perfect fusion of traditional superb skills and modern avant-garde design. The new VELVET CAVIAR timepiece follows this creative principle and pays tribute to the famous women Roger Dubuis. Incisively. Carrying Roger Dubuis’s unlimited creativity, respect for tradition and unremitting pursuit of quality, and with decades of experience in using innovative materials, the VELVET series has now appeared in the form of a CAVIAR watch, continuing its A grand and magnificent creative style, boldly performing an intoxicating dance between high jewelry and superb timepieces, exuding absolute femininity and extreme elegance.

    Velvet Caviar Watch Series (Model: DBVE0079) Reference Price: RMB 312,000

      Excalibur Automatic Skeleton Rose Gold Automatic Skeleton Watch
      He is wearing a battle armor and is the home of the world. He only hopes that time will give him a firm step of conviction. Roger Dubuis proudly presents the first self-winding skeletonized watch, the RD820SQ self-winding skeletonized movement is equipped with 167 parts, and the surface of each part is individually fine-tuned and refined . Its rose gold case and bezel present a spectacular three-dimensional visual effect, highlighting the iconic hollow star shape, and also complementing the design of the hollow miniature rotor, which provides a lover for mechanical watches This elegant and attractive new option makes them able to wear the same handsome and unique timepiece in both formal and private occasions.

    Excalibur Automatic Skeleton Rose Gold Automatic Skeleton Watch (Model: DBEX0422)
    Reference price: RMB 554,000
      Belongs to his masculinity, belongs to her elegance-Excalibur King Series
      His time is invincible and invincible. Her time is the beauty of the moon and the moon. The moment he held her hand, there was only romance in time, and only happiness in time. Excalibur 42 self-winding watch, this stunning timepiece is equipped with an 18K rose gold case, the bezel is set with 60 selected white diamonds (1.25 carats), exquisite and timeless and modern spirit Perfectly integrated. The angular silhouette is equipped with a dark brown crocodile leather strap, which also perfectly blends men’s masculine and elegant. The Excalibur 36 line of fine jewellery watches is also available in paved diamonds. The Roman numerals are fixed on the sapphire crystal glass by metal spraying, and the dial under the sapphire crystal is full of diamonds, including the places covered by the Roman numerals. This high-end jewellery watch is set with a total of 640 diamonds, sublimating the elegant temperament of the woman with a luxurious charm.

    Excalibur 42 Series Automatic Winding Watch (Model: DBEX0578) Reference Price: RMB 226,000

    Excalibur 36 Series High Jewellery Watch (Model: DBEX0357) Reference Price: RMB 563,000