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    Gevril Group Opens European Office In The Uk

    Gevril Group has always had many loyal followers in Europe. These European customers love haute horology and truly appreciate the superior quality and value represented by Gevril, GV2 and other Gevril Group brand watches.

     Gevril men’s watch

    In order to serve European customers more fully and establish a good personal relationship with them, Gevril Group recently opened a European office in Manchester, UK.
    Gevril Group’s new European office will be led by Jacob Dym and Ben Rose. Both Jacob and Ben grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, and saw the watch industry as their lifetime goal.
    Jacob is a third-generation watch professional who will be the manager of the Gevril Group’s European business unit, whose new business in Europe comes from family-owned Swiss jewellers and diamond wholesalers.
    His partner, Ben, has been interested in haute horology since his grandfather gave him an Omega watch as a birthday present at the age of 13. Ben immediately fell in love with watches and has been buying and selling watches since then. Jacob and Ben have been good friends for many years. They often walk around Zurich’s famous Bahnhofstrasse, study repeatedly in front of a variety of product windows, and research the latest models.
    According to the founder of Gevril Group, Samuel Friedmann, Jacob Dym and Ben Rose are valuable talents of Gevril Group. They will help the company build more productive relationships with European customers.
    Gevril Group’s European business unit will take over Gevril Group brand distribution in Europe, and will provide many development opportunities in the next few years.

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    Harry Winston Delicate Silk, Discover The Source Of Luxury

    Harry Winston continues to explore in the field of rare arts and crafts, creating two unique dials for Zhuo Shi Premier series. Zhuo Shi Premier Series Delicate Silk 36mm automatic watch is made of embossed raw silk. It has unprecedentedly cleverly combined silk and embossed craftsmanship, which is a unique and luxurious treasure.

    East-west fair
    Silk has always been regarded as the most precious natural fabric, woven in ancient China as early as 4000 years ago. Silk was initially limited to royal use, and as the demand for luxury fabrics in the West increased, the Silk Road was opened. This huge trading network has opened up East-West exchanges. Given its deep historical symbolism and natural beauty, Harry Winston decided to use silk as the background for the new dial. Harry Winston designers set a precedent in the history of silk weaving. Through new technology, silkworms can weave silk brocades by themselves without manual intervention, creating a delicate and delicate raw silk area. This raw silk can be described as a natural treasure. After dyeing, you can get four dial base colors, including strong royal red, silver gray, pure white and elegant palace pink.

    Silk Relief Technique
    After obtaining the unique material, the next step is to find a relief workshop that can be crafted with silk as the base of the sculpture. Generally speaking, the embossing technique will only be applied to leather or paper to create bumpy, undulating three-dimensional effects on the surface. After numerous attempts, the master of reliefs finally successfully embossed the design of 18K or 22K gold on the original silk, giving the material a stunning three-dimensional and deep sense.
    Perfect European Luxury
    The history of luxury utensils is deeply rooted in the royal court. For a long time, artisans in various fields have been devoting themselves to studying techniques to create various rare works of art for the royal family and the high society. The European royal family has always admired the beauty, and Harry Winston has been inspired to stylize luxury into various flowers and star patterns embossed on the raw silk dial.

    18K rose gold case, pink silk surface, model PRNAHM36RR021

    Unique and unique case
    Since its launch in 1989, the Harry Winston Zhuo Shi Premier series has continuously demonstrated the brand’s profound accomplishments in the field of arts and crafts. Zhuo Shi Premier Delicate Silk 36 mm automatic watch with unique diamond-set lugs, reproduces the arched shape of Harry Winston’s New York Fifth Avenue flagship store, impressive; the case is available in 18K white and rose gold Material style with bezel and lugs set with 57 round brilliant-cut diamonds. White and pink silk dial with embossed floral motifs, 36 mm white gold and rose gold case, and decorated with 12 diamond hour markers. Silver-grey and royal red silk dials are embossed with a star motif and also come in 36mm white and rose gold cases.

    18K rose gold case, red silk surface, model RNAHM36RR022

    Exquisite and elegant mechanical movement
    Harry Winston Zhuo Shi Premier Series Delicate Silk 36 mm automatic watch with top Swiss automatic movement. The movement uses advanced technology and is equipped with a flat balance spring made of silicon. In addition to accurate timing, it also reflects the graceful and royal dial. This watch inherits the design style of Harry Winston, with a rotor in rose gold. The movement is decorated with elegant hand decoration, including a ring Geneva motif pattern, rhodium-plated coating and circular wave sanding. The back of the sapphire crystal is clearly visible. The watch is equipped with a satin strap and gold pin buckle set with 17 brilliant-cut diamonds. Each watch is limited to 30 pieces.

    18K White Gold Case, White Silk Surface, Model PRNAHM36WW019

    18K white gold case, silver silk surface, model PRNAHM36WW020

    Technical Parameters
    Case: 18K rose or 18K white gold case set with 57 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 2.32 carats), 36 mm diameter
    Function: hour and minute display
    Dial: Pink, red, white or silver silk surface with floral motif, 12 diamond hour markers (0.16 carats)
    Movement: HW2008 self-winding mechanical movement, flat balance spring made of silicon, power reserve 72 hours, sapphire crystal glass and bottom cover
    Water resistance: 30 meters
    Buckle: Burgundy or black satin, 18K rose gold or 18K white gold pin buckle set with 17 round brilliant cut diamonds, total diamond weight is about 2.63 carats
    Limited edition of 30 pieces each