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    Bulgari Roma Limited Works Reproduce 40 Years Of Classics

    2013 will be an important year for Bvlgari to create the classic beauty of contemporary watches. At this time, the introduction of the Bulgari ROMA series shows that it is regarded as the best interpretation of classics by Bvlgari. . The launch of this series reflects the infinite creativity contained in Bulgari, an ancient brand that originated in Rome.
     The years are changing and the tide is cycling. The ROMA series has always been the same, and it has continued to show its enduring fashion and modernity over time. In 2012, Bvlgari reproduced this legendary watch, giving this watch with a history of nearly forty years to its modern glory.

     The Bulgari family has always been keen to break tradition and challenge the long-established watchmaking conservatism with bold declarations. The emergence of the ROMA series, which was born in 1975, can be described as a huge change in the watchmaking industry.
     The inspiration for this creation dates back to ancient Rome. On the Apennine peninsula, the emperors of the Roman rule of ancient Rome were keen to mint coins to show off. They engraved their avatars and year numbers on the coins, declaring supreme authority, supreme power, and peerless glory. The bezel engraved with the Bulgari logo is a major feature of the ROMA series, highlighting that Bulgari, an outstanding representative of Italian classic art, derives from the prestige and glory of this immortal city. Today, the bezel of the Bulgari logo has become an indispensable classic element in this series of overall design, condensed in a formal way on the I-shaped wheel geometry. This series of condensed low-key elegance, achieves a quiet shadow, and brings people back to the era of ancient Rome.
     The birth of the ROMA series marks a major turning point in the watchmaking field in the mid-1970s, setting a new milestone for Bulgari in the history of watchmaking-it has led a new trend in the watchmaking industry that integrates brand logos into dial design , Bulgari became the leader of the ‘innovation breakthrough’ trend.
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     Since then, Bulgari began to more confidently introduce brand imprints into brand watch design. In 1977, Bulgari launched the first BVLGARI BVLGARI watch, a perfect interpretation of its classic brand symbolism. Like the ROMA series, the BVLGARI BVLGARI double logo design has developed into a fashion standard, and its significance is not limited to just a watch design, but also conveys the important values ​​of architecture, sociology and aesthetics.

     Over the years, the ROMA series has become more timeless and classic. In 2012, its light engraved with the beauty of classics will be re-interpreted. From the original symbol of bold innovation, to the brilliance of elegance and luxury, to today’s exquisite and elegant endorsement, this timepiece engraved with the double Bulgari logo has passed the eternity of time and has a rich and diverse expression. Today, the new ROMA series has been carefully crafted to create a style image with a sense of time, but still retains the unique classicism temperament endowed by the classic style. Bulgari’s self-confidence and admiration for this classic style can be seen in this classic design that has not changed in nearly 40 years, and this spirit is unprecedented in the history of watchmaking throughout the 20th century.
     The signature theme on the Bvlgari ROMA series bezel opens up a whole new concept for watch design, and strongly proves the classic aesthetic values ​​of Bvlgari-the simple and refined classic refinement can also convey the ultimate elegant taste . The application of Bvlgari’s self-winding movement is the finishing touch. BVLGARI’s self-developed movement is housed in an elegantly curved 18-karat rose gold case with a black alligator leather strap, creating a Bulgari ROMA watch that reflects timeless beauty. A limited edition of 250 Bulgari ROMA watches.
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