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    The Glory History Of The Classic Chopin Century-old Family Brand

    From the day of its birth to today, Chopard has been a completely independent family business. Although the brilliance of this century-old brand has been tempered by the fusion of the wisdom of the two families, the brilliant achievements of today have been cast. It is undeniable that ‘heritance’ is the foundation of this century-old brand’s outstanding quality and independence and innovation.

     Chopard family heritage

     Chopard’s legend began in 1860 in a small village called Sonvilier, located in the heart of Switzerland’s Jura region, which is home to many high-quality watchmakers. A talented young watchmaker, Louis-Ulysse Chopard, opened his workshop here.

     In 1921, Paul Louis Chopard, the son of Chopard’s founder, opened a branch in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and later moved the company’s headquarters there. In 1937, he moved the company to Geneva, the capital of fine watches, to bring the brand closer to customers around the world. In 1943, Paul Andr Chopard, grandson of Louis Julius, took over the Chopard brand. However, since his sons were unwilling to inherit the mantle, he sought a buyer in 1963. He hoped that this person could revive and carry forward the rich heritage of the Chopard brand.

     The story of the Chopard family to Chopard watches may be a bit like the Chinese saying, “It is harder to start a business, and it is more difficult to keep the business.” Chopard watches have experienced the construction and inheritance of three generations of Chopards, and came to the fourth generation. Dilemma. Is this century-old family brand facing extinction because of this, but the heavy responsibility of keeping Chopard’s cause falls to the Schaefer family, so that the Chopard brand continues to reproduce the glorious family glory in the name of the family.

     Chopard heritage of the Schaefer family

     While Paul Andr Chopard was struggling to find a sustenance for the family, he met Karl Scheufele, Pforzheim, Germany, a watchmaker And descendants of the jewelry family.

     Carl Schaefer eventually bought the Chopard company, and with the promotion of the Schaeffer family, the Chopard brand made great progress. Chopard’s innovative ideas, advanced technology and outstanding craftsmanship were widely praised, and it quickly became one of the finest watchmaking and jewellery industries. The Chopard brand has developed completely independently and is committed to carrying forward the long-standing family tradition.

     Carl Schaefer and his wife Karin

     For more than 40 years, Karl Schaefer and his wife, Karin, have been leading the company’s development in the international market and are still active in the company’s operations. Their two children are now co-presidents of the company: Caroline Scheufele is responsible for the women’s watch collection and jewelry department, and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele It is responsible for the men’s watch series and the Chopard watch factory in Fleurier, where the LUC movement is produced.

     Chopard Classic

    Fighting the impact of commercialization with family heritage

     The 153 years of Chopard’s glory can not be separated from the solid foundation laid during the establishment of a business, and can not be separated from a set of fine and strict management principles for subsequent operations. Over the years, Chopard has many corporate values, and without exception they are deeply rooted in the family spirit. They are the backbone of Chopard. Since 1860, common sense and loyalty have nurtured Chopard’s corporate ethics principles and helped the company move forward steadily and calmly.

     As Karl Friedrich Schaefer, one of Chopard’s global co-presidents, said, tradition, quality and the pursuit of perfection, insist on exploration on the movement, and never compromise. This is the core asset of the Chopard brand. Chopard is a family industry and Chopard’s pedigree is the result of generations to generations. Caroline Schaefer, another global co-president of the Chopard brand, also points out that Chopard is a family business, and they pay great attention to Chopard’s history. Words are still very important. Some crafts are slowly disappearing, such as engraving, enamel, and so on watchmaking. Therefore, they also pay attention to training young people to inherit those traditional crafts that are increasingly lost.

     L.U.C LOUIS-ULYSSE THE TRIBUTE Commemorative Edition 18K White Gold

     Inheritance is not simply a self-confidence or adherence to old rules, but is based on the continuation of core values ​​to introduce new ideas and bring new opportunities to brands. After taking over the Chopard brand, the Schaefer family not only continued to carry forward the brand’s original superb watchmaking skills, but also merged its own jewelry tradition, allowing Chopard to turn from the original watchmaking company into a world-renowned watch and jewelry family today.

     Under the control of the Schafer family, Chopard launched the Happy Diamond series in 1976, which caused a great sensation in the industry-the first time a brand decorated diamonds in watch jewelry without fixing them. Above. In 1988 Chopard became a sponsor and official timer for Mille Miglia. The 1000 Mille Miglia series watch specially designed for this competition has also become a must-have for many watch enthusiasts every year because of its avant-garde design, material innovation and technological breakthroughs, becoming one of Chopard’s classic watch series. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele firmly believed that mechanical watches were the mainstream of the future, and in 1993 began to dominate the manufacture of new movements. Use a micro-oscillating movement to achieve maximum flexibility, use a two-way automatic winding system to ensure reliability, and more. This made the movement a lot of checkpoints during the production process. Only in 1995 was the final version of the L.U.C 1.96 movement launched.

     ‘Chopard never does market research. We only design products according to our own interests. We only need like-minded people.’ Caroline Schaefer said in an interview with reporters that this approach is in line with the current market-oriented mechanism. Very different. However, it is this operating principle that makes Chopard a sudden rise in many fields.

     French actress Marion Cotillard wears Green Carpet jewelry to attend the red carpet

     The collaboration between Chopard and the Cannes Film Festival began in 1997. After the opening of the Chopard boutique in Cannes, France, Caroline Schaefer came to Paris and met the chairman of the Cannes Film Festival. Later, Chopard redesigned the Golden Palm Trophy and finally made it on the highest podium of the Cannes Film Festival. At this year’s Cannes Film Festival, two green jewellery works that meet the social responsibility, with the Green Carpet series of environmental protection issues and top craftsmanship themes. And launched The Journey plan, from the very top of the jewelry supply chain, it must comply with social responsibility and a clear and traceable source of raw materials.

     Chopard’s 153-year magnificent movement brings together a solid and powerful prelude played by the Chopard family. The colorful and melodious melody of the Schafer family sings a climax. From generation to generation, Chopards insist on the disdainful tradition to present a melodious and touching melody to the Chopard brand. How to continue this Chopard song will be an eternal subject of the Chopard brand under the management of the Schafer family.