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    Sonata Bell Table’ To Create A Harmonious Movement For The Future

    The new ‘Sonata Bell’ launched by Athens Watch is full of futuristic design and hides powerful functions. The design is inspired by the aerodynamic aesthetics of the superyacht. In 2012, two full dials were launched, paired with a sturdy, streamlined case, full of manliness.
       The case is made of titanium, one with gold and durable enamel, and the other with 18K rose gold.
      The ‘Sonata Bell’ dial design allows the wearer to embody the essence of maritime navigation. Both dials incorporate strong geometric details to make the smooth case structure more modern.
       Accompanied by the unique design of ‘Sonata Bell’ and its precise performance that cannot be ignored. ‘Sonata Bell’ is a mechanical watch with a self-made patented self-winding movement. It took seven years for the dream team, engineers and technicians of Athens Watch to develop this homemade movement, showing unprecedented precision and multiple functions.

       The movement combines an 22K gold automatic disc and a silicon anchor escapement. The anchor escapement and escape wheel are made of silicon, which is an innovation. The silicon balance spring and the critically acclaimed Athens inertia balance wheel further enhance the accuracy of the Sonata Bell Watch, which is another result of Athens’s commitment to innovation. The brand continues to explore and apply novel materials, producing all silicon watch parts through its group member Sigatec.
       Equally important features include an alarm movement that presents a sonata-like harmonious ringtone. The small dial at 2 o’clock shows the alarm set time; the small dial at 10 o’clock is a 24-hour alarm time countdown display, allowing the wearer to Set the alarm in advance 24 hours, calculate how long it will take before the alarm is activated, and clearly identify whether the alarm is activated in the morning or afternoon; the alarm device is activated or closed at 9 o’clock.
      The Sonata Bell also has a dual time zone system with a patented hour hand quick adjustment. At 6 o’clock is the second time zone dial, which is in 24-hour format. Press the [+] key lightly to adjust the hour hand directly one hour before, and the [-] key to directly adjust the hour hand one hour behind, the minute hand continues to run without affecting accuracy. When crossing the international date change line to adjust the home hour hand, the date, alarm and countdown display can also move forward or backward simultaneously, which is extremely convenient. When the second time zone is adjusted, the large date display window and countdown function will also be adjusted simultaneously.
       Each ‘Sonata Bell’ can be paired with a black calfskin strap or a black rubber strap with fold-over buckles to add elegance to sophisticated work.
       The new ‘Sonata Bell’ design in 2012 contains aerodynamic and futuristic elements, demonstrating the amazing creativity of the Athenian watch, and it is the perfect timepiece for men seeking unique design and lifestyle taste.