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    You Love Ultra-thin And Slender, I Love Full Bluntness. Three ‘muscle’ Watches Recommended

    What kind of watch is the best? We never have a unified answer. Some people like minimalist design, some people prefer complicated craftsmanship; some people appreciate extreme thinness, and some people are rough and honest. I talked to a friend that day, and he said that he prefers ‘muscle sense’ watches. This is the first time I heard the word. Let him explain. What he called ‘muscle sense’ is the thick case and style Tough watch. If you interpret ‘muscle’ in this way, the following three tables should be the ideal type of this adjective.

       Omega Seahorse watch

    Product model:
    Official price: ¥ 60600
    Watch diameter: 45.5 mm
    Case material: stainless steel
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: Omega 9900
    Water resistance: 600 meters
    Watch details: Panerai SUBMERSIBLE stealth series PAM00692 watch

    Product model: PAM00692
    Official price: ¥ 94100
    Watch diameter: 47 mm
    Case material: BMG-TECHTM metal glass
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: Cal.P.9010
    Water resistance: 300 meters
    Watch details: metal glass. The material is stronger, has better resistance to corrosion, external impact and magnetic properties, and is lighter than steel. The 47 mm large-diameter design is very tough. The hands and hour markers are coated with a white luminous coating to ensure clear reading at night and underwater. The classic crown bridge design not only protects the watch from bumps, it is also more discerning. Calendar display window at 3 o’clock and small seconds at 9 o’clock. The watch is equipped with a Cal.P.9010 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 72 hours.
       Breitling Avengers V1731010 / BD12 / 105W / M20BA.1 Watch

    Product model: V1731010 / BD12 / 105W / M20BA.1
    Official price: ¥ 38800
    Watch diameter: 44mm / 48mm
    Case material: titanium
    Movement type: automatic
    Movement model: Cal.17
    Water resistance: 300 meters
    Watch details: Breitling / 41666 /
    Watch Reviews: This high-performance, accurate and powerful Avengers Blackbird Scout watch comes in 44 mm or 48 mm diameter. The light and sturdy titanium case has been treated with high-strength carbonitridation, and the satin-brushed effect is quite ‘hidden’. The dial has excellent legibility, and a bezel indicator on the unidirectional rotating bezel ensures accurate flight or diving time calculations. Smoky military band made of durable high-tech fiber. Water-resistant to 300 meters.
    Summary: As the saying goes, ‘radish and cabbage have their own love.’ Each of us has our own set of watch aesthetic standards. If you happen to like this big dial, a tough and thick watch, please leave a message and look forward to your story with love watches.

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    Calatrava 5119 Patek Philippe Watch Introduction

    Calatrava 5119 Patek Philippe Watch, Recommended for Father’s Day
     Father’s Day is coming on August 8th. Whether it is to show your high respect to your father during the holiday season, or as a father, you want to comfort yourself for the hard work of the past year. The gifts that fans most often think of are often not the same The watch is. On this holiday season, choose a top watch that combines extreme craftsmanship, unique creativity and elegant appearance, especially in line with Father’s Day recognition of the spirit of the generations, and the unique meaning of endless taste and style.

     Since its founding in 1839, Patek Philippe has inherited the tradition of fine watchmaking in Geneva and is the only independent Geneva watchmaker to survive. With advanced experience, Patek Philippe implements the tradition of innovation and has accumulated more than 80 patented inventions over a century. Although it is a high-end luxury watch brand, Patek Philippe has always maintained a solemn and practical design style without showing flashes. It is known for its elegance and traditional design features. Even so, people often wear Patek Philippe watches, and others can recognize them from a distance.
     Calatrava 5119 watch
     Case: 18K white gold
     Diameter: 36 mm
     Bezel: decorated with flat studs
     Function: hours, minutes, small hands
     Movement: Caliber 215 PS hand-wound mechanical movement
     Kinetic energy: Reserve for about 44 hours.

     Calatrava 5119G

     The new Calatrava number 5119 watch, Citizen watch has a caliber 215 PS hand-wound movement. It is one of Patek Philippe’s thinnest movements. It is carefully crafted by watchmakers and is a masterpiece of watchmaking. Just like the mechanical movement made by the brand, the bottom case is inlaid with sapphire glass, which is a rare feature of Patek Philippe timepieces. It is fixed by six screws, so that the detailed processing effect of the movement can be seen at a glance. The design of the case is completely new. The original case is divided into two parts, with a twist-in ring, and the movement needs to be equipped with a handle, which is loaded from the surface. The case of the new watch is now divided into three parts, with a screw-in case, so that the movement can be loaded from the bottom, no need to insert the design.

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    Movado Unveiled ‘limited-time Art Museum’ Zhang Yulong, A Brand Friend, Came To The Scene To Share Time Perception

    (August 28, 2018, Shanghai) MOVADO, a famous Swiss watch brand, joined hands with Chinese artist Lin Zinan to unveil the ‘MOVADO Time-Limited Art Museum’ on the shores of Pujiang River. The style inspiration and interpretation, interpreting the brand’s classic museum series watches, created a wonderful and visual feast for the majority of watch and art lovers. On the day of the unveiling ceremony, the new-generation artist Zhang Yunlong came to the scene as a close friend of the brand to share his time and experience gained under the witness of MOVADO.


    Zhang Yunlong, MOVADO’s best friend and new-generation artist

    Zhang Yunlong wears Movado life photo

      Since its birth, MOVADO has always taken the interpretation of contemporary culture as its mission, and has taken modern art as a source of inspiration for design. Every guest who visits the ‘Limited-Time Art Museum’ will not only enjoy the new masterpiece representing the unique aesthetic concept of MOVADO, but also have a chance to see the classic collaboration models created by the brand and global art masters over the years. Including the world-renowned pop art master Andy Warhol, pop art giant James Rosenquist, dynamic artist Agam, Bauhaus master Max Bill, Brazilian pop artist Britto and well-known contemporary artist Kenny Scharf table.

    Guests cut the ribbon for MOVADO’s limited-time art museum
    (From left: Mr. Lin Zinan, well-known visual artist, Mr. Richard Tassone, Senior Vice President of Creative, MOVADO Group, Mr. Zhang Yunlong, MOVADO’s best friend, Mr. Xavier Gauderlot, President of MOVADO Europe and Asia, Mr. Danni Hammer, General Manager of MOVADO China Ms. Lin Hairong, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Hongyi Real Estate Co., Ltd.)

    Guests took a group photo with MOVADO
    (From left: Mr. Richard Tassone, Senior Vice President of Creative, MOVADO Group, Mr. Danni Hammer, General Manager of MOVADO China, Opinion Leader TheNik, Mr. Zhang Yunlong, MOVADO’s best friend, Mr. Xavier Gauderlot, President of MOVADO Europe and Asia, Famous Vision Artist Mr. Lin Zinan)
      As a succession to MOVADO’s Movado tradition, the museum watch series interpreted by Chinese artist Lin Zinan has become the focus of this ‘Limited Time Art Museum’. Among them, the Red Label watch inspired by Chinese elements is designed to let the audience Stop and appreciate. ‘Interpret time from a new perspective’-this is the original intention of Lin Zinan’s creation, as he said: ‘I believe in the concept of eternal time. These paintings reflect my views on a multi-dimensional, unparalleled universe. There are infinite possibilities, there is no limit to every cycle. Everything must be reborn. Time is like a black hole, without time, without a beginning, without an end, just like a point on the clock face of a museum. ‘

    Famous visual artist Mr. Lin Zinan
      When talking about this cooperation with Lin Zinan, Mary Leach, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of MOVADO, said: ‘In the 137 years of MOVADO, the brand has witnessed many Wonderful cooperation. This cooperation with Chinese artist Mr. Lin Zinan is both an inheritance and continuation of the spirit of MOVADO and also a bold attempt to interpret the time by the brand with visual arts. It also confirms the positive recognition of MOVADO classic aesthetic concepts represented by the ‘Museum Series Watches’ in the new era, and further strengthens our confidence and determination to continue to introduce new ideas in the future. It is reported that MOVADO and Lin Zi Nan’s cooperative watches will be put on sale at the Ali auction, and all the proceeds will be donated to the ‘Pictures and Dreams’ charity organization, in order to help more young people get high-quality art education, and every minute witnessed by MOVADO Healthy growth in seconds.

    Lin Zinan cooperation limited edition watch
      With its unique artistic style and innovative design concept, MOVADO has also gained the love of many celebrities. At the event, the new-generation artist Zhang Yunlong visited and experienced the ‘Limited Time Art Museum’ as a brand friend, and shared his MOVADO feelings with the guests. As a new-generation entertainer with 13 years of professional football player experience, his daily training has created his tough character, just like the craftsman spirit that is favored by watchmaking. Since his debut, Zhang Yunlong’s outstanding film and television works have emerged, and MOVADO’s artistic atmosphere has become his best choice.

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    Advanced Sports Watch How To Choose About 50,000 Budget

    Nowadays more and more young people like to wear large watches, and a large part of them have a special preference for large sports expressions. In fact, due to the superposition of functions, the sports watch itself has a large characteristic. Just caters to the hearts of young consumers. The price of 50,000 is a bit of a watershed in the watch purchase budget. Above 50,000 you can buy a very good high-end sports watch, and below 50,000 you have a limited choice. Today, we bring you three advanced sports watches and see if you like them.
    IWC Pilot Series IW377710 Watch

    Model: IW377710
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap material: stainless steel
    Case diameter: 43 mm
    Watch price: ¥ 45800
    Watch details: PRIMERO 03.2067.405 / 51.M2060 watch

    Model: 03.2067.405 / 51.M2060
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap material: stainless steel
    Case diameter: 45.5 mm
    Watch price: about 55,000
    Watch details: Primero 405 automatic movement, Zenith’s self-made chronograph movement enjoys a high reputation, and its quality has already been recognized.
    Breitling Super Marine Culture A2337024 / BB81 / 200S / A20D.2 Watch

    Model: A2337024 / BB81 / 200S / A20D.2
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap Material: Rubber
    Case diameter: 44 mm
    Watch price: ¥ 48800
    Watch details: Breitling / 41738 /
    Watch comments: Compared with the previous two watches, this Breitling feels a bit retro, but it seems to have traces of the previous two models. The rubber strap and hands are very air force, while the bezel is a bit oceanic. feel. The watch is certified by the Observatory, is 200 meters waterproof, and has a built-in 23-type automatic movement. It is also derived from ETA, and is in the same vein as the IWC pilot chronograph, so it is very close in price. Of course, it needs to be acknowledged that it is a marine watch, a good companion for surfing, playing water and rafting.
    Summary: There is no doubt that IWC, Zenith, and Breitling are all famous professional watchmaking brands, and their characteristics are very clear. Compared to Zenith, IWC and Breitling are more prominent in the field of advanced sports watches, both in design Still on the function settings. Breitling, an independently managed brand, is already very professional in the focus of aviation and marine watches. IWC also attaches great importance to these two aspects, so how do you choose?

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    Swiss Radar Hyperchrome Series High-tech Ceramic Dual Time Zone Touch Watch Won The Australian Excellent Design Award

    Thanks to the pioneering spirit of RADO and the extraordinary status of the material master, as well as the persistent pursuit of technological innovation, the HyperChrome series of high-tech ceramic dual time zone touch watches has won the third place this year Seat awards.

      After winning the Good Design Award USA and the German iF Award, this watch specially designed for business travellers won another award in Australia and won the Good Design® Selection Australia) product design category award.
      As a breakthrough watch, the RADO HyperChrome series of high-tech ceramic dual-time zone tactile watches brings the brand’s high-tech ceramic tactile technology introduced in 2013 to a new level, and adds dual time zone A complex function. With six sensors embedded in the case, the wearer can easily adjust the time simply by touching the case. Slide your finger along the left side of the case to set the hour and slide along the right side of the case to set the minute. Thanks to the constantly improving touch technology of the Swatch Group, another additional function, the time zone interchange function, has become a reality. Touch the high-tech ceramic case at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions at the same time to complete the time exchange between dials and watch the time fly by.

       The innovation of RADO HyperChrome series of high-tech ceramic dual time zone touch watches is not only the tactile technology, but also the debut of the cool gray high-tech ceramic material. Cool gray high-tech ceramic watches are extremely difficult to achieve accurate and consistent colors in the reproduction process. However, Swiss radars use proprietary technology to ensure that the gray of each batch of products can show the same color. Cool gray high-tech ceramics not only have the same excellent characteristics as black or white high-tech ceramics, but also have two materials to choose from polished and matte, which is unique in the watchmaking world again.
    RADO Swiss radar and design
      The focus on design is an indispensable factor for the success of RADO. The unique industrial design of the brand has been recognized by more than 30 international awards. Swiss radar has always focused on the design of the product and its non-wearing characteristics, and is committed to using a unique and innovative material to create a watch that shines forever.
    Good Design® Australia
      The Good Design Award is Australia’s oldest national award and promotion program, and is one of the few platforms for professional industrial designers and manufacturers to showcase their outstanding designs to domestic and international audiences. For more than 50 years, this award has been a benchmark for the design community, and has since focused on progressively raising the standards of design and innovation in Australia and around the world.