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    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Ultra-thin Hollow 40th Anniversary Watch

    AP Audemars Piguet launches Royal Oak ultra-thin skeleton watch
    In 2012, it was the 40th anniversary of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series. This extraordinary watch has always been at the forefront of the times and is an indelible mark in the history of Audemars Piguet. As the first noble sports watch in history, the Royal Oak series has become a legend. In order to celebrate its fortieth anniversary, Le Brassus presents the Royal Oak ultra-thin skeleton watch, which integrates exquisite watchmaking technology, modern style and sports atmosphere. To perfectly reflect this extraordinary quality, this Platinum Anniversary Edition is limited to 40 pieces.
    AP Audemars Piguet launches Royal Oak ultra-thin skeleton watch
    1972 was a decisive turning point in the history of modern watchmaking, and the Royal Oak series is the key to inheriting it. Forty years ago, a new sports watch that broke the traditional conventions of watchmaking was launched, which will have a profound impact on the watchmaking industry in the future. For the first time, a distinguished ultra-thin movement is housed in a stainless steel case, and the price is similar to that of a gold watch. This extraordinary watch, designed specifically for Audemars Piguet by designer Gérald Genta, was launched in the spring of 1972. The design was so bold that the industry at the time could not have expected it to achieve much in the future. The subtlety of this 40-year-old A design is self-evident. The Royal Oak collection is not only enduring, but also new. The latest model of this collection is the best proof.

    AP Audemars Piguet launches Royal Oak ultra-thin skeleton watch
    Taking a closer look at the Royal Oak Ultrathin Skeleton Watch, we can see that it is not only a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Royal Oak Legend, but also an epitome of Audemars Piguet and its superb craftsmanship. As an expert in the production of ultra-thin movements, Audemars Piguet has chosen to incorporate a movement that can express the ‘complexity’ of watchmaking in the first Royal Oak watch produced in 1972. It is also the famous 2121 movement, with a thickness of only 3.05 mm. It is one of the thinnest automatic mechanical movements in the world, and became the operating center of the first Royal Oak watches.

    AP Audemars Piguet launches Royal Oak ultra-thin skeleton watch
    The uniqueness of the hollow-out movement manufacturing process lies in how to hollow out the movement as much as possible when engraving. At present, only a few craftsmen are versed in this process. In a watch, combining an ultra-thin movement at the same time, and highlighting the exquisite hollow-out process, is a difficult technical challenge. The new Royal Oak ultra-thin skeleton skeleton watch, which pays tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Royal Oak series, can take care of both. The limited edition of 950 platinum models is limited to 40 pieces.

    AP Audemars Piguet launches Royal Oak ultra-thin skeleton watch
    At a glance Exclusive features
    厂 The factory-built 5122 self-winding ultra-thin movement equipped with this anniversary model is the result of superb watchmaking technology. This calibre, which is only 3.05 mm thick, is completely hollowed out, even the overhanging barrel. In addition to using modern minimalist lines for hollowing out the movement, the dark gray formed by electroplating gives the watch a modern look. All decorations (polished, satin-finished, pearl-polished, polished, matte-finished and brushed) on the bridge and board are hand-finished. The all-in-one automatic disk is entirely made of 22K gold and bears the ‘AP Royal Oak 1972-2012’ (Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 1972-2012) stamp. The outer edge is decorated with a ‘tapisserie’ check pattern, which is a characteristic decoration of the Royal Oak dial. Through the dark gray skeleton dial, you can admire the beauty of the model 5122 skeleton movement. The date dial is made of sapphire to maintain the transparency of the movement, and with black date numerals, it matches the gray underside of the brushed metal-plated sapphire calendar window.

    AP Audemars Piguet launches Royal Oak ultra-thin skeleton watch
    To pay tribute to the 40th anniversary of the first stainless steel premium sports watch, the latest version of the 2012 Royal Oak Ultra-thin Skeleton Watch naturally combines the characteristics of this series of magnificent instruments, especially the octagonal bezel and 8 The polished hexagonal screws are made of white gold, and the bottom case is fixed by 8 embedded nuts. The waterproof rubber ring at the junction between the bezel and the case is inspired by the diver’s mask and is also a feature of the Royal Oak series. In addition, the strap is integrated with the case (such a design is extremely rare in 1972), the size of the bracelet section gradually narrows, and the curvature naturally fits, which is amazing. These unique characteristics have made the Royal Oak series a prominent reputation. Since the advent of this series, it has always maintained its originality and sportiness. Of course, the Royal Oak ultra-thin skeleton watch is also the same.
    Continuing legendary history
    The diameter of the Royal Oak Ultra-thin skeleton watch is 39mm, which is the same as the diameter of the watch introduced in 1972. This was considered an outrageous and overly exaggerated size at that time, but later became the trend pioneer of large-size watches. Today, 39 mm is already the medium size of watches. The platinum case is water-resistant to 50 meters and features an anti-glare sapphire mirror and bottom case. All the movement details and fine decoration are pleasing to the eye. The new folding clasp is also made of 950 platinum and is equipped with a unique double safety buckle mechanism.
    The Royal Oak Ultra-thin skeleton watch reinterprets the classic elements and values ​​of the Royal Oak series, and carries it forward. This skeleton timepiece, which continues the legendary history, is limited to 40 pieces, fully showing the evolution from the avant-garde style watch to the brand’s representative model in 40 years.

    AP Audemars Piguet launches Royal Oak ultra-thin skeleton watch
    Royal Oak Ultra-thin Skeleton Watch Royal Oak Series 40th Anniversary
    Limited sale of 40 pieces
    Audemars Piguet-made 5122 self-winding movement
    Hour, minute, date display
    Power reserve about 40 hours
    950 Platinum Case
    Anti-glare treatment of sapphire surface and bottom 葢
    Water-resistant to 50 meters
    950 platinum Audemars Piguet buckle strap