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    Lange Richard Lange Platinum Case Watch

    Many people say that there is no difference in appearance between platinum and platinum, and that the price gap is large … I totally disagree with this view. In most cases, those who hold this saying either have not really experienced ‘cannot eat grapes and say grape acid’, or have ‘malicious slander’ because of some prejudice. However, it is not ruled out that many people who do not understand ‘bottom’ do not know ‘platinum’ in front of many white shiny metals. Anyone who has ever worn a platinum watch will appreciate that platinum has a texture and weight that no other metal can match. The texture and weight here actually complement each other. The ‘heavy’ weight makes the texture and natural touch of the skin more real and practical. Among them, the ‘noble’ worth of this kind of gold has also blocked ordinary beings who do not know ‘platinum’ from the door.