2014 Rum Road Singles Regatta Zhenli Won The Runner-up

Under the banner of the flying Zenith, the captain Yann Guichard took the helm of the super trimaran spindrift 2 Spindrift 2 and finished second in the 10th Rum Road Singles Regatta in 2014. Behind the brilliant achievements of the combination of high-tech and experienced fleets, Zenith and the Spindrift racing sailing team were extremely sublimated on the journey to Guadeloupe. Zenith can only pay tribute to the special extreme sport of the Rum Road Single-handed Regatta with the El Primero Stratos Spindrift Racing series watch.

   The oversize trimaran, the Spindrift 2, was supposed to be co-piloted by 14 crew members, and Yann Guichard completed the single-handed helm to cross the Atlantic. In the end, Yann Guichard returned to the ground 14 hours, 10 minutes and 14 seconds after Loïck Peyron reached the finish line. ‘This is really an incredible battle,’ he said. ‘This year’s Rum Road Singles Regatta is shortly before the start of the race-it can be said that the first night was over.’

   Yann Guichard and the same group participated in the extra-large trimaran sailing team, with a wind of up to 40 knots and a wave of more than 5 meters. As soon as the race started, Yann Guichard faced a huge challenge. ‘I have never been so short of sleep and rest, and have never experienced such a severe physical test.’ Yann Guichard was a little overwhelmed after three days in the game. The Spindrift 2 sailboat seemed small and helpless in the face of the raging waves of the Atlantic Ocean. ‘You can feel the huge damage caused by the huge waves, and they are swaying in waves of collisions, and they are about to break apart.’ Yann Guichard recalled that thrilling moment, ‘Considering the specifications of Spindrift 2, the wind and waves at that time were really violent. The bow was lifted about 15 meters, and the spectacular view was amazing.’

Yann Guichard wears El Primero Stratos Spindrift Racing chronograph during the race

   ‘Yann Guichard showed amazing courage and resilience in manipulating the Spindrift 2 and we are all proud of him. The race on the Rum Road was particularly difficult, but he fought to the last minute,’ said Zenith CEO Aldo Magada said, ‘I would also like to congratulate Loïck Peyron for being a great champion. Zenith has been with adventure lovers for the past 150 years, a wonderful connection since its founding in 1865. It is deeply imprinted in the brand’s genes. Thanks to partners like Yann Guichard, this enthusiasm can last a long time and be presented to the world. ‘