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    Language Extraordinary Complicated Watch

    Lange celebrates the spirit and heritage of the founder of German precision watchmaking with a series of extraordinary complication watches ‘165 years tribute to Ferdinando-Adolf-Langue’ . Three watches in this collection, including the world’s limited edition of 50 TOURBOGRAPH “Pour le Mrite”, the world’s limited edition of 150 LANGE 1 tourbillon watches, and the world’s limited edition of 265 1815 moon phase watches, which use harder than platinum Made of new gold alloy honey-colored gold, and carefully crafted with contemporary innovative ingenuity and superb craftsmanship, the four seats are shocking, fully reflecting Ferdinand-Adolf-Langer’s watchmaking tradition.限量 This limited-edition series has been launched from Lange Dresden stores, toured around the world, and appeared in Shanghai Lange stores from May 3 to May 23 this year.

    In order to be solemn, Mr. Manfred Weber, the brand’s Asia-Pacific after-sales service manager, visited Shanghai in May 7th to introduce media friends and brand VIPs ‘165 Years-Salute to Ferdinand-Adolf-Langer’ And a number of new Lange products of 2010, sharing the extraordinary creativity and excellent technology of Lange watches, surprises, open eyes.

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    Dong Li Was Wearing Piaget Piaget Jewellery And Watches At The Beijing Meeting

    On August 6, Dong Li’s 2017 meetup was held in the Beijing Exhibition Center Theater. He appeared on the scene with a white shirt and black trousers. He wore an airtight Piaget Polo S wrist in his wrist The watch added a touch of manliness to ‘little father’ Dong Li, and other members of the Dad Group also appeared at the scene to help Dong Li, and Ala Lei also sent a lovely blessing to ‘Daddy’.

       Dong Li also showed a handsome dance for the first time, confident and cool, which perfectly fits the theme of the Possession series of men’s bracelets stacked on the wrist: rotation, the world is in your hands.