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    Sea King Admiral Kunlun Cup Series Men’s Watch Tasting

    Kunlun Watch was established in 1955 and is active in the Swiss watch manufacturing industry with its brand uniqueness. The Admiral Cup series is also one of the most important series of Kunlun watches. In order to commemorate the Admiral’s Cup Regatta held by the Royal Ocean Race Club of Britain in 1956, Kunlun Watch specially launched a square watch with a dodecagonal case and twelve international navigation flags. The admiral The Cup watch is taking shape.
       This watch introduced today belongs to the Legend 42 type calendar. It was launched in 2012 and has been displayed at the Basel Watch Fair for quite a long time. It has an impressive dial, a solid body and an elegant and beautiful proportion. It is impressive. The model number is 503.101.55 / 0001 AK12. This model is a rose gold model with an annual limit of 25 pieces. At the same time, there is also a stainless steel model with an annual limit of 150 pieces.

       Kunlun Admiral Cup Legend 42 Annual Calendar 503.101.55 / 0001 AK12 watch continues the classic design of the series. The case adopts a regular 12-sided design, and it also includes the bezel and dial. The dial is inlaid with 12 Nautical flag. The 42 mm diameter case is made of rose gold to create a noble, luxurious and soft visual experience. At the same time, the sharp edges and corners give a direct and intuitive experience of personality and masculinity. The aesthetic elements are applied to the fire. Also as a chic design of the series, the watch provides a crown shoulder for the crown to protect the crown, and the surface of the crown is engraved with the meaning of the ‘key of beautiful time’ logo.

        The gray dial and rose gold color form an extremely calm and elegant atmosphere. The dial surface is decorated with Barleycrn Guilloche ornamentation, and it is inlaid with 11 three-dimensional bar hour markers. On the dial are the hands indicating the time. Four hands indicate the hours, minutes, seconds, and date. The hour, minute, and date hands are semi-hollowed out. The fingertips of each hand are coated with a cold light material to enable them to be used in dark environments. Chinese also makes time easy to read. At the end of the second hand, a hollowed-out brand key logo is designed, reflecting the charming and delicate style.

     As an Annual Calendar watch, its biggest feature in terms of functions is its annual calendar function. In the calendar function of the watch, there are mainly calendars, dual calendars, full calendars, annual calendars and perpetual calendars. The calendar only indicates the date, dual calendars show the day of the week, calendar or calendar, month, etc., and the full calendar shows the calendar, week, month The annual calendar is based on a full calendar and a set of gears can be added to identify large and small months. The perpetual calendar is based on the annual calendar and can identify leap years and months. It is the most complex structure in the calendar. The appearance of the annual calendar solves the trouble that the watch needs to often adjust the date, day of the week, and month. It sets a groove on the gear that controls the specified month in advance to determine whether the month is large or small, so that the date is in the small month. From the end of the month to the end of the month automatically skip the 31st, directly to the next month. However, it cannot recognize the number of days in February, so February is defaulted to 30 days in the annual calendar, eliminating the step of judgment, and then manually adjusting the date on March 1.

     Although this movement is expressed from the official data as exclusive to Kunlun, from the perspective of the movement’s large-size automatic rotor bearing, the position of the barrel, the area covered by the main splint, and the fine adjustment structure of the eccentric screw, there are many ETA movements. Figure. The Kunlun 503.101.55 / 0001 AK12 watch has a strong and beautiful characteristic from the appearance of tension. The case is made of precious 18k rose gold, the strap is made of crocodile leather, and the charcoal gray dial, The exquisite craftsmanship of the exquisite rose gold case adds extraordinary elegance. The simple and clear annual calendar is balanced on the dial. The pointer-type calendar and month indication omit the day of the week, and there is no opening window to maintain the dial. Completeness. At the same time, the twelve nautical flags are hidden inside the bezel with a touch of color, emphasizing the function, and the design style of the Bauhaus is the first.
     Summary: Overall, this watch has a chic and elegant design, simple and convenient functions, and easy operation. The annual limit gives it a very precious meaning.

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    This Is The Simplicity I Want. A Brief Review Of The Mido Helmsman Series Observatory Certified Long Kinetic Energy Watch

    With the rise of young consumer groups, the overall style of watches is now more and more young, full of personality, full of stylish design. At the same time, there are some people who are more interested in simplicity and attractiveness. They don’t like those complicated and complicated elements. The simpler the more the more the charm of the watch converges inside. However, simplicity is not necessarily so easy to design. Only by knowing the balance between function and design can we show the beauty of simplicity at first sight. Mido’s newly launched helmsman series observatory-certified long kinetic energy automatic mechanical watch is just such a simple watch. It is not decorated with gorgeous carvings. At a glance, you know what style it has, but it is not simple. Indicator.

       Everyone has their own characteristics. Everyone’s lifestyle constitutes his unique preferences and self-style. Watches are private objects, which are not conspicuous most of the time. They are ‘hidden’ on the wrist, but they are watches. The Lord’s profile of beauty and quality of life. The design of the Mido Helmsman series is inspired by the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge, completed in 1932, was a rare architectural wonder of the maritime volley bridge at that time, symbolizing a never-ending fear of wisdom and exploration. Therefore, the Helmsman series also has a very grand design style, which reflects the style of men.

       The newly designed Mido Helmsman Series Observatory-certified long kinetic energy automatic mechanical watch unifies the design style of hands and hour markers, simplifies the geometry of the dial, and brings eye-catching and refreshing visual effects. Of course, the more conspicuous part is the silver-white dial. Compared with black, the silver-white is obviously bright, so it is more touching in terms of affinity. We would like the low-key and mysterious black, but also the silvery white sunshine and passion.

       Above the dial, we can feel the brand philosophy of “Inspired by Architecture”. The vertical stripes are drawn from the slings of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The layered light and shadow effect highlights the watch’s sunny style. In daily wear, as the light changes, the gradual effect of the dial is actually quite interesting and full of personality.

       The 42 mm diameter watch is very friendly to Asian men’s wrist size, as long as it is not too thin, it can be easily controlled.

       Everyone must be more concerned about the thickness. The thickness of the watch is less than 12 mm. Because it is a casual sports watch, it is not destined to be a thin watch. Therefore, 9mm-13mm is a good thickness for men’s watches, easy to wear, and also has a sense of presence.

       The naturally curved lugs and case are integrated, and the curve extends very elegantly. Together with the polished bezel, these details add gentleness to the gentleness of the watch.

       At the 3 o’clock position of the case is a traditionally designed crown with three gears: the original gear is manually wound; the second gear can quickly adjust the day of the week and the date; the third gear can quickly adjust the time.

       Of course, men’s purchase of mechanical watches must be in pursuit of either a high brand awareness, a prominent design, or a mechanical feel. The most noteworthy feature of this watch is his mechanical feel, which is equipped with a fully automatic Caliber 80 mechanical movement certified by the Swiss official observatory. The Swiss Observatory certification requires that the movement undergoes a half-month test at its official testing institution, including different temperatures, orientations, and clockwork energy states, to meet the daily error in compliance with the standard before it can be awarded the ‘CHRONOMETER’ certificate and stamp. As a high-tech movement of Mido, it has a built-in silicon hairspring, which is a new type of hairspring material that has been gradually developed and popularized in the past ten years. Compared with traditional alloy hairsprings, it has better performance in terms of magnetic resistance and shock resistance. Ultimately ensure that the watch is more accurate in daily wear. At the same time, the movement has 80 hours of kinetic energy storage, which means that in the full chain state, you can spend the weekend with peace of mind, which is very practical. In addition, the movement is also very ornamental in terms of decoration.

    Stainless steel strap with butterfly clasp

       The watch is equipped with a stainless steel bracelet, which is easy to wear and comfortable, and has an excellent feel and texture.

       Overall, this watch follows a simple design language in appearance, but it is by no means a simple watch. The seemingly inconspicuous surface hides a powerful inner core, so only those who know how to calm down and appreciate it can truly discover its inherent charm. It is a tool for you to record time and decorate your style. In the years of companionship, it will be your unforgettable feelings. The domestic price of the watch is RMB 9600.